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» Erm... Brian Shaw looks small!!! (Go to post)22-05-2015 @ 04:19 
McMuffin_Gains said:I just don't get it?

I mean, people like Cutler and Ronnie bang on about how they eat 100 egg whites per day and a stupid amount of calories to build masses and masses of muscle, plus there's all the PEDs and slin, hgh etc.

But they aren't even that big. Sure in 'proportion' they look enormous but stood next to joe public they just ain't that big. Confused

what have you been smoking
» The art of benching 295kg at 15 years old (Go to post)22-05-2015 @ 04:08 
He could at least line his feet up correctly lol
» BNSF-Southern Englands Strongest Man 2015 (BNSF BSM qualifier) (Go to post)20-05-2015 @ 14:23 
George_Winston said:Payments recieved

John killelay. PAID
Boyd francis. PAID
Jason kearns. PAID
Dickhead Elliston. PAID
James Smith PAID
Keith Tucker
Adam Hales. PAID
Mathew Bolton PAID
Will Sanderson PAID

James Gregory. PAID
Spongebob square head. PAID
Martin Weston
Greg Newport
Brett le cras PAID
James Bush

John Clark
Chris Copson PAID

Looks like megatron is competing Grin
» St Albans First Timers Strongman Comp July 19th 2015 (Go to post)11-05-2015 @ 20:52 
Is this comp full or are there places available? thanks
» 58 year old father in laws strongman comp (Go to post)11-05-2015 @ 12:11 
He made those events look easy
» Ed Hall pressing madness (Go to post)26-11-2014 @ 02:00 
Imagine if zack khan trained for strength/bench instead of bodybuilding. Very impressive for a bb in good shape
» Strongest Actor (adult movies)? (Go to post)16-09-2014 @ 12:49 
Morgan Freeman
» Strongest Actor (adult movies)? (Go to post)16-09-2014 @ 12:48 
Robert De Niro
» Michelle Jenneke (Go to post)03-08-2014 @ 04:45 
Lovely body. Not sure about the boat
» It's Mo Joke (Go to post)25-07-2014 @ 13:37 
I see blake has come off the gear
» Bench press in strongman?? (Go to post)04-07-2014 @ 01:28 
I remember poundstone winning some type of bench for reps. Think marku came second
» updated video of Megatron? (Go to post)04-07-2014 @ 01:26 
The latest video is great. Hail megatron
» Beltless squat 320x10 easy! (Go to post)21-06-2014 @ 22:10 
Amazing. Doesnt look like the spotter gives him any help
» Poundstone: 'Am I done?' (Go to post)21-06-2014 @ 22:06 
granty said:I've noticed he's put some weight on, obviously came off to get his wife preg now the tasks done, probably itching to make a comeback!

This ^
» Under Construction: The Film - Official Trailer (Go to post)15-06-2014 @ 10:12 
Looks a good watch, nice one. Not sure if this guy is a bodybuilder, strongman or what. If hes a bodybuilder his conditioning is terrible


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