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» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 19:16 
AdamT said:Shaw being in front of Thor surprises me

Thor injury maybe hampering his performance?

Definitely hampering him. But he will bounce doesn't appear to be a major injury. Shaw bounced back quick from it last year.
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 19:15 
93hopkinsonr said:
Might catch kieliszkowski with a grip event

Close the gap of 6 points. But i think special K will win stones or Tom Stoltman.

I expect Shaw to be top 2 on grip and top 4 on stones.

Trey Mitchell III is actually doing really good. Lots more potential there.
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 19:10

But Shaw in 3rd with 20 points. It hasn't added points from his first event.
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 19:07 
Shaw in 3rd with 20 points with two good events. Can't see him catching 1st and 2nd. But also don't see him losing 3rd spot.
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 19:02 
Post Edited: 16.06.2019 @ 19:03 PM by Mikeneto
Licis 1 point lead going into grip. If he top 2 in grip i think he will have it won. Shaw and Thor aren't moving quick between equipment so stones won't be any better. I expect Licis to be top 3 on stones.
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 18:39 
Licis winning squats(340kg)...9 reps, Shaw 8 reps, Thor 7 reps...special K i am unsure if no reps or just hasn't gone yet .
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 17:47 
They've always done it ..2014 had s**t events and 2017. Every year with squats has s**t events.

2014 had 320kg squat, very light OH medley, light tyres running in sand.

2017 had 320kg squat, light viking press.

It is like overly high reps squat must also have a light overhead. So nothing close to max strength is tested. Yes 2017 had max dead lift again...but at least it was a good event.
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 17:05 
Post Edited: 16.06.2019 @ 17:06 PM by Mikeneto
umpalumpalifter said:
Don't think people can win, previously complaints that too many max strength events, now not enough.
With K winning the second event and licis coming second its between those two really. Tom currently in third after two events

Never been too many max events at WSM...they complained at too many static in 2017...but they were too light with 320kg squat and high reps viking press.

175kg log for reps
350kg squat with no suit are better.

Anything into double figures is too light. 15+ is ridiculous.
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 17:01 
Post Edited: 16.06.2019 @ 17:07 PM by Mikeneto
umpalumpalifter said:
Deadlifts might cost K as well?

Deadlift hold...his grip was s**t at ESM but i think that was due to a mistake.

He powercleaned a 160kg DOH axle in training and is good on farmers etc. I don't think he will beat Shaw and Licis in that event regardless.
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 17:00 
Tom Stoltman got good points again. He is in 3rd.
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 16:56 
Special K won OH ...then Licis, then Shaw, then Thor.

But i expect Licis to gap special K a lot in the next two events....squats and grip.
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 16:55 
drex50 said:Are we back in 2004, overhead medley with max weight 167 kg log.

And all this format, last man standing stone, 5 events final... not good.

Not one event tests their actual max strength.

Squats i am not sure of the weight...but if 320kg and 15+ reps, not so great to see who is the strongest.

Rest are grip and moving, not particularly heavy
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 15:06 
Licis to win..if he nails the block press first time
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)16-06-2019 @ 10:55 
Post Edited: 16.06.2019 @ 10:58 AM by Mikeneto
Strongmen doing 13-14 reps on a 200kg stone shows they need to make the stone heavier for the final...last one is 210kg.

Time to have the last one at 230kg+
» WSM 2019 (Go to post)15-06-2019 @ 18:44 
Post Edited: 15.06.2019 @ 18:45 PM by Mikeneto
He is young...will hopefully come back with a vengeance.

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