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» Arnold strongman classic predictions (Go to post)12-02-2014 @ 14:01 
JC said:I think Mike Burke could spring a suprise and be top 2

If the frame is VERY heavy, he has the best grip in the world

His dumbbell pressing is right up there, I think him and Radz have some kind of WR at 120kg x5...both beating Z in the process.
» Arnold strongman classic predictions (Go to post)12-02-2014 @ 13:54 
Mainly due to that year Jenkins beat him on the log at the Arnold's...he suddenly became human in pressing. Then Radz log performance last year was amazing...was stupidly close to 3 reps and basically did 4 reps overhead. If he comes in heavier and stronger I think he has a chance. Z will obviously be favourite though with his log performances all last year.
» Arnold strongman classic predictions (Go to post)12-02-2014 @ 13:37 
I think the log is at a great weight. Loads will definitely lift it...Z, Radz, Lalas, Savatinov...I also reckon Oberst definitely will..pic is of a 210kg log. If Radz comes in at 150kg I think he can win this event.

Then you have the likes of Shaw and Burke who have a chance of doing it. I don't think Thor will until he goes up to 190kg+ again.

Every year Z has returned to the Arnold's after 2008 everyone has said he would definitely win and the events have been changed to suit him also and he still hasn't won...2010 they put in a super heavy axle and also changed timber carry so it was with straps instead of strapless as previous and Poundstone beat him. In 2012 they put that stupid axle clean event in which is a guaranteed victory and took out the stones...he still lost to Jenkins and Poundstone.

No stones again this year and a yoke event, no doubt straps for timber carry and I think Shaw will still take him down. All the events are great for Lalas also. It should be a great battle between these three.

Be good to see what Burke does on the overhead events after his WSM final performance, plus having his own hummer deadlift he should do better than expected as per usual. Just checked Thor's facebook and he is looking BIG, so I hope for big improvements in all events from him compared to last year.

Should be a great comp.
» LA Fit Expo 2014 (Go to post)28-01-2014 @ 11:44 
Looks like Mike Burke did another DOH axle WR with 237.5kg. Also he didn't enter the rolling thunder because he wanted to save his grip for DOH axle and expected it to go heavy...Felix and Tyulakov both did 123kg but failed 128kg, after the event Burke walked up to it and just picked it up. He also won the CoC #3 silver bullet hold. Not sure about the fishing pole event.

Would be interesting to see what he weighed in at. Would be good to see him at 170kg at the Arnold's.
» 2014 Aronold Classic Strongman (Go to post)21-01-2014 @ 11:06 
I hope the likes of Burke and Shaw have an attempt at the 'Mark Henry dumbbell challenge'. I assume they will with the great prize money available. Does anyone actually think it is possible?
» WSM prediction thread 2013 (Go to post)26-08-2013 @ 01:49 
'Brian Shaw Thing'
» WSM prediction thread 2013 (Go to post)26-08-2013 @ 01:48 
Post Edited: 26.08.2013 @ 01:49 AM by Mikeneto

Power = Work divided by time.

Brian Shaw is 6ft 8 and clearly with his deadlift technique he is all 'tekkers' and no power. 448kg deadlift at 6ft 8 and said to have 'no power!'
» WSM prediction thread 2013 (Go to post)21-08-2013 @ 17:16 
DomRedshaw said:
i wudnt go off that tho, it said keg toss + stones was thurs n they was tues Confused
id of thought frame + deadlift wud be tough with torn tri as gripping + keeping arms locked straight wud surely put strain on it (maybe not much but id think it wud still hinder you from performing near best)

That was a typo and English probably isn't his first language. The actually dates he used were/are correct. Trust numbers over words.
» WSM prediction thread 2013 (Go to post)21-08-2013 @ 12:17 
I think 'Brian Shaw thing' will win!
» WSM prediction thread 2013 (Go to post)20-08-2013 @ 16:06 
Post Edited: 20.08.2013 @ 16:09 PM by Mikeneto
» WSM prediction thread 2013 (Go to post)20-08-2013 @ 15:35 
Another way to look at how close Ed was from getting through is. If Jenkins was just over half a second slower on the stones he would of got 2nd place and then overall points would be the same as Ed's and Ed would of gone through on event wins.
» WSM prediction thread 2013 (Go to post)20-08-2013 @ 12:28 
chaos said:
Without getting into the whole argument, I'm pretty sure Terry was still recovering from sickness on yoke and so was performing way under par, factor in the rest and he could probably have been fighting for top spot, which I think is what JC was trying to say. But as you say its history now and hopefully this year he will come out on top.

Not totally sure on what days the final events were. But potentially he could of done yoke on the same day as bus pull and deadlift. He won the bus pull and pulled 433kg on the deadlift.
» WSM prediction thread 2013 (Go to post)20-08-2013 @ 12:03 
JC said:
I think terry may have won last year if it wouldnt have been for illness/injury
Whether you think thats blind favouratism or whateva, I really dont give a f**k!
In your opinion Shaw is the favourite. But no-one's opinion but yours seems to be correct
I like Shaw, but I hope he doesnt win, just to f**king shut you up

Well he wouldn't of. Even if he had won rocklift and powerstairs, Z would have still won.

Here are the results

Z is on 31 points after deadlift, Terry on 26.5...even if Terry wins rocklift and powerstairs(unlikely) he gets 46.5..Z would then of got 8 points in both events leaving him on 47 points.

» WSM prediction thread 2013 (Go to post)20-08-2013 @ 11:33 
MrSmall said:
It's a British strongman forum, there will be a lot of love for the British athletes at WSM, you don't have to pick everything apart for your boy Brian "we all know who the best guy really is" Shaw, who undoubtedly a fantastic strongman and a hot contender.

Optimism for the future I get, optimist view for something that has already happened I find strange. Once it has happened it is what it is.
» WSM prediction thread 2013 (Go to post)20-08-2013 @ 11:10 
Ed and Oberst are both the same really. Both very strong. Just need to increase their foot speed with events and they will both move up to the next level. But both are still young and new to the sport, so just need time.

Also a bit disappointed to read that Koklyaev is injured and Jenkins still ill.

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