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» strength wars (Go to post)25-03-2017 @ 20:54 
Is megatron on it?
» Flags or Motivation Posters or Banners ? (Go to post)22-03-2017 @ 23:04 
I remember freddie flintoff phoned up a radio show for a quick chat last year, and when asked about motivational slogans and inspiring phrases he said something like

"It's all just words though really, just get on wi' it"

Which would have probably sounded quite tough and no-nonsense if he did something more demanding than f**king cricket* but still, i liked it.

* no drunken swan pedallo-and-kebab biathalons don't count.
» did anyone watch this program about cutting weight? (Go to post)16-03-2017 @ 23:27 
I was thinking more of an "instead of" job for the most part. In that i imagine it is easier to lose a kg of blood than a kg of sweat, at least up to the point of "not enough blood".

I also was thinking it mustn't be, otherwise everyone would already be doing it!
» did anyone watch this program about cutting weight? (Go to post)15-03-2017 @ 23:03 
Does anyone know how much blood you can lose in the short term without messing yourself up? I've often wondered why they don't take a litre or so out just before the weigh in then pump it back in asap. I mean, these multimillion dollar fighters spending hours really going through the s**thouse to lose the last kilo or two, and they all have backstreet Don King approved doctors and such to hand now anyway, right?
» Safety squat bar (Go to post)15-03-2017 @ 22:58 
I made 2 out of scaffolding for 30 quid total and put all my plates on them (about 320kg) to check, all fine. Do you know any metal fabricators or owt, solid option if you're cheap?
» World's Strongest Man 2017 (Go to post)11-03-2017 @ 10:01 
Post Edited: 11.03.2017 @ 10:05 AM by jwp
Climbing for dollars?
» World's Strongest Man 2017 (Go to post)09-03-2017 @ 18:48 
LegendHowes said:Brenwad has a serious problem with ed not sure why. Gone past banter and getting personal, ed must of done his max for a warm-up.

I heard Ed ran over his dog in an EVO VII
» Are you a Buckle, Lever, Quick Release or Bare Back Type of Guy or Girl ? (Go to post)06-03-2017 @ 23:41 
I made a belt out of a ratchet strap and some leather i cut, held together with duct tape as a rough prototype to fiddle with until i was happy. Haven't altered it in the slightest and it's been in heavy use for maybe 3 years now. Way better than a lever or buckle in my opinion, thoroughly recommend it.
» IPF Approved Apparel & Equipment IPF Sanctioned (Go to post)01-03-2017 @ 15:37 
I'm mostly unsure, but i believe bulldog make barbells in the uk - crossfit, yeah, but a quality steel bar is a quality steel bar (i think)
» IPF Approved Apparel & Equipment IPF Sanctioned (Go to post)28-02-2017 @ 21:31 
I might well be wrong here, but i thought it was a case of paying the IPF license money for your kit to be accredited (assuming it is up to some standard of course), but it costs loads so isn't necessarily worth it unless you have the product, brand or marketing to beat the other producers in that item/equipment category that it'd actually pay off.

Probably wrong though.
» Sugden's strongest troll. (Go to post)25-02-2017 @ 21:09 
Can i guest judge the piggyback squats and feeldown rounds?

I have the requisit shoelace (regulation colour) and great offhand expertise on the british rail network.

Also a nice bag of vhs porn
» Very strong bodybuilder (Go to post)13-02-2017 @ 11:59 
You know when the fancy ravioli (ie in a bag) is on offer, so you buy some and cook it but one of them has partially opened, so you get a length of chewy minced beef spilling out of the frilly crimped pasta?
» Are Fast East Countries strength products just poor and inferior quality ? (Go to post)11-02-2017 @ 22:04 
I have an oldish bulldog bar and a seconds ss bas***d bar, and despite the bulldog bar being higher 'spec' it just doesn't feel as nice to lift with - even though it is thicker (28.5mm vs 28mm) and better steel ratings (both tensile psi and max weight suggested), it feels whippier and the knurling, while very grippy, doesn't have that roughness you want for a heavy pull.

So despite them being both "hybrid" bars, the more expensive is the worse in my opinion (although i'd probably prefer it if i did any of the oly lifts or variants)
» Britain's Strongest Man 2017 (Go to post)03-02-2017 @ 23:20 
I thought winners were always pre selected via the colin bryce illuminati secret bidding (of a number of accredited lithuanian trombonists) at least 3 months in advance, or have i been misled all this time?
» Britain's Strongest Man 2017 (Go to post)03-02-2017 @ 00:04 
If ever there was a greater need for the "superstars" tv show, i'll never know.

Maybe settle for some crossfit - Double kettlebell swim, 99p plaggy flyaway football kick for distance, and some s**t with ropes? I feel Ronaldo would wear the baggy shorts, no top and long socks with sambas better, but Ed would wear the wool beanie and neoprene everything like a pro, so for real crossfit standards (ie. The Look) they are level pegging.


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