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» Robbos untried and untested training log (Go to post)22-04-2009 @ 20:21 
Cheers Fellas

Training Today


Axle Clean x 1 and Press

50kg x 5
50kg x 5
70kg x 3
90kg x 1
110kg x f clean (Snapped my i-pod in the process as the bar hit my leg) GUTTED
110kg x 1
115kg x 1 clean x f press (Wank, need to build uo shoulders now elbow is better)

Axle Deadlift

50kg x 5
90kg x 5
130kg x 3
160kg x 1
200kg x 1
220kg x 1
250kg x f (f**ked my back up again on the left side.Pulled it again and cant walk around) DOUBLE GUTTED!

First time ive deadlifted over 200kg since the englands comp and instead of going steady i went too heavy and f**ked it all up like an impatient prick that i am!
» Life is like a box of Chocolates (Go to post)22-04-2009 @ 14:30 
JC said:
Thanks mate, although seem to be nowhere near my PB at the mo'. Need to get them up to 190ish if I want to think about loading some heavy f**king stones Wink

f**k!there was me thinking id be getting somewhere near you with my front squats!

» Life is like a box of Chocolates (Go to post)22-04-2009 @ 14:24 
JC said:
LOL, your right Millsy, was just a bit apprehensive about the tyre!! Stones WILL be nailed twice a week now!

Decent session last night considering back, hips, legs and kness were still f**ked from Sunday. Note to self: Heavy yoke two weeks running is f**king stupid!!
Mick did some absurdly easy heavy deadlifting and Dai squatted well

60KG x 5
105KG x 5
145KG x 5
185KG x 3
Wraps ON- Knees were f**king sore
205KG x 3, 3

100KG x 5
120KG x 5
140KG x 2
150KG x 1
160KG x 1
170KG x f - lost bar!!

Plan is to press today or tomorrow, with stones the day I dont press, log and stones and (maybe) farmers on Saturday

Now those are some impressive fronties after already doing some heavy squats!
» Robbos untried and untested training log (Go to post)22-04-2009 @ 14:22 
Cheers for the kind words fellas.

Building them up for some heavy stone lifting eventually
» WTF is it with backs (Go to post)22-04-2009 @ 09:54 
Thing said:
Right i just dont know WTF f**k my back is doing. for instance there was a week where i deadlifted 180 with know pain and then last night 175 x 5 very rep produced a wee bit of pain.
i stretch the hamstrings glutes and warm up the back. and then warm up on the the exercises that i have got planned for that session. i did the deadlift and the last sets were nipping and i couldn't achieve a good lift due to having to hoist the bar with the arms. ( injury heaven).

as you can see in my journal i do lots of core related exercises to help strengthen the core.

the times i get nipping pain are when i'm sitting at my desk at work, deadlifting ( just some times) is there anything else i can do?????????????

Where is the nipping pain mate?

Those stretches i explained to willsan help me.

I f**ked my back deadlifting and have same problem with sitting down and deadlifting. Sounds like a back strain.

My pain is located either side of my spine when i sit down, and i belive that is where the ligaments are?! Its very hard to pinpoint anything and i think core work (which you already do) and plenty of stretching is the best remedy
» Sunday Training @ Olympic Strongman (Go to post)22-04-2009 @ 08:27 
Hi Mark.

Was just wondering if myself and a mate who is new to this strongman could come down and train one saturday in the near future?

I know you train on sundays but its a bit tricky getting away from family etc!

» old timers occasional log (Go to post)21-04-2009 @ 21:52 
Tremendous stone work
» The Return of The Bull (Go to post)21-04-2009 @ 21:48 
Good work with the overheads joni.

Good to see 100 getting easy. onwards and upwards to some massive pressing!
» Robbos untried and untested training log (Go to post)21-04-2009 @ 21:36 
Cheers joni. something i want to bring up a bit and helping my core a lot.

Think my legs have more in them but its hard holding on to the bar and biceps feel shot!
» Robbos untried and untested training log (Go to post)21-04-2009 @ 19:38 
Jonny - I will be at that log non stop! went to sleep with it last night!

Training Today

Front Squats

Bar x 10
62.5kg x 5
102.5kg x 3
122.5kg x 1
142.5kg x 1
162.5kg x 1 PB (almost lost it but got nice and deep)
122.5kg x 8

Back Squats

122.5kg x 3
142.5kg x 3
182.5kg x 1 (Legs knackered after front squats so left it there)

Hamstring and calf to finish

Found out the olympic bar weighed 22.5kg so well chuffed! Grin
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)21-04-2009 @ 15:36 
thanks mate ill give those a try.

20 reps for each mate in sets of 10 twice a day. i was told to do them even if it hurt a bit to stretch the scar tissue build up etc.
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)21-04-2009 @ 15:15 
yeah training through injuries has usually worked for me before but ive got a feeling this ones a bit worse than anything ive had yet. what do you think I should be doing then? its a pain to the left of the base of my spine in the psiatic type area. anything where im bearing weight on my shoulders or leaning back hurts if thats any help.

Have a similar pain mate.

Try laying on your front and push yourself upwards lifting your torso off the floor while keeping your lower body on the deck. stretches your lower back well.

Also try laying on your back and bring your knees to your chest and lift your torso off the ground like your doing a crunch. Feel the stretch.

My pain may not be identical to yours but sounds very similar and the physio gave me them to do and they have helped a lot
» Robbos untried and untested training log (Go to post)20-04-2009 @ 20:10 
Yeah cheers mate.

Just all costs a lot. Think i may just get a credit card and buy the f**king lot!

Good to see you getting stuck in at the weekend. Think i will ask mark if i can go down for a session one weekend and get shown up Happy
» Robbos untried and untested training log (Go to post)20-04-2009 @ 20:00 
Picked up new David Horne 10'' diameter log today. absolute beauty. Would reccomend one to anyone.

Had a lark around on it today, thought it felt heavy then weighed it and was only 65kg! Confused

Bought axle/wheel converters and the scaffold pole is rock solid.

Let the new and improved strongman training commence. Only stones to get now and yoke eventually
» Sparrow Legs Strongman Training (Go to post)19-04-2009 @ 20:19 
Good work with the stone mate.

wont be long until the 200 goes up

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