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» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 20:55 
Post Edited: 07.08.2013 @ 20:56 PM by Mikeneto
I generally mean quite obviously do it rather than just a little flag.

Thor for example could be more viking! JPS you remember him in a kilt and being viking like.

Hixxy have a union jack bandana.

Derek Boyer could have been more like a traditional islander clothing.

I am not talking Notting Hill carnival here, you could make it still look professional just with little tweaks.

Some nations it does get harder, but just simple red and white kit for the Polish athletes.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 20:44 
Post Edited: 07.08.2013 @ 20:45 PM by Mikeneto
Anyone else think the athletes should wear clothing that represents their nation. For your only watch strongman at xmas fan they probably find it hard to distinguish between athletes.

I see it like athletics. You get the Diamond league and all the athletes in the running event are black with short hair and wearing the same nike kit. You kind of lose interest. Soon as world champs or Olympic comes along and they're wearing their nations kit you know who is who and get behind your athletes more plus recognise other nations athletes. I think they should do the same with WSM.

Doesn't have to be a nations kit like at the olympics, but just something to distinguish that athlete as being that nation.

The walk out with the flags doesn't really give the viewers enough opportunity to remember who is who.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 18:40 
I would say loz and Jenkins group is squats...the others are deadlifts. Radz and Z are great at both squatting and deadlift so could be a potential squat group also, but would say it is a deadlift one. Agree about that group though, burke and Felix are going to be a massive pain for Radz with certain events.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 16:13 
I think oberst is going instead of poundstone...complete guess on my behalf.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 15:28 
Will be interesting seeing Kokyleav's squats vs the other guys.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 13:50 
Loz just pulled 433kg and won the log event. He will be absolutely fine.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 13:13 
Simeon said:
I'd be suprised to see that many people get the 130 at then end of a medley. And no one'll be able to do it as quickly as Lalas - so providing he does the other implements quickly (can't see why he wouldn't) I think he could win this one

Imo Jenkins is better than Lalas with all OH implements.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 13:12 
hixxy1985 said:
maybe.I thought he was taking it easy to be honest

Well he had surgery on his nerves after WSM. There is an interview on youtube where he mentions it briefly.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 12:56 
hixxy1985 said:
badly injured?

Well he ruptured his bicep. Then in an interview he said due to that he slept funny on his arm and f**ked up all his nerves and at WSM he couldn't even tie his own shoe laces he had that little function in one of his hands. You could see in the arm over arm event in his heat he basically did it with one arm.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 12:43 
JC said:
you've a real hard on for Shaw, haven't you buddy Wink

I just think how good he is at his best is downplayed on here. Last year he was fairly badly injured and still did pretty good, he is now stronger than ever.

Agree that Jenkins is an unknown going into this, well apart from his pressing which is obviously amazing.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)07-08-2013 @ 12:32 
The events for final are only guessing so far. It is just fairly easy to guess 4 out of the 6.

I reckon Jenkins or Shaw will win the yoke if it is an event, last two WSM has had yoke and they've been the best two, I don't see why that would change.

Deadlift I think Shaw will win, Savickas walks the leverage line and I don't think the extra weight will help him on deads or stones.

OH medley...I would say 5 guys could lift the 130...definitely Lalas, Jenkins, Shaw and Savickas.. Probably Radz and maybe Thor. That event is wide open, if not super heavy it will be the one that makes the least mistakes.

Stones it will be between Thor and Shaw.

I actually think an un-injured Shaw will win comfortably which i have said a lot now. He has no weaknesses. Having an OH medley with a dumbbell at the end makes it even better for him.
» World's Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)06-08-2013 @ 23:18 
Cannot see past Shaw, Savickas and Lalas for top 3. They have dominated the circuit this year. Also probably in that order.
» brian shaw 446kg deadlift wat (Go to post)05-08-2013 @ 17:18 
No point risking his previously ruptured bicep and not to risk cutting up his hands. He trains with Mike Burke who went and destroyed a load of grip records. Shaw said his grip is better and there is also a vid on his youtube where he picks up a 'blob' and a grip expert says on the youtube comments absolutely no one else on the planet is even close to doing that.

Shaw has the best grip on the planet!
» brian shaw 446kg deadlift wat (Go to post)05-08-2013 @ 16:50 
His deadlift wasn't hugely hitched, I actually think he hitched it because he could. His grip is the best on the planet, holding the bar will never be a problem for him.
» The 'dogs sticking their heads out of car windows' thread (Go to post)04-08-2013 @ 22:11 

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