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» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)21-09-2021 @ 14:55 
Time is of the essence my friend. I remember when I was training in a gym daily, I became friends with the workers so if it closed at 9 pm they would still let me go radical and get an extra 15 minutes to their buddies at night. You are hungry as the wolf and probably shredded! Keep it up. Beware of the ones that try to derail you! And if they try ride the wave out of their poison!
» One hit (Go to post)21-09-2021 @ 04:18 
Iím going to keep my mistake! Anyway I was glitched hip pointers crushed my torso into it from lifting the yoke on a slope early yesterday without warning up! Then to make me double stupid once I got electrocuted nerve ouch and wanted not to move when I was able I did it again. Later after the football game in the stands I was tin man. But today I felt better but not perfect so I did everything in my toy box that was bicep
Thick Barry bell variations
Bands and various attachments
Twang break my jaw and walk away nots
Always think that ship is going to happen because I once got hit in the eye with a bungee hook. Memories like the corner of my eye. Misty
Sit ups
Diet poor today ate zero. I wanted to fast
» One hit (Go to post)21-09-2021 @ 03:59 
dannyboy73 said:i guess Im the fool sir

No way man!
» One hit (Go to post)19-09-2021 @ 16:21 
Btw Danny thatís a one hit wonder and Iím surprised no mention of it! Your slippping
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)19-09-2021 @ 16:13 
Thanks Danny!
Itís all doable but the Izzy cloggin the commodians as well as taking a hissy fizzy on the crazy train while having a overfilled shopping cart with not enough at checkout as the growlers who canít lock patients so saysith the fraid but we are still smilin so toads aye are jumping in my yard as Batman want s to eat them like a chicken wing in this bankrupt bodega of a space back a shocking but coconut water may save me and back and forth I trudge my yoke drop and joke thank you for making the path that we travel like the twilight zone where I enjoy the message like chimes in the wind my friends.heat the back now!
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)18-09-2021 @ 00:23 
I tried to eat my burger but she keep on screaming in the cell phone. Please give it to me to go. The language but I squatted today. Feel weak but mind regrouped to a nicer level so I was game.
Now my hand man got to bail spot my friend hand.

» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)17-09-2021 @ 02:22 
3rd oldest in the hospital for the day 12 hour wait.
Came home quickly to deadlift down and back again.
Deadís Axle no straps
160 x10
245x 5
295 x5 x3
160 x10 felt a pull
Rows axle
160 x8 x5
Sit ups early and kettlebell swings
» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)13-09-2021 @ 17:53 
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)13-09-2021 @ 13:59 
luki said:
My barber now only takes bookings via smartphone, requiring a deposit. Its a really s**t app that wishes to retain my card information (Booksy, I do not like this.)
He then only takes cash in the shop.
Its kind of a worst of both setup for me.

Many people spent their day sitting and chewing the root in the barber shop. One investment was clippers and now I buy equipment with my savings. Barbers have become plastic surgeons to the pretty boy
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)13-09-2021 @ 13:50 
If you know your going to lose the match because your opponent is just too strong and talented but your team can win if you stay off your back you cannot stall but only take fake shots in an attempt to fool the referee that you are not trying to wrestle but defend yourself from your team losing? 1/2 the team hates the coach and you are being placed in a double chicken wing?? Screaming will only make the crowd laugh. Dig in and donít get turned is how I had to spend my 2 minutes many times. I just keep repping as my bone unfolds
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)11-09-2021 @ 17:24 
I been resting and training and resting. Eating much better but still not out of the Susquehanna squatches site. The grip day with rolling thunde 3Ē 180 bar DOH hold repeatmonster bicep curl shrugs abs stretch and see what later brings. Bite marks on my neck shoe fly donít bother me. The bees and flies are grouchy getting colderÖ
» Can't squat. Can't bench. Can deadlift....a little. (Go to post)11-09-2021 @ 17:16 
Went to a funerals good hour and a half drive. At the wake the 4 winds blew in different times of people that Iíve heard about, knew of them from decades of fights, drama and tears from different stories and some of the women cackled and out for a smoke and trust me I knew all so sell once the dots connected from A to Z. To a bar with bars on the windows in the middle of east combuckton I wondered as the crazies started to chirp as they held their paper plates. A. Voice in my head said Iím really being made a fuss of today. Well unk I said to him hang out with me today buddy because for some reason this is happen to the both of us??? Anyways hope your eating well. Frat training and the video we will all come to the place where we get old but some parts on us still stay young if we keep training to the end we are still here!
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)08-09-2021 @ 22:43 
Getting ready for tomorrow but today I deadlifted.felt very weak as I got heavier as it felt like my right knee was buckling. Went higher and focused and it was normal again. My focus is way off then it gets on track and I lose itxx again. Thumbs feels broken and back is majorly stiff. Taking a break hasnít done anything but weaker me more so I get mean and it works but later Iím brokencworserthe key seems to be train eat sleep stretch drink liquids donít let woman bother my head repeat. I got this
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)07-09-2021 @ 22:47 
Got to go to a funeral in 2 days. Saw the dude 2x. Wifeys unc. Not into dealing with the whole thing. Feels suffocating in the funeral home and the drama. This is life. So dealing with others minds I got a brake and decided to press some more with 14170 range finishing off at 170 x5 x5 hot sun draining
Lateral raises 2.5Ē x 40 Zara ding 8x 5
Thick chain one arm presses RAnd Lx 5 sets
Sit ups 20 minutes
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)07-09-2021 @ 17:16 
Been spotty on posting. Body weight perfect now get strong like the wind. This dude I knew a bruiser. In order to know him you had to put em up. This dude is real the day I met him and he slapped me and I returned a slap back thing. The adventures of learning even though I did not ever never entered grapple him UNZTiL he must of been paid from some little rich guy I bounced?? Anyway RIP my friend I saw the white feather floating in this air an angel is near. Anyway, did some log Pressung. Back seemed to be getting tighter. More water I guess. Dips, light farmers. This dude was so strong to grapple.6í6 275. Barely bench 135 for 3 . Makes you wonder.

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