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» Eddie Hall vs Thor Björnsson boxing match (Go to post)17-08-2021 @ 05:52 
Interesting twist now.... boxing for 5 weeks vs. boxing for one year
» Asko Karu out of Deadlift Champs (Go to post)17-08-2021 @ 03:02 
Post Edited: 17.08.2021 @ 03:03 AM by Nimble
As someone who in a non strongman context (and especially here in China) is a fairly big guy I really can’t stand macho/aggressive large men. By your very presence you can make people feel safer or less safe so go out of your way to be extra gentle. I’d say 99% of the strongman competitors I’ve seen seem to embody that philosophy.
» Asko Karu out of Deadlift Champs (Go to post)17-08-2021 @ 02:54 
I would ban whoever started the fight from giants comps for 2 years.
» WAYNE WOULD'NT DO THAT (Go to post)13-08-2021 @ 01:24 
Wouldn’t climb a slippery rock face.

I’m the same. I have a strict policy of not taking any risk for the purpose of fun/entertainment
» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)04-08-2021 @ 02:14 
Martins beginning to look pretty strong again. 275 beltless dead x 18 reps looked pretty easy too. That work capacity is impressive if nothing else
» Strongman circuit (Go to post)03-08-2021 @ 16:56 
I was imagining that might be the whole “comp.”
» Strongman at the Olympics (Go to post)03-08-2021 @ 10:43 
Post Edited: 03.08.2021 @ 10:43 AM by Nimble
Why has weightlifting in particular got such a doping issue? I was under the impression everybody that could get away with being on something would be on something, whatever the sport, but friends assure me many sports are relatively clean and the enhanced eventually get found out. Is it just the internal sports politics of the countries involved? More of a comparative advantage In WL vs. other sports so more worth the risk?
» Strongman circuit (Go to post)03-08-2021 @ 10:27 
Weights seem a bit mixed to me? 10m 140 sandbag a bit light no?

Perhaps one thing they’re trying to address I think is an issue from a spectators point of view — the long times and waiting around in a comp. a format I’ve suggested before I’d love to see tried out with a similar aim would be like this:

- 16 athletes, 5 events
- athletes spit into 4 groups of 4
- events run in a cycle:

1) group 1 does event 1 (simultaneously group 2 warms up/event 2 sets up)
2) group 2 does event 2...
5) group 1 does event 2
16) group 4 does event 1
17) a record-breakers event for a different class to give later groups some rest
18) final event with only top four overall competing

It would be continuously moving, no downtime. At any given time, one group competing while the other groups rest. I think that would be a fun watch.
» Tokyo 2020 (2021) (Go to post)02-08-2021 @ 14:21 
Emily Campbell impressive!
» From woefully weak to unremarkably mediocre? (Go to post)30-07-2021 @ 10:29 
90/hand x 40m

Arm over arm
Up to 90 in plates

Cable row
» Who is the Sugden Vote for GOAT (Go to post)27-07-2021 @ 13:36 
Z for me. Kaz was a great strength athlete but for me strongman wasn’t really established as a sport when he was competing so I think of him as more of a hybrid strength athlete than as a strongman per se. Modern era is where it’s at imo. Shaw is great in terms of comps but Z has comps AND lifts to his name. 205 x 4 greatest lift on record
» Shaw Classic Thread Anyone? (Go to post)27-07-2021 @ 13:33 
luki said:Biby was the only guy who lifted 205kg. It didn't effect the score when he got a third lift.

Ah that makes sense. I didn’t watch (apart from the WR vid) so got confused by the typed up results
» Shaw Classic Thread Anyone? (Go to post)27-07-2021 @ 11:14 
Weird that Bibby should get points for the 217. Should have just counted as a WR but not in the comp
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)17-07-2021 @ 09:46 
Is training deadlifts really light (as %) part of your general training philosophy. I see that 95% of the time your deadlifts are trained at a very low percentage of your max. Quite a bit lower than Sheiko/"Eastern" style training and WAY lower than balls-to-the-wall "Western" style
» Big Loz Official (Go to post)09-07-2021 @ 13:45 
Haven’t seen the episode yet but Kearney and Obie fighting over who deserves a WSM invite is a bit meh imo. They’re both solid top 30 strongmen but neither are top 10 material imo. Strongmen in that position take the invites they get unfortunately. That’s the nature of a niche sport. With the right events our very own Paul Smith would give either a run for their money

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