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» hardest decision of my life (Go to post)21-04-2013 @ 15:37 
Just to update. seems most of you were right, after about a week i told her i'd look in to going with her. she didnt seem too enthusiastic to which i found out she doesnt love me 'as much' anymore.
So next sunday she leaves, its been a really hard month and i'm kund of clinging on to the hope she feels she's made a mistake and comes back.
» how honest are you? (Go to post)18-04-2013 @ 14:29 
A bird on a night out once said to me, youre a big lad i bet your cocks massive. to which i replied, neh not really. i guess sometimes you should lie lol
» how honest are you? (Go to post)18-04-2013 @ 14:27 
Same. if it comes down to feelings i just choose my words very carefully. does my bum look big in this...bigger than in some of your other clothes. i restrict lying for amusement to wind people up but then tell them later providing i remember.
» how honest are you? (Go to post)17-04-2013 @ 22:01 
Just wondering how honest you all are?

i'm probably too honest when it comes to people i'm close to. i think when you lie it can come back and bite you. akthough the truth can often be misconcieved, i guess because most people aren't use to it
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)11-04-2013 @ 20:23 
Yesterday i bicep curled in a squat rack. im sorry
» Hulks Strongman Division, strongman gym Rotherham (Go to post)11-04-2013 @ 14:22 
Me and a mate will come down, just need a post code
» Novice Strongman - Fraserburgh August 2013 (Go to post)03-04-2013 @ 17:53 
Where abouts in the country is it mate
» WARNING slight bodybuilding question (Go to post)23-03-2013 @ 14:14 
Dont really need to lose weight so much as just like to get a bit of definition back and a bit fitter.

problem being i find cardio boring, and already get up at 4.55 every morning.

just wondered really if what i'd say might work as i think i .could stick to it
» WARNING slight bodybuilding question (Go to post)23-03-2013 @ 13:49 
Basically i've come to realise how unfit i am and noticed i dont look in as good a shape as i did a couple of years ago.

I hate running or any similiar cardio based exercise so was thinking of spending 1 day a week doing something like....

1 mile on treadmill
4 sets of 15 reps standing press, 15 squats, 30 pushups, 15 power cleans all following on
box jumps
4 sets close grip pull ups, dips
some stomach exercises.

» hardest decision of my life (Go to post)18-03-2013 @ 14:18 
Lol, she is actually a stunner, i did well for myself. did i mention she's a great cook and baker but not so good at cleaning. my boss today said should i decide to go he'd leave my job open should i wanna come back
» The Junction Gym Champions of the Future 2013 (Go to post)17-03-2013 @ 15:37 
I wont be able to do the comp mate so could darren saxleby take my place. im ste bennett
» hardest decision of my life (Go to post)17-03-2013 @ 15:13 
drew said:
Sounds to me like really you want to stay. Do what boar says, if you miss her dearly and want to move you can later

Thats what i'll prob end up doing.
i do really wanna stay, but only as much as i dont wanna lose her
» hardest decision of my life (Go to post)17-03-2013 @ 14:29 
bigwmd said:This may sound harsh (im a squaddie so im used to being away from the family), but your parents will die eventually. Once your parents are gone, will you then regret not moving away and making a life for yourself?

Your family will always love you and will be there for you if things dont work out in NZ. If your girlfriend is 'the one', then surely its worth taking the risk and creating a better life for yourselves.

With todays technology, the world really is a much smaller place.

Not a very nice thought but it is a good point, hence why im finding this so hard
» hardest decision of my life (Go to post)17-03-2013 @ 14:27 
slimsim said:
Now this may be the cynic in me and hopefully I'm way off the mark but that hardly makes it sound like she's trying her best to talk you into going with her.
Also, if she loves you as much as you say you love her then why does being in the uk make her so unhappy? Surely being with the one you love makes you happy no matter where you are?
I think fazc has hit the nail on the head mate.

I know how that must sound but she said to me that id not spoken to any mates about it, but the only mate id take any advice off is on hol in australia at moment. so she simply said if it was 1 of her mates asking her thats what she'd say.
My parents said i should do what ever makes me happy, i know they'd understand but id miss my family.
» hardest decision of my life (Go to post)17-03-2013 @ 12:44 
Boar said:its tough , but i think you should stay here, if its unbarable being apart when she goes then you can go yourself , but for now, i would stay.

This is what my girlfriend says is prob the best idea for me.

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