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» coronavirus (Go to post)22-11-2020 @ 11:50 
dannyboy73 said:thats poor risk assessing.

Is it more cost-benefit analysis?
» coronavirus (Go to post)21-11-2020 @ 20:51 
Rick said:
If you don't wear a mask in public enclosed places where you're asked to, and you don't have a condition making it impossible, you are a c**t.

Hear hear!
» coronavirus (Go to post)19-11-2020 @ 20:12 
IrishMarc said:I don't know how anyone has the mental bandwidth to contemplate and entertain conspiracy theories listening to c**ts like Eddie Bravo and Alex Jones makes me want to nerd rage. Guess I'm not open-minded enough to appreciate it.

Reminds me of that quote, "Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out".
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)16-11-2020 @ 09:04 
Post Edited: 16.11.2020 @ 09:09 AM by billynomates
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Well done to Tom!!!

Congrats to Novikov. What's his bodyweight? He doesn't look particularly big.

Yes he looked a lot smaller than Ed when Ed was interviewing him. Its good to see a smaller guy do well, great job holy roller Novikov Happy

I can't help wondering why WSM has so much prestige attached to it, given the amount of TV show bulls**t it involves(the story about re-doing the squat event a few pages back being one example). I guess its the title and the fact its running so long. It must be so irritating for the athletes. The Arnolds should defo be a more prestigious title.
» coronavirus (Go to post)15-11-2020 @ 22:54 
AdamT said:Not sure about microchips, but he is big into the idea of depopulation

I'd agree with him there. The world cant sustain billions of people and the predictions for population growth this century are scary.
» coronavirus (Go to post)15-11-2020 @ 10:34 
WILLSAN said:0 coronavirus deaths in sweden last thursday whilst not stripping away its citizens civil liberties.

Using a single day's figures to prove the effectiveness of an overall strategy? C'mon bro, you're better than that!
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)14-11-2020 @ 22:47 
luki said:
For your screensaver.

Now that's a beard. God damn he's impressive.
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)14-11-2020 @ 19:52 
Was Savage supposed to do a 150 log lift at some point too?
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)14-11-2020 @ 19:09 
Sparrow said:

Just reposting this again for people to find more easily.

Cheers Sparrow, I was looking for it Happy
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)14-11-2020 @ 14:58 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Who holds the current record?

I seem to remember big Zydrunas doing 550kg, possibly at the Arnold one year?
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)14-11-2020 @ 14:43 
danbaseley said:

danbaseley said:My prediction:

1) Oberst
2) Becca
3) World's "Greatest" Coach

» WSM 2020 (Go to post)14-11-2020 @ 12:46 
my pick for the title is robert oberst.

Grin Grin Grin
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)14-11-2020 @ 11:52 
outside of the brits, caron would be the guy id like to see take the title.

Me too
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)12-11-2020 @ 20:47 
Post Edited: 12.11.2020 @ 20:47 PM by billynomates
Is Terry still pretty lean or whats he weighing in at currently?
» coronavirus (Go to post)12-11-2020 @ 18:57 
thats what I mean. the assumption being that they are always correct and that a differing view must be 'bulls**t that misleads people' spoken by a 'fool'. a lack of humility.
and you are using one of the sophistic tools they are fond of - 'conflation'.

Everyone thinks their own views are correct though. Debunkers have a much stronger basis for this given that their beliefs are usually backed up by evidence. Some conspiracy theories are so wacky that there's no room for humility, they simply must be shot down firmly. Especially when they relate to matters of public health.

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