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» Member number 5 (Go to post)01-06-2024 @ 14:40 
Enjoyed todays parkrun , although I am 'off' long distande / endurance running , I do enjoy the faster runs , So i will keep these up ..... a couple of minutes off the pace at the moment

Ormskirk Parkrun #52
  • 5km - 23:54
» Member number 5 (Go to post)28-05-2024 @ 17:24 
Very best of luck with the weight loss , It is a lovley thing to go out for a run with a great big bunch of like minded people , I will drive up to scotland and we can do a half marathon together !

JT ..... I am definatley lacking power at the moment ...but its early days , enjoying the rowing , if i can get to sub 7 it will be up there with some of my other 'achievements'

  • 5000m

had a 'rest' for the 2nd and 4th reps... but this was a straight 5k and i am pleased with the time
» Member number 5 (Go to post)25-05-2024 @ 19:07 
It turned out i ran at about 1:57 pace.....but the course was a bit long and i stopped a couple of times to text the wife n have a piss ...

I really enjoyed it and have decided to run more half marathons with sub 2 hours being my speed of choice
» Member number 5 (Go to post)25-05-2024 @ 17:06 
Ran the Hackney half marathon last sunday , dont often get a nice photo , but this one is ok ...

back to rowing and some running ...
» Member number 5 (Go to post)16-05-2024 @ 16:08 
felt a bit stronger today on the rower , im beginning to think i will manage sub7 once more !!

possibly not this year , but who knows.

Concept 2
  • 6 x 500m with 1 mins rest
» new journal (Go to post)16-05-2024 @ 16:05 
how did you feel the next day ?
» Member number 5 (Go to post)14-05-2024 @ 19:47 
Wiegieboard said:Are the dexa people going to give you another shot on a machine that isn't out by a factor of 10 so that you can make us all swioon with your 2.5 percent bodyfat reading? I can't imagine it's cheap to do!

It wasnt cheap and they offered me 2 free scans or a full refund ..... I realised that it doesnt really matter what my muscle % is or how fat my legs are .... so i took the refund.

the scan was 160

after my immense effort training for the marathon, I still had chippy tits, so i guess they are here to stay

Concept 2
  • 5 x 1000m with 2 mins rest
» Member number 5 (Go to post)12-05-2024 @ 15:59 
LOL, I dont want to go up against another man with a similar plan .... But i will be doing at the British rowing champs , aim is finish in the top 10 , best I have ever done is 4th.

still feeling a lack of power on the rower, but its early days.
» Member number 5 (Go to post)11-05-2024 @ 17:47 
Post Edited: 11.05.2024 @ 17:48 PM by Boar
Cheers Martin !! we keep on working hard x

  • 5km row

  • 10km run

The DEXA scan I had 6 weeks ago - the results were so poor that I totally changed my training and my goals ... I was AGOG at my poor muscle mass (bottom 2%) and hight body fat content (just my legs were 29%fat ... overall bodyfat 25%) and this was after 6 months marathon training i had just got an all time PB in the half marathon (1:37) ....anyhoo just got an email from the company , turns out the machinery is defective and has been giving out false readings.

I am just at a loss.

anyhoo, just got a limited edition strawberry aero and its dish lish.
» Member number 5 (Go to post)09-05-2024 @ 18:14 
I think they are fairly dreamy ...within my age catagory

saw you being a gent and gifting Loz a fiver on the WSm live watch party , how many WSM did you go to ?

  • 5 x 1000m (2 min rest)

I have to be kind to myself ...this is my first week back rowing, of course im going to be as weak and pathetic as Ned ....give me 6 months !
» Member number 5 (Go to post)08-05-2024 @ 19:17 
  • various kettlebell and sandbag exercises

  • 4 x 500m (1 min rest)
» A Hebridean Diary (Go to post)08-05-2024 @ 19:16 
have you got a number in mind for the bench ?

upon return to rowing i fear the number in my mind may be out of reach ..... unless i reach for the medicine cabinet LOL , which of course is not going to happen.
» TV SHOW IN AMERICA NEXT WEEK (Go to post)07-05-2024 @ 16:24 
Post Edited: 07.05.2024 @ 16:33 PM by Boar
I get that Shane is doing well with his coaching , he has the gift of the gab etc .... but do top strongmen really need coaches ?

On the livestream Loz broke away as he had a text from Mitch who was competing , seems odd to me as strongman is so random and just different all the time that a coach could be of any use , however , I may need a coach myself if i am to fullfill my dream of competing at WSM next year
» Wiegieboard doesn't even lift. (Go to post)07-05-2024 @ 16:09 
my mum bought me a massive bag of crisps for digging up loads of bamboo roots on saturday and I ate the lot in 1 go !!!

what a day.

hows the streaming going ? does it annoy you when streamers get very popular for seemingly no specific reason , I am your number 1 fan.

nice pinching also.
» Member number 5 (Go to post)07-05-2024 @ 15:51 
LOL , once I set my sights on a rower ..... It happens fast and is unstoppable ....

I hear there is a competiton in December that caters for older gentlemen who own rowers...

  • 3 x 2000m (2 min rest)

Genuinly uncertain if i can muster the power to go sub 7 ...the endurance training has robbed me of so much

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