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» US Presidency (Go to post)06-01-2021 @ 20:46 


Trump doesnt mind though.He'll happily see America burn if he can be king of the ashes.
» US Presidency (Go to post)04-01-2021 @ 19:58 
Jonathan said:I'm sincerely hoping that there are legal ramifications for Trump's telephone call to the Republican election official Raffensberger in which he attempts to change the result of the election by actually asking him to find 11780 votes (to take his total count to one more than Biden's).

It's ironic that Trump is engaged in the exact kind of fraud that he's been accusing the democrats of. I hope that they nail him to the wall for it. Trump has no defence - none whatsoever. In terms of both state and federal law, it's a crime punishable by a custodial sentence.

He'll probably pardon himself in any event?
» coronavirus (Go to post)04-01-2021 @ 15:06 
Going by this thread, the daily mail is on track for a s**tload of Pulitzers.
» Aliens (Go to post)03-01-2021 @ 23:14 
A Harvard professor believes the Omuamua space object (mentioned in the first post in this thread) was alien technology.
» call the judge and get some fudge (Go to post)29-12-2020 @ 21:41 
Post Edited: 29.12.2020 @ 21:47 PM by billynomates
» coronavirus (Go to post)24-12-2020 @ 16:12 
Vaccines are good.
» coronavirus (Go to post)23-12-2020 @ 00:39 
luki said:BBC release dealing with Willson at Christmas guide just in time for Sugden.

Covid has made it to Antarctica now, there's been an outbreak at an outpost.
» coronavirus (Go to post)22-12-2020 @ 10:16 
AdamT said:
It is terrible, but we may get used to it lol

Just until the summer hopefully, when the vaccine might be fully rolled out.
In the meantime this new more contagious strain wont make things any easier Unhappy
» Aliens (Go to post)15-12-2020 @ 21:15 
Samthepigman said:
I bet you wouldn't

But there'd be infinite oppurtunities for there to be one. I'm with Willsan on this one, in an infinite universe there simply must be life out there.
» US Presidency (Go to post)12-12-2020 @ 10:57 
these deepfakes are getting insane!

The south park guys and Peter Serafinowicz are using it as the basis for a new show, its pretty funny. They have Mark Zuckerberg selling dialysis and other fun items Grin
» US Presidency (Go to post)12-12-2020 @ 09:57 
» US Presidency (Go to post)10-12-2020 @ 11:03

Its great that people like Trump and Giuliani receive top notch covid treatment while regular folk suffer.
» Aliens (Go to post)08-12-2020 @ 16:20 
What about those monoliths that have been appearing and disappearing around the world?
» US Presidency (Go to post)06-12-2020 @ 09:37 
Post Edited: 06.12.2020 @ 09:38 AM by billynomates

The Trump team's star witness in the voter fraud case. That's a republican lawmaker she's suggesting tampered with the poll book.
» coronavirus (Go to post)03-12-2020 @ 10:58 
Rick said:
While a number of Tories have claimed this, it is in fact a shameless, utter lie. This is obvious on two grounds:
1. We're still subject to the EU rules until the end of the year, and yet we have approved it.
2. Hungary have approved the Sputnik vaccine.

Ah I see. I heard it stated on Sky news this morning from someone who seemed like an impartial reporter.

Pretty surprising about Hungary, but I suppose Orban is another populist pup.

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