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» Strongest Man in the South (Go to post)30-04-2014 @ 21:54 
Post Edited: 30.04.2014 @ 21:57 PM by MuscleDemon
Dear Hilliker,

I am extremely interested in entering this competition.

I am unclear if I would enter my respective weight group of under 70kg or if I could enter the novice field of competition. What classifies a novice? I have solely competed at 'London's Strongest Novice II' organised by Yaman Mustafa.

At which venue will the competition take place?

Thank you, this sounds exciting and I would love to take part and enjoy the experience.

» Strongman training commences! (Go to post)30-04-2014 @ 19:40 
Post Edited: 30.04.2014 @ 20:29 PM by MuscleDemon
Wednesday 30th April 2014

Flat Barbell Press:
Working sets:
75kg x6.
80kg x4. x4. x4. x5.

Incline Lying Dumbbell Extensions:
Working sets:
7.5kg x10. x10.
10kg x6. Personal best. x8. Personal best.

Reverse grip Barbell Press:
Working sets:
45kg x6.
50kg x6. x6. x8
52.5kg x7. Personal best.

Single arm Rope Cable Pushdowns: (neutral grip)
Working sets:
5kg x10.
10kg x8. Personal best. x8. x8.
» Strongman training commences! (Go to post)30-04-2014 @ 19:37 
Pikefingers said:We now have some strongman kit at our gym in Epsom.

55kg stone - good enough for training reps if you're still learning stones, farmers walk thingys which you can add plates to, 2 large tyres (not the super heavy ones, but good for conditioning work.

If you want to come down and do an events session one saturday you're more than welcome.

Thanks Rob, that would be fun. I will get in touch.
» 103kg snatch PB, 76.7kg BW :) (Go to post)28-04-2014 @ 22:15 
Post Edited: 28.04.2014 @ 22:23 PM by MuscleDemon
Today, I extensively attempted to learn the snatch for the first time. I was determined to improve on the snatch and continued in frustration at my lack of aptitude. Progress was made by learning to drop below the bar and generate more speed.

I am most impressed by your video and the exemplary technique performed.

Well done on the well earned progress Owen. I will subscribe to your youtube account and follow with interest for motivation and guidance.
» Strongman training commences! (Go to post)28-04-2014 @ 19:58 
Post Edited: 28.04.2014 @ 20:03 PM by MuscleDemon
Monday 28th April 2014

Interesting training session today. I started with overhead squats, moving on to front squats then back squats and finishing with box back squats. Progressively increasing weight on the bar for each exercise until approximate limit reached.

Overhead Squats:
20kg x10.
25kg x8. x8.
30kg x6.
35kg x6. Personal best. x6.

Front Squats
50kg x8.
60kg x8.
70kg x6.
80kg x4. x4.

Back Squats:
100kg x8.
110kg x3.
120kg x4.
120kg x2. x2. x2. - Box.

20kg x2. x2. x3. x4. x4. x5.

The Snatch is essentially the only exercise I can't perform and never understood. I want to finally learn it. Instruction from a friend helped a lot and through focused effort and high light repetitions I am neurologically understanding the movement patterns better.
Many failed attempts. Only recorded reps with relatively correct technique.
» 418kg deadlift raw DOH (Go to post)27-04-2014 @ 20:42 
Post Edited: 27.04.2014 @ 20:44 PM by MuscleDemon
wellies said:Manfred Hoeberl^^^^

kirkynick said:Klaus Wallas WSM 1986 (Austria)

I was completely wrong. Thank you for the correction guys.

Austrian power!
» Strongman training commences! (Go to post)27-04-2014 @ 20:38 
Post Edited: 27.04.2014 @ 21:00 PM by MuscleDemon
Sunday 27th April 2014

I have had to let the gym slide recently as I have been at war with my dissertation. Faced with a looming deadline I had to put full energy and mental strain towards grappling with the mind numbing dissertation. I was engrossed in to my work that I didn't pay attention towards my feelings and body.
I felt that I had lost size and I tenderly stepped on the scales to observe with abject horror an over 3kg loss of weight.

Light core training at home. A comprehensive training session awaits tomorrow. Excitement ensues.
I am confident to get the bodyweight back and more in a relatively short time.

Hyperextended Sit-ups:
5kg x10. x10. x10.

Good mornings:
20kg x10. x10. x10

Hanging Knee Raises
Bodyweight x10. x10. x10.

Bodyweight x1m15s. x1m30s. x1m45s.
» 418kg deadlift raw DOH (Go to post)27-04-2014 @ 20:23 
Post Edited: 27.04.2014 @ 20:25 PM by MuscleDemon
First and only Austrian to be in the World's Strongest man finals. Been a fan of Martin since especially considering I am a proud fellow Austrian.
The deadlift is his forte as you behold.
» Strongman training commences! (Go to post)22-04-2014 @ 16:25 
Post Edited: 22.04.2014 @ 16:31 PM by MuscleDemon
Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Flat Dumbbell Press:
Working sets:
30kg x10.
32.5kg x8. x8.
25kg x12.

Standing Barbell Press:
Working sets:
40kg x8.
45kg x8. x8.
25kg x10. - behind neck press.
30kg x8. x8. - behind neck press.

Incline Lying Dumbbell Extensions:
Working sets:
7.5kg x8. x8. x5. x5.

Single arm Rope Cable Pushdowns: (neutral grip)
Working sets:
5kg x10.
7.5kg x10. Personal best. x10. (Left arm last 2 reps forced on the last set).

Reverse grip Barbell Press:
Working sets:
45kg x8.
47.5kg x8. Personal best.
50kg x8. Personal best.

Have not performed reserve grip pressing in over a year. Stresses my wrist flexors heavily. I expect this will also serve to strengthen my wrists.

Bat Wings:
10kg x8.
15kg x6. x6. x6.

First time trying dumbbell bat wings. Concentrated on squeeze at the last 4-5 inches and held the tension at top of lift.
I made a mistake of using pronated grip. Neutral grip would have given a better contraction.
» My article on the overhead press (Go to post)18-04-2014 @ 15:20 
Thank you for sharing your article. The progress and consistent hard work is astounding.
Pressing ability is my weak point so I will take heed and have acquired inspiration.

Look forward to further news of your push towards the 140kg dumbbell press.
» Strongman training commences! (Go to post)18-04-2014 @ 14:49 
Friday 18th April 2014


Olympic bar

Overhead squats x8
Back Squats x8
Good mornings x8
Rows x8
Deadlifts x8

All done in a row without letting go of the bar. X4 sets.
» Dan's Log (Go to post)16-04-2014 @ 22:52 
Post Edited: 16.04.2014 @ 22:56 PM by MuscleDemon
DanCow said:14/04/2014

More positive experience today

Squat: 110kgx5x3 Felt light
Press: 36.5kgx5x3 PB
Chinups: 3,2,2,2,1 PB

Barely slept all weekend, didn't eat much either. Quite suprised. Making progress now deadlifting frequency has been reduced to every 5th workout.

I find that deadlifting taxes the nervous system heavily impacting recovery ability. Leading up to a strongman competition I did which had a deadlift event I didn't train them at all and it went well.

Good job on all the PBs. I hope you keep up the motivation. Consider throwing in some alternative compound exercises which will support progress on your main lifts and keep it exciting. I am sure that only cycling squats and bench press will become stale after a while and continued long-term progress will not happen without exercise variety.
» Strongman training commences! (Go to post)16-04-2014 @ 15:33 
Post Edited: 30.04.2014 @ 22:07 PM by MuscleDemon
Wednesday 16th April 2014

45 Leg Press:
Working sets:
190kg x6.
200kg x6.
210kg x6.

Dumbbell Shrugs:
Working sets:
30kg x10.
35kg x6. x6.

Romanian Deadlifts:
Working sets:
35kg x8.
37.5kg x8. x8. x10.
» deadlifting and reps (Go to post)15-04-2014 @ 21:37 
Personally if I keep my hands on the bar in the set position for a few seconds then I count it towards the set.
Rushing it to keep momentum may lead to injury, best gather your strength and keep tight before deadlifting once more.
» Strongman training commences! (Go to post)14-04-2014 @ 16:50 
Monday 14th April 2014

Floor to Overhead Press:
Working sets:
70kg x3. x2. x2. x2.

Flat Barbell Press:
Working sets:
75kg x8.
80kg x4. x4.
70kg x8.

Medium grip Cable Rows:
Working sets:
60kg x8. x8.

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