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» Powerlifting Bar between 300 and 500 (Go to post)03-02-2015 @ 20:44 
Watsons power bar 510, excellent knurling but quite stiff so not much feedback when deadlifting. I would like a TPB to complete my collection though.
» Training off shore for comp (Go to post)28-12-2014 @ 08:04 
The one with the worst internet Ive ever known!!! Atwood Osprey off the north west coast of Australia.
Training went really good, smashed out all the weights and concentrated on my core and then chilled out 2 weeks before the comp.
» Training off shore for comp (Go to post)17-11-2014 @ 00:26 
Trying this journal thing out.

Working offshore but really good gym out here. Training for powerlifting comp in middle december.

Im using an Ed Coan based training template and so far so good.

Squat day


Front squat

3x5@100 paused each rep

Squatting felt real good today. Skipped out on calfs and abs.
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