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» Sheik it up! (Go to post)18-04-2018 @ 23:47 
Post Edited: 18.04.2018 @ 23:47 PM by yano93
» Sheik it up! (Go to post)18-04-2018 @ 23:47 
» Yano's Sugden Log (Go to post)17-01-2017 @ 01:33 
Post Edited: 17.01.2017 @ 01:33 AM by yano93
» Yano's Sugden Log (Go to post)22-11-2015 @ 00:04 
Haven't posted anything in a while. Here's a vid of my most recent squat session. This is 2.5kg less than I opened at at my last comp.

Going well...
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)10-11-2015 @ 23:35 
loal sickening
» Yano's Sugden Log (Go to post)06-08-2015 @ 01:07
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)02-08-2015 @ 18:50 
JackRevans said:
Read the post again, I'm spending the money I save from not going to the chiropractor on a coffee machine. In addition to this I am selling off assets that I no longer need which are depreciating. I can spend my money how I want

Careful, we may make an economist out of you yet Wink. Fair enough, I just love giving your grief.
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)31-07-2015 @ 16:50 
Selling his texas power bar to buy a coffee machine...

I reserve judgement on the matter.
» Rob's Powerlifting Journal (Go to post)30-07-2015 @ 15:39 
Still a bit gutted I didn't get a special shout out on your fb tbh.. my nutritional advice is stellar.
» Yano's Sugden Log (Go to post)30-07-2015 @ 15:13 
JackRevans said:good lid with your comp performance

Thanks m9-1, must do better. Training up to that comp was a bit meh, so time to really nail it down before the British Classic.
» Yano's Sugden Log (Go to post)29-07-2015 @ 23:44 
Decided to start logging on this again...
COMP - 195/120/230 = 545kg. Left about 20kg on the platform.Missed final squat of 205 and final deadlift of 240, on a soft lockout. Next time. 
» Sheik it up! (Go to post)24-07-2015 @ 23:16 
Simeon said:might go to the gym now actually.

what should I do?

Get your poverty squat up? and then do some rear delt raises.
» Sheik it up! (Go to post)24-07-2015 @ 16:02 
Do you even train anymore?
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)21-07-2015 @ 15:08 
23 kipping pullups...
» Yano's Sugden Log (Go to post)20-07-2015 @ 02:00 
True, there were some sloots there.


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