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» James's training log. (Go to post)05-08-2014 @ 13:17 
Lol you knew what you were getting into when you set about writing programs for him lol Happy

2.5 hour's - back to the good old days
» Road to the British (Go to post)04-08-2014 @ 13:11 
Good session with James yesterday, things are coming along quite nicely again.

1) NGP - 25 reps

2) Bench
W/U to 70x5
Paused - 85, 100, 115 x 2, 5x2 @ 130 (all called by James)
Then to finish off, chucked the slingshot on, leaving a rep or so in hand on each set, 140x6, 150x4, 160x2.

Only a few more bench session, a couple more dead and squat sessions and its the All England, very exciting!
» Road to the British (Go to post)02-08-2014 @ 15:38 
Cheers guys much appreciated.
» Road to the British (Go to post)02-08-2014 @ 09:30 
Odd session last night, I misloaded myself so initially was pissed off that it felt heavier than it should, but it turned out things went incredibly well.

I had planned on warming up to 180x2, but had misloaded to 190x2 so wondered why it felt heavy, so then thought f**k it load 190 will double it, so 10 on top of what I thought was 180 turned out to be 200 (I had used 25kg bumpers rather than 20's)

So anyway,

1) Squats
W/U (mistakenly) to 190x2
W/S 4x2 @ 200 - all felt good, was fishing for depth a little, but they were all parallel at worst, so on the day there has to be a good single in there, sink it slightly lower as not doing reps etc.

2) Sumo Deadlifts (also LOTM)
W/U to 190x2
W/S 230x2 250x1 - pretty reasonable, 230 was easy so was going to double 240, but Kev had chucked 10 on each side so thought may as well do an easy single, slight wobble at top but nothing serious.

Good session!
» Road to the British (Go to post)31-07-2014 @ 13:48 
Quick update, weighed in at 103.8kg first thing this morning, so as weigh in will be morning roughly to for the All England there is no issue - Let battle commence in the 105's.

Game plan out bench Mark by what he out squats me by, then anything can happen Happy
» James's training log. (Go to post)30-07-2014 @ 22:17 
What's a lateral pillow lol ian has you doing all sorts doesnt he
» Road to the British (Go to post)30-07-2014 @ 13:56 
Thanks Malc, much appreciated.

She is doing lots better thanks, tough to say as yet how well until she sees the specialist again in 5 weeks, but she is back to work next week, so fingers crossed that goes well.
» Road to the British (Go to post)30-07-2014 @ 13:45 
Post Edited: 30.07.2014 @ 13:46 PM by MJW1989
Suprisingly the pub was more interesting than training, as such I was training on my own, oh the joys of youth, they want to get bigger, but have put in 1 session in 3 weeks!

Anyway session as follows:

1) WGP 25 reps

2) Bench
W/U to 70x5
Paused (Called by my girlfriend) 90, 110, 125 x 3, 3x1 @ 135 (first 2 very good, last one pause was good but I got off line and messy, as a result bum up wobbly lift, but never mind).

Rep work 4x10 @ 75

3) Wide Cable Rows - 3x15 @ 40

I'm almost set for the All England now, couple more weeks of prep, after everything fell off a cliff I'm starting to get back.

Plan is though once the All England is done no more competitions until the All England next year (likely including Strongman) and this time next year I will pause bench 160 plus and T&G 170 plus! Sounds crazy but why not!
» Road to the British (Go to post)29-07-2014 @ 13:51 
Good deadlift session, for a sumo deadlifter, I think my conventional numbers arent to bad there is a good chance I could deadlift close to my sumo best like it I recon.


1) Deadlifts (Conventional)
W/U to 170x3
W/S 5x3 @ 190 - Form was ok, some of the last reps werent imense, but they were all pretty quick and pretty smooth.

2) Cable Rows 3x12 @ 50

Could be a session with very few reps tomorrow, my girlfriends brother and his friend both want to join me to bench, suprisingly they werent available for deadlifts lol.
» Road to the British (Go to post)28-07-2014 @ 13:37 
Back training with James yesterday, pretty solid session getting some pauses in etc.

1) NGP - 25 reps

2) Bench
W/U to 70x5
W/S Paused - 90, 110 x 2, 5x2 @ 125 - All called by James
Rep Work with Slingshot to finish - 130 x 8/7/7

3) Military Press - sets done in quick succession with minimal rest - 5x5 @ 50
» Road to the British (Go to post)26-07-2014 @ 12:36 
Reasonable session at the farm yesterday, squats went to plan.

1) squats
w/u to 175x2
W/s 195x2, 185x3, 175x5

2) deadlifts
w/u to 190x2
W/s 220x2 230x2 - didn't have the legs left to whack 240 on it would have gone but would have been ugly.
» Road to the British (Go to post)24-07-2014 @ 13:47 
Thanks Malc, will do, much appreciated. I should fingers crossed be back at the farm tomorrow.

Right yesterday whipped in for a quick bench session to work on form and rectify Mondays session.

1) WGP x 25

2) Bench
W/U to 70x5
Paused - W/U to 115 x 1

Paused W/S - 125 x 1 - Good as expected, 130 x 1 - Tough but still reasonable, 135 x 1 - Not brilliant, pause was good I think, but slight bum lift not sure if it came right off the bench, but it would be a 2:1 scenario. Need to improve really, if I am going to compete with Mark at the All England I need a good bench.

If only the All England was 3 weeks or so ago, things were going lovely. Hopefully deadlifts havent dropped off if I get a chance to do some tomorrow.

3) Cable Rows 4 x 12 @ 50
» Road to the British (Go to post)23-07-2014 @ 13:06 
Training has dropped off this last week or so, with stress etc. catching up on me I'm glad I do powerlifting as the friends I have made in the sport are some of the most reliable people I know. I'm hoping to be back to the Farm friday as I really dont like missing to many sessions there, but with a new job thats now an hour from training, a house move going through, and an ill girlfriend, lifes a bit full these days!



Bench session, in the heat I was really struggling so had an awful session,

1) WGP - 25 reps

2) Bench
W/U to 105 x 3
Paused - 120x3, 137.5 x 1/1/F! - form was off, pauses were good, but bum was coming up slightly so not happy at all, and the failure, well it just went wrong off my chest. Followed this with 3x1 @ 125 which went ok.

Rep Work - 3x10 @ 75 (50%)

22/7/14 Session

Reasonable deadlift session last night,

1) Normal Deads
W/U to 165x3
W/S 5x3 @ 185

2) Snatch Grip Deads - just focusing on a nice flat back really, so nothing heavy - 3x5 @ 110

Fingers crossed for a better bench session this evening.
» Road to the British (Go to post)20-07-2014 @ 22:52 
Quick session in the garage yesterday dieing in the heat, I missed my last triples session at the farm Friday, but going to continue as planned onto doubles now.

happy with them as there with a cheap olympic bar that doesn't sit nicely on your back.


1) squats
w/u to 170x2
W/s 3x2 @ 190, 160x5

Got the call dinner was ready at this point so priorities lol.
» Road to the British (Go to post)17-07-2014 @ 19:52 
Roasting in the garage but solid all the same, decided to add front squats back in start light.

1) deadlifts
w/u to 160x3
W/s 5x3 @ 180 - happy with these forms improving and there getting faster, so hoping for carry over to sumo.

2) paused front squats
3x10 @ 70

no farm tomorrow as girlfriends having her operation, no powerlifting comp last week as had to redecorate flat to keep my deposit.

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