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» Shaw Classic Thread Anyone? (Go to post)28-08-2021 @ 22:50 
Standings after day 1 (events given individually below):

Mitchell 55.5

Shaw 49.5

Caron 48.5

Thompson 46

Janashia 38

Maxime 37.5

Z 36

Faires 35.5

Singleton 34.5

Bishop 30.5

Aivars 28.5

Hicks 25

Shiv 22.5

Rheaume 17

Pena 6

Pritchett 5.5

Thompson attempted the American log record at 480lbs and just missed
» Shaw Classic Thread Anyone? (Go to post)28-08-2021 @ 16:06 
Trey first
Thompson second
Shaw third
» Shaw Classic Thread Anyone? (Go to post)25-08-2021 @ 13:28 
Post Edited: 25.08.2021 @ 13:31 PM by Mikeneto
I think Brian will win due to his constant testing of the equipment 'for the benefit of the competition and competitors '...I think Trey will do well...he is good at all the static events and has not been injured as far as I can tell, same for Bobby Thompson.
» Asko Karu out of Deadlift Champs (Go to post)16-08-2021 @ 19:52 
I read Novi is anti Putin and Pavlo pro Putin
» Who is the Sugden Vote for GOAT (Go to post)27-07-2021 @ 08:16 
2018-2020 Thor is the strongest...most titles goes to Z
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)21-06-2021 @ 09:09 
Also JF Caron is crazy...did amazing considering he tore his hamstring in the first event. All french-canadians are crazy!
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)21-06-2021 @ 09:07 
I read that Novikov injected himself with adrenaline before fingal fingers....what a legend
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)20-06-2021 @ 19:52 
Luke Vs Trey on the stones is hard to pick
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)20-06-2021 @ 08:26 
I have a feeling Maxime will hit a big log...he seems crazy, crazy people don't feel fatigue...adrenaline is their fuel.
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)19-06-2021 @ 22:57 
1st in stones, top 2 in keg toss. I reckon 3rd in log and around that in deadlift
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)18-06-2021 @ 11:46 
The Canadians ftw
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)18-06-2021 @ 00:25 
Group 5 was a silly athlete selection.

The top 4 in that group basically outperformed every other strongman in the heats.

They put in 3 finalists from last year and a guy who deadlifted 1000lbs and broke the American log record. Then they have to scrape footage together for Janashia, Bishop group...basically 3 athletes coasting through. I assume the last 3 events they were just preserving energy or not trying to get injured more.
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)17-06-2021 @ 20:56 
Post Edited: 17.06.2021 @ 20:57 PM by Mikeneto
Depends how many pick-axes there are
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)17-06-2021 @ 19:23 
Shaw, Janashia and Caron are all guaranteed finalists.
» WSM 2021 (Go to post)17-06-2021 @ 19:21 
I think Trey might win his group. If front hold is all about arm length then someone with the name 'the albatross' surely is going to struggle.

But Tom will win the stone-off

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