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» coronavirus (Go to post)12-11-2020 @ 17:39 
not for someone with humility.

I guess the debunkers would see it as not suffering fools. And for things like flat earth or sandy hook denial I can't blame them.
» coronavirus (Go to post)12-11-2020 @ 17:13 
WILLSAN said:what is it about the deeboonker personality type that makes them so hostile?

conspiracy people seem to be pretty chill in comparison.

Low tolerance for bulls**t that misleads people I guess, seems a pretty normal reaction.
» coronavirus (Go to post)11-11-2020 @ 21:26 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Would the people of Sugden be happy to be vaccinated?

Yes, once it has been fully approved I would.
» coronavirus (Go to post)11-11-2020 @ 17:33 
Immunity only lasts 2-6 months?!
» US Presidency (Go to post)10-11-2020 @ 16:59 
we will get full details this time.
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)10-11-2020 @ 16:54 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:They could have squatted under a gazebo.

Didnt this work out disastrously for Paul Savage?
» US Presidency (Go to post)10-11-2020 @ 16:04 
Trump called it a rigged election several times during the 2016 campaign, but was happy enough to accept the result that emerged then and didnt elaborate on how he won a supposedly rigged election.
» coronavirus (Go to post)09-11-2020 @ 17:42 
Good news on the vaccine front.
» US Presidency (Go to post)07-11-2020 @ 14:37 
By the looks of it US politics could benefit from some younger blood at the higher echelons. Trump, Biden and Pelosi have a combined age of 1 googol years.
» US Presidency (Go to post)06-11-2020 @ 23:09 
PeteHodgson said:
Glad it wasn't just me.
I don't know much about Biden, but he'd have to be f**king horrible to an unimaginable degree to be worse than that f**king t**t Trump. And if somehow he is that the f**k are there 2 people that awful in such a position of power.

Compared to Trump, Biden is a saint (unless you buy into the "rape" allegations against him). I agree with you on Trump. While I have often found him funny, he is capable of some really classless behaviour. He continued to slag off John McCain even after he died...just a total derelict.
» coronavirus (Go to post)06-11-2020 @ 15:59 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:I have one of those grabber things, so not directly touching the litter. I'm on a mission to tidy up a local woodland area.
Ah fantastic, thats noble work. I sometimes see mattresses or sofas dumped while on my travels, along with the usual black bin bags that people have discarded. Its quite vexing.
» coronavirus (Go to post)06-11-2020 @ 14:50 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:I was planning to go out and pick up litter today (I've started doing that recenty), but I've just had a thought.... would that be illegal? I could class it as 'exercise' maybe?

Fair play to you Wayne. Littering is one of my pet peeves and there has been a huge increase since the pandemic. I guess there is some risk to it as you're picking up stuff other people have touched, and therefore maybe it's illegal, but I'd hope common sense would prevail if there are any would-be vigilantes out there who would report you.
» US Presidency (Go to post)06-11-2020 @ 09:47 
Fatpete said:
There are tales of this being the reason that JFK won back in the early sixties. The Mafia allegedly did it in return for being left alone. When he didn't leave them alone, things didn't end well. So "they" say

I understood Kennedy was supposed to kill Castro so the mob could re-open their casinos in Cuba. Not only did JFK not do that, he appointed his brother attorney general who duly cracked down hard on the mafia. Its speculated this is why the mob conspired to whack Jack. JFK is also believed to have shared a mistress with a mob boss around this time.
» US Presidency (Go to post)05-11-2020 @ 16:40 
Never been on facebook. One of the few.
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)03-11-2020 @ 18:37 
The_Lone_Wolf said:Even rocking the Quagmire shirt... What a guy!

Grin Grin Grin

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