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» Ermm here goes (Go to post)07-05-2019 @ 08:32 
unit94 said:I did b hiarely over 10 metres, just felt like I was pressing it not using my lower body, think I need a lesson!

Plenty of easy gains for you there then!
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)05-05-2019 @ 22:37 
Did he just say that they use different sized plates in Russia?
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)05-05-2019 @ 22:35 
Did you have a go with the 16lb Shot?

If you did and I missed it, Sorry...
» Benni and his 528kg deadlift prediction. (Go to post)05-05-2019 @ 22:33 
I feel as though Benni REALLY wants to say that Hall's 500kg was bo***cks and we all know it...
» The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Go to post)04-05-2019 @ 12:53 
Good work!
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)02-05-2019 @ 09:15 
Sounds like a good plan Paul.
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)26-04-2019 @ 13:51 
Belated Happy Birthday Pete!
» 2019 Training Log (Go to post)26-04-2019 @ 13:49 
Welcome back!
» The Assassin (Go to post)08-04-2019 @ 08:43 
Rick said:FitNotes Workout - Sunday 7th April 2019

** Barbell Squat **
- 20.0 kgs x 5 reps
- 60.0 kgs x 5 reps
- 60.0 kgs x 5 reps
- 60.0 kgs x 5 reps

These are my first squats in a long time - certainly since before I started using FitNotes - because they gave me shoulder and hip flexor trouble. But I've been working on rehab and mobility, and it felt like time to try. We'll see what we'll see.

Nice one Rick.

It's quite surprising what some mobility work can do when you stick to it for long enough.
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)01-04-2019 @ 08:25 
unit94 said:I can't remember tbh, did it a couple of times at school but not since then, I can remember my PE teacher calling me out once so we had a go and I beat him Tongue he was 16/17 stone and played prop so didn't like losing to a 15 year old! I think I'm going to get one so i'll have a proper go

Ha! Cool, let us know how you get on..
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)31-03-2019 @ 08:16 
My assumption is that this was a Bench for Benching and not merely for sitting?
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)30-03-2019 @ 08:29 
What's your best with a normal Shot Paul?
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)21-03-2019 @ 21:19 
danbaseley said:
Yeah. That is a massive bodyweight.
Just enormous for 16!?!?

He obviously looks pretty heavy at that weight but he is also fairly tall (6'3").
» 2019 Log (Go to post)21-03-2019 @ 12:01 
Congrats on the Bench PB!
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)20-03-2019 @ 20:26 
Funky_monkey said:

16 year old kid
squat 324kg
bench 195kg
deadlift 293kg

total 816kg. Aged 16. FML.

Similar numbers to Pena at 16, but with a slightly more even SQ / DL ratio...weighed in at 164.5kg / 363lbs or so....

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