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» Brian Shaw's weight (Go to post)26-07-2013 @ 12:25 
chaos said:I think this year is gonna be closer than ever (although have said this past couple fo years! LOL), some really really strong guys now. Z, lalas, shaw, radz, burke, tel, loz, thor, misha all in with a real shout and are constantly improving! Not sure mongo and ed are quite there yet (no offence intended and obviously would love mongo to win it), they just need another year or so mixing it with the top guys to get their game up (and past) their level!

Whatever the result it gonna be a f**kin awesome comp!

A final with


That is 10 basically superstar strongman names! Would be a dream final to see that as the startlist with no injuries. It is actually ridiculous that there is 10 such big names in strongman all at once.
» Brian Shaw's weight (Go to post)26-07-2013 @ 12:21 
Thing said:i wasnt sure if jenkins was doing it. is Burke competing? as he has inproved too

Well Burke has qualified with winning the giants live where Eddie Hall came 2nd. Jenkins will be there purely from his strict press vid, he is in good shape and been training. Just depends where his deadlift is Arnold's Europe last year he actually pulled a very fast and clean 400kg.
» Brian Shaw's weight (Go to post)26-07-2013 @ 12:14 
MrSmall said:Wasn't power stairs the last event and it didn't matter for Lalas unless he won it? Or am I mistaken.

Lalas was half a point ahead I believe going into the he needed to finish ahead of Z
» Brian Shaw's weight (Go to post)26-07-2013 @ 12:14 
Post Edited: 26.07.2013 @ 12:15 PM by Mikeneto
Also listing more great strongmen all it does mean when Brian Shaw wins the stones it just means a lot more names between him and Z, which will also happen in the overhead but vice versa. I just think in the yoke and farmers Shaw will pull in a lot more points and deadlift I think they will get the same.

Also 3rd at European's doesn't mean a great deal on the world stage...all the Americans have great grip and quick on their feet. If the farmers are heavy Z will drop them...Burke, Jenkins and Shaw will not. Loz and Hollands I would have ahead of Z on farmers all the time also. Then Thor is a strange one, his grip isn't as good as I would expect for someone so tall, but may have improved.
» Brian Shaw's weight (Go to post)26-07-2013 @ 11:41 
Simeon said:
Z and lalas don't have any events where they drop big points

They really do...if arm over arm is in they will, their farmers isn't great either really. Z quite often comes about 6-7th on farmers at WSM.

Lalas dropped lots in power stairs last year, but that won't be in this maybe he won't, but I still think he will in farmers or something else.
» Brian Shaw's weight (Go to post)26-07-2013 @ 11:11 
Post Edited: 26.07.2013 @ 11:12 AM by Mikeneto
Thing said:i dont thing Brian will be that domenant TBH to many Good guys around.

Non of them are as consistent as him across the no event will he lose big points, every other strongman has an event where they will. He also has a few events where he will win. I think in the final he will win at least 2 events and then be top 3 in another 3 events and then say about 5th in the overhead. That will win him the title comfortably imo.
» Brian Shaw's weight (Go to post)26-07-2013 @ 11:09 
I wasn't saying he is medically unhealthy...I personally don't think he will reach a 100(or a lot younger). But I just remember Ursus saying before that they had to lie about Glenn Ross's weight before because he was well over 500lbs and deemed a medical risk. Wasn't to sure if Shaw was heading in the same direction.
» Brian Shaw's weight (Go to post)26-07-2013 @ 11:05 
I personally think Shaw will win comfortably this year.

Probably be a deadlift for max which I think he can win and will.

Overhead for reps he is actually very good at, he has proved this at the last two Arnold's. Dumbbell he is very good at also. Will still be the event he loses most points due to the ridiculous amount of good pressers at the moment.

Then all stuff like yoke, farmers, truck pull he can win and but will be top 3....then stones he will win.

Any strange event like arm over arm or barrel throwing he is good at also because he has farm boy strength. Any grip test he will win because he also has the best grip on the planet.

If you put 6 events on and Brian Shaw is in good shape....he is the favourite imo. He was fairly badly injured last year, 2011 he was dominant, he looks to be even better this year.
» Brian Shaw's weight (Go to post)26-07-2013 @ 00:15 
Anyone know what stats they were giving for his weight in 2009-2010? He has put on a lot of mass since then!

2011 he was obviously big...2012 at WSM he just look ridiculously big, he seems to have got even bigger still. Thor looks like he is back to 200kg and Shaw looks like he is carrying a lot more mass. When they did the trophy presentation thing at the Arnold's Shaw was just way bigger than everyone.
» Brian Shaw's weight (Go to post)26-07-2013 @ 00:07 
Post Edited: 26.07.2013 @ 00:16 AM by Cuddles
Does anyone else think it is much higher than what he and the stats currently generally says around 430-440lbs. I think he is way up to about 470lbs+, he looks absolutely enormous at the moment.

If you check his twitter and 2nd pic, he looks massive. Is he heading towards the dangerous weight zone where they have to lie for medical reasons? Or am I just thinking he is bigger than he is.
» Films to avoid (Go to post)25-07-2013 @ 17:20 
The Hobbit was magical

Iron Man 3 was a holy let down, it was stupid, but it was still fairly entertaining. Still a crap movie.
» Films to avoid (Go to post)24-07-2013 @ 00:54 
unit94 said:
I did exactly the same, after he blew up the tree with the axe.

I made it past that bit and many other awful is when they're fighting in a herd of horses and throwing them at each other or some other s**t. I was ill at the time and didn't move off the sofa for 2 days and would watch anything...yet I couldn't manage this.
» Films to avoid (Go to post)24-07-2013 @ 00:06 
I rarely turn films off, often fall asleep(but that is usually a sign of liking the film)...but I had to turn off 'Abe Lincoln Vampire killer' or whatever it is called, it was just too stupid!
» Strongmen and the WWE (Go to post)22-07-2013 @ 10:53 
AdamT said:Lesnar deadlift max is 720. There are many on here a lot stronger

Exactly...720lbs for a lift he doesn't even care about and a sport he doesn't care about. I think if he had focused on it he would of got to 400kg quite easily.
» Strongmen and the WWE (Go to post)21-07-2013 @ 22:08 
Mark said:I reckon Big Show would make an excellent strongman with some specific training

That is obviously what I meant!

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