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» Pete's cut and paste journal (Go to post)13-11-2019 @ 20:47 
ssssshhhiiittttttt !!

sorry pete, i thought i was sending a PM
» Pete's cut and paste journal (Go to post)13-11-2019 @ 18:08 
did you get your package ? send via royal mail (lol)

start with 2 tabs , twice a day and see how you get on.
» 3 weeks to a big deadlift (Go to post)12-11-2019 @ 18:48 
pete DM'd me and we are both doing a quick 3 week dbol blast , hopefully no-one will notice petes bloaty mc.bloatface , or his 600lb deadlift.
» 3 weeks to a big deadlift (Go to post)11-11-2019 @ 16:50 
at least consider taking some drugs ......

then you will see how much easier / funnerer it is !!

however , dont decide to 'blast+cruise' which seems to be what everyone does nowerdays i.e stay on forever and worry about death later on.

where is comp ?
» Concept 2 Rowing Times. (Go to post)11-11-2019 @ 15:58 
yea, that makes a big difference - I cant remember the drag factor i used to prefer but it was under 110.

I am in about as poor condition as i could be , coming off a broken wrist and not even 'doing work' for exercise , so i am planning on doing the English indoor champs in manchester , I have done it before and its good fun.

I row as a lightweight now and although my aim will be to go sub 7 , I probably wont make it in time for next feb.

they also do a 500m sprint , which you may be pretty good at.
» Concept 2 Rowing Times. (Go to post)09-11-2019 @ 19:55 
Post Edited: 09.11.2019 @ 20:00 PM by Boar
Bim said:
Cheers jt! Got another one I've been chasing for a while yesterday, 2k in 6:58

my best 5km is 18:04 and I REALLY tried to break 18 mins (without a 20 minute warm up)(my biggest mistake)

anyhoo .... thats a splendid 2k time BUT with my best being 6:39 deffo have closer to 6:30 in you , mabie sign up for a comp ?

The Mizuno British Rowing Indoor Championships will take place on 7 December, 2019 - Lee Valley VeloPark


English Indoor Rowing Championships 2 February 2020 Manchester National Cycle Centre

» Online Strongman Games thread (Go to post)09-11-2019 @ 19:27 
"blood like toothpaste"
» The Game Changers (Netflix) (Go to post)04-11-2019 @ 21:46 
Its 'popular' because people are beginning to educate themselves about the massive health benefits of eating a plant based diet.
» Online Strongman Games thread (Go to post)03-11-2019 @ 20:59 
LessThanLuke said:
Lee Osment and Dean Maden are both from UK and in the u90 finals and no this is one General has done past few years.

Its no real surprise that I no longer know any competitors !

I was wondering , do the invited athletes have to pay to compete ?
» Online Strongman Games thread (Go to post)03-11-2019 @ 10:14 
I had a look at the spreadsheet and didnt see any U90 from the Uk , Is this a different comp from 'another' or different world champs that the general would go to ?

also , I asked flash if the points carry over to day 3 and he is probably too busy doing other things
» The Game Changers (Netflix) (Go to post)27-10-2019 @ 09:08 
I dont eat meat and stay away from dairy , the book 'how not to die' changed my eating habits
» Belly Buster (Go to post)16-10-2019 @ 09:01 
Since I have been off work with a broken wrist , stuff has DEFFO started going to s**t - i cant really do any proper cardio or lift weights , knees feel worse , pulled hammy , sore back and i put on 2kg's ....I need to get back to work and sort my s**t out !

the lesson i have learned is : never stop moving neddy !

I am actually looking forwards to getting back to work and back into a routine

» Belly Buster (Go to post)14-10-2019 @ 20:29 
then pulled my back on a down set

massive bellend Nedward !
» The Assassin (Go to post)14-10-2019 @ 19:36 
I had a nice walk along the leeds liverpool canal last week , while walking past Adlington I could see the club, The marina is lovely , some of the boats are magnificent !!

ever crossed your mind ? a superb place for a nice read.
» Marathons (Go to post)13-10-2019 @ 20:51 
love watching marathons on tv ! the sub 2 was magnif !

bods marathon is better tho

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