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» funny things that non lifters say (Go to post)26-08-2015 @ 13:19 
Robbo91 said:
I get this all the time. It's as if people don't think I can understand size otherwise.
I got told about this one lad who was much bigger than me (I'm 6'5"and 145kg) when I saw him he was 5'8" at a push and maybe 75kg.

Obviously you need it explaining again because it doesn't sound like you've accepted his superior size yet.

As an aside, i've managed to get really fat... can anyone share the process of transmuting muscle to fat, so i can reverse engineer a formula?
» Tomato skin stuck in throat (Go to post)19-08-2015 @ 08:21 
Get a skunk to spray down your throat, they're like opposed physics or something. Or get spunk sprayed down your throat, whatever.
» Body builders after photos (Go to post)09-08-2015 @ 17:00 
force10 said:I've just read 17 pages of s**t

18 now. s**t PR!
» michael moore's stupid white guys (Go to post)09-08-2015 @ 16:55 
WILLSAN said:Haven't read it. Is it a bush expose?

Among other things.

Allegedly prooves how bush (with help from jed, which is why it came of relevence) lied and illegally stole his way into office; but also how the us school system is paid for, and run to the benefit of, corporarions. Also a piece about how bush, cheney and some oil advisor met the taliban about building an oil pipe through afghan, then bush and gore went to war against the taliban, installed their oiladvisor as afghan president then built the pipeline anyway. Also claims bush organised a private jet with presidential authority to fly around the us and collect a bunch of saudis in the post 9/11 no fly lockdown. Also, possibly the most important, how his publishers tried to stop his book being released, until he whinged to some librarians who petitioned to get his book published.

I' of mixed opinion, since i both distrust politicians and business, but equally journalists and activists. It's almost like everyone lies to back their own cause eh! Worth a couple of quid for cd book though, listen while driving or whatever. Flight of the chonchords is better though.
» michael moore's stupid white guys (Go to post)06-08-2015 @ 20:08 
He throws out some stats - fair enough, they reflect specific values, but can mislead through presentation.

He makes some claims - may or may not be plausible, adds in a lot of personal flavouring.

How much of this still holds water after a decade? And are there any rebuttals, alternative interpretations of the data etc? Seems a kind of a big deal if someone cheated their way into presidency and lined their pockets with bin ladens' money?
» Body builders after photos (Go to post)04-08-2015 @ 21:10 
US high school wrestling? All the pressures and bulls**t of living the coaches/parents/former students' athletic dreams, and no chance of multimillion dollar contracts or mtv cribs at the end of it?

I'm sure i've heard of blood 'transfusions' (not sure if it counts if it goes in the same person it came out of) to help them make weight. For children at a school sports event.

Then again, somethingsomethingchina. Apparently, the chinese players used to have to pay their fa to be selected for the national team.

f**k it, i'm voting polo. Anything predominantly aristocracy must be severely f**ked.
» Body builders after photos (Go to post)03-08-2015 @ 21:07 
your crack analogy does not hold water.

Of course not, there's a cra... nevermind.

I wonder what dr sarah jarvis makes of all this
» Minimum speed signs (Go to post)19-07-2015 @ 17:59 
shortandmighty said:I actually purchased an ice cream from an ice cream lady recently, although said ice cream lady also sold sweets, drinks and all manner of things not usually associated with an ice cream purchase. Having children I have now perfected the art of removing money from my wallet with one hand and replacing any change with same said hand.

Stop lying, no one has kids AND money, they are like opposed particles or some s**t
» Best drug free u90 strict pressers? (Go to post)18-07-2015 @ 20:08 
Is he any good at the 1 handed ice cream transaction?
» upgrading to a fancy bar - worth it? (Go to post)17-07-2015 @ 21:11 
I currently use a random, came-with-the-rack 2nd+ hand off ebay rack style bar, with hex bolts, smoothed knurl from the catchers and i swear one of the rings is off by 5mm. Seems to hold up ok though, reasonably straight etc.

I've been considering upgrading to a better bar, but is it worth it? Will a nice bar make me lift more (i'm doubting it, bar maybe dadlifts), or just give a bit of piece-of-mind it won't snap halfway through a squat? My other problem is that the mid-price bars are all rated up to around my current lifts, so when i'm stronger (fingers crossed) i'll be back into the danger zone. Or is that just manufacturers' protecting themselves, giving low ratings to be on the safe side?

Or should i just chuck a couple of clamps on a scaffold bar and stfu/get on with it?
» Best drug free u90 strict pressers? (Go to post)17-07-2015 @ 20:59 
If it helps (it won't) i've done 105 and a shadier 107.5 with layback. And an extra 15+ kg of surplus fat. In fact, i've probs got the musculature of a 77kg lifter, if that. Oh, i also once saw a tub of protein in a popup weblink, if that negates my natty statty?
» Daily Pressing (Go to post)08-07-2015 @ 18:03 
I did 5 days pressing a week doing dan john's even easier strength program. Worked pretty well at the time, it worked out more like a kind of excessive warmup/easy worksets layout, with i think 3 heavier days per fortnight.
» What to do with a Bent Bar (Go to post)22-06-2015 @ 16:43 
Use it for gladiator style duels at york station?

Cut the bent middle out, then get someone handy to weld up a football/swiss/hex/something frame for the middle.
» Jeremy Vine Show Earlier Today (Go to post)16-06-2015 @ 08:35 
Yeah i heard it. Dr sarah describing about the worst way to pick stuff up (vis a vis disc injury), a pretty dumb hand waive of why people who go to the gym but hardly lift are always the most muscliest (yes that was a legit question someone called a national radio show's resident advice doctor about; she said it was because they lifted a few very heavy reps, which is the way to build up big muscles btw) and a little gem about lifting not being good for your heart.

Honestly though, what do we expect from someone so far up her own arse she 'diagnoses' complex medical issues by listening to some c**t jackanory on like grampa simpson? Of course no one should ever deadlift because she totally knows someone once who hurt their back putting their socks on.

f**king kyle though, the only reason anyone deadlifts (thats the one with just the weight like at the olympics) is to scream and smash the things down and show off.
» Mo Farah's coach (Go to post)16-06-2015 @ 08:22 
donnie said:
i think this is the right direction of the forum
lets play with pants down

Now we're talking!


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