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» loal at gym carpetbaggers (Go to post)20-03-2014 @ 22:50 
Women are all physiologically similar regardless of where they come from
» stone throwing (Go to post)20-03-2014 @ 22:36 
Samthepigman said:we had a stone throwing competition while working in the middle of nowhere. i could throw it the least distance. i was beaten by my brother, who rides horses, and one of my 16 year old apprentices who can lift like 30kg.

Why am i such a fag?

Technique? Flexibility?

Golf is like this- the biggest hitters are often slender and flexible. Finesse is key.
» favourite beer (Go to post)18-03-2014 @ 22:39 
A lot of beer manufacturers these days don't make an effort to find the choicest hops
» Worlds strongest man (Go to post)18-03-2014 @ 18:12 
SteBennett said:I think ed has the potential to take z on the squats?

No-one will come near Z in the squat. He is by far the best squatter of all the competitors.
» Which strongman would you most want to win wsm (Go to post)18-03-2014 @ 16:14 
Zydrunas, he deserves to be up there with the all time greats.
» IronMind Rolling Thunder (Go to post)18-03-2014 @ 16:11 
And Chris James has done 140kg?
» loal at gym carpetbaggers (Go to post)17-03-2014 @ 20:20 
Was he Scottish or something?
» Ed's looking strong..... Again! (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 23:46 
True ogre. Should be a great year for Ed.
» Powerlifting and strongman idols (Go to post)13-03-2014 @ 23:32 
Big Zydrunas- intensely powerful and very humble. So many of his lifts are awe inspiring.
» Possible to block somebody? (Go to post)12-03-2014 @ 12:28 
JackRevans said:
Also you know when someone makes a cup of tea and they fill it up to what would be a reasonable level but with the tea bag still in, to find that when they remove the tea bag it is revealed to actually not be full enough? How do you feel about this?

Surely this is an amateur mistake. Any tea maker worth his salt will be aware of countermeasures to ensure this does not happen.
» And today's 'Wanker' award goes to... (Go to post)11-03-2014 @ 13:07 
No different than breast implants really
» wsm final events (Go to post)07-03-2014 @ 21:39 
Savolainen87 said:For me Shaw is a top favourite at this format of WSM . He is a better strongman than Z .
I think Z has nothing more to proove after Arnold . Hope he makes some serious log lift record soon that will not be beaten in the next 5 years . And after that he is ready to retire . But I quess the man just loves competing and breaking records .

What sort of a log do you think he has, 225/230? I believe Zydrunas himself has said he will retire when he no longer makes strength gains. Hopefully that won't be for another few years. ;-)
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)06-03-2014 @ 15:57 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:I've got a twitchy lat.

I've got an itchy t**t
» What's your dissertation on? (Go to post)05-03-2014 @ 19:09 
I did mine on "How ships are held together"

» Kicking legs during chins (Go to post)04-03-2014 @ 22:12 
I try to be as honest as possible when working out and thus don't kick legs whilst chinning. Also try to do every rep from full lockout and slowly enough to avoid swinging.

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