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» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)07-05-2015 @ 20:12 
Still alive Happy

Weight down to 101 kg now from 117kg back in November.

Weights x 3 times per week, still training all beltless, deads up to 160kg for reps, squats 140kg for reps and bench 90kg for reps but the main focus has been fat loss and bodybuilding training, ie higher reps, supersets, really strict reps with pauses, loads of upper back work, leg press, weighted step ups, dumbell presses, cable work etc etc.

Also swimming 3 x per week with 2 x interval sessions ie. 500 metre warm up then 5 x 200m in 3 mins with 20 seconds rest, or 10 x 100m in 1min 25 secs with 10 seconds rest, then 500m swim down / drills etc.

Fitness is much better than 6 months ago, also much leaner. I have also brought my squat stance in to slightly narrower than shoulder width, and low bar which feels more natural to me, less stress on my groin and adductors, and I can sit ass to grass easily without struggling to get depth. It's also easier to keep the weight moving in a straight line in my center of gravity.

On Monday I'm starting 10 weeks of the Cube method which will have more volume of deads, squat and bench than I've been doing but also a lot of BB style assistance. May run another 10 weeks of this afterwards. I intend to stabilise bodyweight at around 100kg however focus more on strength for these ten weeks, then I want to drop another 7 - 10kg bodyweight by the end of the year. Would like to compete as a 93 lifter next year as I don't think I've lost too much strength when I get my top end back.

Work crazy busy and busy with the family inbetween so may not have time to log sessions yet as I haven't even been keeping a paper training log over the last few months.
» Training for the Master's Classic March15/16 (Go to post)07-05-2015 @ 19:47 
Billwest said:Thursday

Squat - beltless
20kg x 10
60kg x 5
60kg x 5
100kg x 3
130kg x 2
150kg x 1
170kg x 1

Box squats 11" paused for a 2 count- beltless
100kg x 2
130kg x 2
140kg x 2

Deadlift - beltless
60kg x 5
100kg x 3
140kg x 2
165kg x 1
185kg x 2

Speed deads 140kg x 3 x 5 sets - beltless

Incline sit ups
2 x 20

bwt +10kg x 15 x 2 sets


Quite pleased with this. Top single on squat was a bit harder than expected, but other than that everything went ok. By the end of this month I want the following
beltless squat 180kg x 1
Paused box squat 150kg x 2
Beltless deadlift 205kg+ x 1

Weight this morning back down to 92.1

Training going well Bill, nice work.
» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)12-03-2015 @ 22:56 
Billwest said:
Do you use one of those tracking websites like MyFitnessPal to track calories?

No way Bill I don't bother with all that malarkey....despite my sports science background I keep it really simple...if I'm feeling hungry every day then I'm going to lose fat, and if I'm training hard on the weights I should retain most of my muscle mass.

I just focus on fruits, veggies and protein and some nuts for minerals. I do eat anything I want on a Sunday, so if we go out for lunch then it's the full monty with all the trimmings and pudding and a few beers Happy then back on the diet on Monday....keeps me (relatively) sane.
» Training for the Master's Classic March15/16 (Go to post)11-03-2015 @ 07:57 
Nice work lately Bill, didn't lift your best at the Comp but dropping weight so close couldn't have helped.
» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)10-03-2015 @ 19:30 
Billwest said:
Seems like a sound plan Mike. The strength will soon come back once you are no longer in calorie deficit.

That's the hardest part......always training in a calorie deficit and low carbs 😞
» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)10-03-2015 @ 19:23 
Billwest said:Nice to hear your still training Mike. You've already gone down a weight class. Only 4kg to go if 100 is your aim, and you must be starting to feel a lot fitter than you were. Keep up the good work

Cheers Bill,

Would be good to get down to 95kg and take a view from there. Certainly feel a lot fitter, and the swim speed and fitness is coming back😎
Luckily I kept some clothes from before I moved up in weight so it's saving me from needing to buy new stuff😊 I want to drop the reps again though when I hit my goal weight.
» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)09-03-2015 @ 19:22 
Still alive & training.

Weight now down to 104kg (from 117 last November) and still using squat (or front squat ), bench press and deadlift as the base of my training (weights 3 x per week), but using higher reps ( 8 - 10 ) and doing more BB stuff at higher reps, loads of rowing, tricep and shoulder work etc.

Worked up to an easyish 160kg x 5 on deads tonight then did some sets of 10 @ 140kg then rows, ab work, leg press, hamstring work.

Also swimming 3 x per week ( continuous for 30 mins front crawl, and will introduce some intervals in the next couple of weeks).

Not logging my workouts at present because I'm focussing on maintaining strength and losing fat, so not much to report, and also crazy busy at work. Will check in occasionally until I'm at my goal weight.
» Training for the Master's Classic March15/16 (Go to post)18-02-2015 @ 19:57 
11" Paused (2 count) box squat
20kg x 10
60kg x 5
100kg x 3
140kg x 2
160kg x 1 (BELT ON)
170kg x 1
180kg x 1 (PB)

60kg x 5
100kg x 3
140kg x 3
170kg x 2
190kg x 1
210kg x 1 (Belt On)
230kg x 2 (PB single and x 2)

Don't forget you did this workout recently...I think you will hit a bigger deadlift than 225....I predict 230 - 235 on the day mate !!!
» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)18-02-2015 @ 19:46 
Monday 16th Feb

Front squats 90kg x 3 x 5 sets.

Straight leg deadlifts standing on 25kg plates up to 140kg x 5

Various BB stuff.

Swim Tues morning 30 mins continuous ( approx. 1600 metres)

Wed 18th Feb
Bike 10 mins

Bench press to foam roller 5 x 3 reps @ 100kg

Incline dumbbell press 3 x 5 @ 30kg

Skull crushers 30kg x 10, 35kg x 10, 40kg x 6, 40kg x 6

Tricep dumbbell overhead extension 20kg x 10, 22,5 kg x 10, 25kg x 12

Chest press machine 3 x 10 - 12

One arm dumbbell row @ 32.5kg 15 x right arm, 15 x left arm x 3 sets continuous swapping arms without rest.

Fat man pullups 3 x 10

Dumbell side laterals 3 x 10 @ 10kg

Swam for the first time in years on Sunday, and again on Tuesday morning. Swimming again tomorrow morning as I can get in the pool for 6.30am. Sticking to 30mins continuous including some drills for technique etc.

I did a few 100m reps on Sunday, not balls out just faster than my continuous pace, and did them in 1min 40 secs with 20 secs recovery just to see where I am speed wise ( about 20 secs off when I used to compete in triathlons but I expected that with years off swimming), so I guess conservatively that I'm swimming approx. 1600m + in the 30 mins ( as this included some slower drill type work to get my technique back). I'll try to count the lengths tomorrow. I will stick with 2 - 3 x per week swimming at a steady / easy pace for a few weeks then introduce some intervals when my shoulders get conditioned and I regain some fitness.
» Training for the Master's Classic March15/16 (Go to post)14-02-2015 @ 22:40 
Bloody hell Bill great stuff....really flying now !!
» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)14-02-2015 @ 22:34 
Bike 10 mins

Close grip bench paused up to 80kg x 5

Dumbell bench 3 x 10 @ 25kg

fat man (getting thinner):-) pull ups 3 x 10

Dumbell chest supported rows 3 x 10 @ 30kg

One arm dumbell press 2 x 10 @ 20kg

Dumbell press 3 x 10 @ 15kg

Upright rows 3 x 10 @ 30kg

Tricep pushdowns 3 x 10 @ 40kg

Rope overhead extensions 4 x 15
» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)11-02-2015 @ 23:36 
Post Edited: 11.02.2015 @ 23:37 PM by mikeyp
Billwest said:Good steady lifting Mike. How did that deadlift feel? Plenty of volume sets-wise and not a bad weight. What do you reckon you could deadlift at your current bodyweight?

I'd like to say they felt easy Bill but they didn't, certainly not grinders but heavier than that weight should feel. I didn't have any lunch though so all I'd had was three eggs this morning and some nuts and a glass of milk mid afternoon, so I'm going into training feeling hungry and flat, but it is stripping the fat off. I will stick with keeping the basics as my core exercises and add the BB stuff after, so I'm not too concerned with the weakness, I think when I eat more carbs again and stabilise my bodyweight it will be easier to train heavier again.

I guess I'm training more like a bodybuilder prepping for a contest than a powerlifter at present. Max deadlift tonight probs 200 but with some carbs inside me I'd say 210 - 220 at present Eek Unhappy

I'm getting comments in the gym about how good I'm looking though ( although not from fit women unfortunately ) so it's not all negative Grin
» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)11-02-2015 @ 19:24 
Bike 10 mins

Warm up with bar x 10 mins

Beltless Deadlifts.
60kg x 10
60kg x 5
100kg x 5
140kg x 5
160kg x 3
170kg x 3 x 5 sets

Lat pulldowns 5 x 10 @ 75kg

Barbell curls 3 x 10 @ 30kg

Dumbell curls 3 x 10 @ 12.5kg

set of 21s with oly bar

Chest supported row machine 3 x 15

Leg raises 3 x 20
» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)09-02-2015 @ 20:42 
Bike 10 mins

Warm up with bar x 10 mins

Bench Press Paused, up to 5 x 3 reps @ 90kg

Incline dumbell press 5 x 8 @ 25kg

Dumbell tricep extension 4 x 10 @ 15kg

Dumbell overhead extension 4 x 12 @ 20kg

Chest press machine 3 x 15 - 20

Barbell bent over row 3 x 10 @ 70kg

Dumbell side laterals 3 x 10 @ 10kg

Plate front raises 2 x 15 with 20kg
» New Training Journal start 2009. (Go to post)07-02-2015 @ 09:50 
Billwest said:Nice going with the weight loss Mike. 10kg is a LOT of weight to lose in 3 months. keep up the good work, but don't lose it too quickly.

Cheers Bill, it's definitely affecting my strength, and if I had any natural talent at powerlifting I would've stuck at my previous weight (or increased). Anyway once I start eating normally and stabilise at a lower bodyweight I will get some energy to train better.

On the positive side I feel a lot fitter, and look better although all my clothes are now baggy around the waist and arse so I need to buy some new clothes and suits for work which aint cheap !!!

I've been losing approx 1kg per week and aim to lose the next 6kg over the next 10 weeks or so and then take a view from there. I've done this all with diet so far as I haven't had time to do cardio on non training days due to work being crazy busy, and also having an 18month old son doesn't help (although I could've been out for a walk / run whilst I've written this I suppose)Grin

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