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» Eddie Hall on BBC 1 Inside Out (Go to post)08-03-2016 @ 18:24 
ChrisMcCarthy said:
Well, you wouldn't confuse Dwight Howard or LeBron James with Shaw but they both have some width to them...

Is the peter crouch physique viable for basketball?
» Eddie Hall on BBC 1 Inside Out (Go to post)08-03-2016 @ 16:39 
drex50 said:
i agree
guys like Shaw and Bjornson carry more muscle than Terry but this is due to drugs
no drugs they look like basketball players next to Hollands

I'm sure 2 of those 3 were basketball players and the 3rd was hollands, so quelle suprise? Also aren't basketballers pretty big by most standards these days - must be that heavy ball eh
» Home Gym - in a shed (Go to post)05-03-2016 @ 16:44 
I used to deliver carpet to stores and half of them have a massive skip somewhere chock full of underlay, lino, astroturf etc. so that's a useable idea, otherwise i lift on a concrete garage floor with half a foam roll mat (camping mattress? Whatever else it's called) under the plates for deadlifts, has held fine up to about 260kg and can't see it going to s**t past there either to be honest.

If it's just chinups etc what aboutthose doorway contraptions? Never used one but it might be a way out of otherwise bothersome shed extending.

Electricity might be a good idea but it isn't essential, a decent magnetic inspection lamp is enough to lift in the dark and heating/music, while nice, isn't a dealbreaker.
» heard on jeremy vine today (Go to post)27-02-2016 @ 09:18 
Paprika razzles. Should have gone for beef monster munch in hindsight.
» heard on jeremy vine today (Go to post)26-02-2016 @ 21:47 
In this order exactly:

1. Mike Reed, former totp presenter being"interviewed" regarding moral danger, saville etc. He just denied seeing owt and went on about how awesome the show was

2. Glory days, the bruce springsteen song.

3. Some a couple of phone ins by women who as young teenage girls went on the show, were asked to dance on the platforms live and either groped by saville and invited to his room or offered being made into a star by some manager if she gave him her phone number and went out with him that night

4. Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight by whoever the f**k it was.

I thought it was a coincidence the first song following reed, but the second could almost perhaps be alluded to as long odds shall we say. Didn't bother me, but i was waiting for a s**tload of people phoning up and getting lairy with him, but nothing. I felt bad no one else noticed and ate some crisps to feel better.
» 'I don't train legs because...' (Go to post)17-02-2016 @ 15:23 
brocerslrd said:
I find that lifting does tend to reduce the problems I have with my knees. Having said that 18 years in silly green suit is starting to catch up with my now rather battered joints

I thought people didn't age in never never land?
» Rinsing recyclables when on a water meter (Go to post)27-01-2016 @ 21:22 
If you can brave the elements for a while, the tescos in havant has a fancy machine where you feed it 1 recyclable at a time and get green clubcard points (1:1). Don't know or care what they do or if any other tescos does it - i lasted half a recycling box before i caved in, it's like self scanning rubbish.
» learning the Ab wheel (Go to post)26-01-2016 @ 09:18 
To aclimatize myself to it, i hung a rope from my rack and grabbed it around belly button level, then did the ab wheel motion. 1 potato-2potato'd down and did it again, working my way down to the floor. To be honest i never did break out the ab wheel i just stick with the rope, until i binned it off because reasons. Probably skip that last bit, but the gradual and variable easy-hard of where you hold the rope seems like a more useable method than the 2 stages of knees and toes of a proper ab wheel
» If you was running your own wsm..... (Go to post)10-01-2016 @ 20:28 
1. Pushing a 1 ton pallet up an inclined driveway made of that cheapo pebbly concrete with what seem to be rake lines across the s**t

2. Climbing into the back of a lorry and up to the top of a mountain of carpet rolls, crawling like a navvy to the back and pushing out a largish roll, then getting out and shouldering it round the back of a shop through the comically full car park and carefully sliding it into the open 'storage unit' (rickety 1 car garage full of all manner of s**t) time penalties for every car/garage object hit

3. Keg toss - toss off whoevers name is closest to keg, likely kev or reg

4. Pallet tip/load medley - first tip over a 1 tonne pallet of standard boxed a4 paper, leaflets, magazines or some crap, then fast as f**k try and restack it before anyone notices

5. Pick up one of those bellend magicians who do that one thing that makes noone able to pick them up. Then beat f**k out of them for all those 'ha i smashed s**t out your real expensive phone/watch/wedding ring oh wait a minute it's fine really hahaha emotional anguish' (i don't mean the studio/stage with audience ones i mean the street wa**ers with unsuspecting pedestrians)

Whatever number i'm at now. Going full street fighter 2 bonus stage on one of donald trumps cars, with that golf course woman watching.

Also maybe a caber toss airplane pull and boat-up-boatramp-ropepull.
» Thank a Sugdener for 2015 (Go to post)05-01-2016 @ 17:38 
I would like to thank all those special people who, within days of me feeling pretty good about a milestone rep max set of something, will post a video of exactly double my reps, as a rehab stepping stone. Really, thanks guys!
» Where do you buy Equipment, Barbells and Powerracks? (Go to post)10-12-2015 @ 17:24 
Buddha said:

Where are you and how much do you squat? I'm a qualified welder and blacksmith, i made a couple out of scaffold and could probably stand to sell one.
» Where do you buy Equipment, Barbells and Powerracks? (Go to post)09-12-2015 @ 17:40 
Are you after a ss bar?
» Where do you buy Equipment, Barbells and Powerracks? (Go to post)08-12-2015 @ 18:21 
Ebay or make it, strength shop clearance or weekly sale as a last resort.
» The tardigrade is freaky (Go to post)26-11-2015 @ 18:24 
Didn't kevin bacon and some cowboy smash f**k out of those already?
» Elbow sleeves (Go to post)25-11-2015 @ 17:07 
I bought a pair a while back and they were too tight - i died and as a result i can't return them (although haunting may be an option). Has anyone dealt with this problem before?


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