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» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)07-07-2013 @ 13:56 
Bench Day:

1) Bench Press
W/U to 70kg
Paused 82.5 x 2, 92.5 x 2, 102.5 x 2
10 x 3 @ 95kg

2) CGB
85 x 10, 80 x 12, 75 x 12

3) Pendlay Rows
5 x 6 @ 75kg

4) Hip Thrusts
3 x 15 @ 80kg
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)05-07-2013 @ 22:39 
Well fairly up and down session, no pun intended, in the warm up with overhead squats, lost my balance had to drop the weight but caught my forehead on the way down, that was a low point, only a scrape thankfully.

Squats still not quite there, but Pete and Ian are on the case, they are consistently parallel, so not cutting on the heavier weights, each set is comfortable that's the annoying thing. Seems to be a knee issue still which is improving, but the quad still swells around the knee a bit so holding me back. No excuses though got to find that half inch before the AE.

Anyway, session as follows:

1) Overhead squats 70kg 3 x 3 (re thinking these as a add weight each week exercise, maybe just use as a pure mobility exercise)

2) Back Squats
W/U to 130 x 5

Work sets 145 x 5, 155 x 3, 160 x 2, 145 x 5 (As above all easy, but need half an inch, there improving though)

3) Overhead Press (More of a push press, but its lift of the month)
No f**king about, just singles,

61 x 1, 71 x 1, 81 x 1, 91 x 1, then 103.5 x Fail, nailed it on second attempt, unfortunately this spurred Stewart to up his to 105.

4) Deadlifts (off day really but reasonable)

W/U to 190 x 3

Work Sets 215 x 3, 2, 1 (Aim was 3 x 3 so attempt next week)
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)03-07-2013 @ 22:59 
That's true, good opportunity to get new clients and build a reputation as well, the posh girls is obviously an added benefit.
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)03-07-2013 @ 22:53 
Yeah, they are awesome, which do you do? I'm quite into the neutral grip ones as a whole, very shoulder friendly, and allow for reasonable amount of weight.
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)03-07-2013 @ 22:51 
Yeah surprisingly they felt fairly comfortable, by that I mean they weren't ground out horrid reps.

Young farmers stops at 26, you would then become an associate member and be less involved. Only reason for the meetings is that I have just been made county treasurer.
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)03-07-2013 @ 22:21 
Bench day, unfortunately due to a young farmers committee meeting I missed yesterdays extra session, but did some KB work, nothing of note, just some swings and goblet squats so I did something. Todays session was quite successful though and was as follows:

1) Weighted Neutral Grip Pull Ups - +17.5kg 10 x 3 (last 2 sets a bit scruffy) then 4 x 5 to make it 50 total.

2) Bench Press
W/U to 80kg
5 x 5 @ 95kg (all pretty solid, good form, definite progress)

3) Cable Rows 55kg 3 x 15

4) Triceps Dips 3 x 15

4) Hip Thrusts 3 x 15 @ 70g (an easy exercise that can do pretty much every session to hit hams and glutes)

5) Bicep Curls 3 x 12 @ 30kg
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)30-06-2013 @ 14:57 
Oh forgot about that, yeah 2 sausage sandwiches as well Happy
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)30-06-2013 @ 13:00 
Quality session this morning with James

As follows:

1) Bench Press
W/U to 70kg

Paused doubles @ 80, 90, 100 (pretty pleased with that double at 100, real
progress, each rep called by James and I called his)

10 x 3 @ 92.5kg - going well, from stayed solid, bar speed was good, virtually no grinding.

2) CGB 3 x 8 - 12 Reps
85 x 10, 80 x 9 (annoyed at that), 75 x 12

3) Pendlay Rows (with fat grips, just to give them a try)
60 x 6, then 4 x 6 @ 75kg

4) Hip Thrusts (strange combination, but I'm working on a specific weakness, aim is to train hamstrings/glutes with a specific exercise 3 x pw min)
3 x 15 @ 70kg
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)29-06-2013 @ 13:30 
Yeah know what you mean on the squat, you think the pyramid system will help this more than just straight sets at same weight or?

Bench, yeah true, I am going to be benching 3 days a week, 1 @ 10 x 3, 1 @ 5 x 5, then one purely for paused singles. Will see what happens, 125 maybe a bit of a stretch paused though, possibly T & G within a year though.

Deadlift, yeah I think this is going well, I'm gradually tweaking my technique and fixing small weaknesses (via hip thrusts etc), big call, but I think I am capable of pulling 250 - 260 within a year or so. I have no intention of pulling those heavey singles more than a few times a year though (including at comps) just because how hard they are to recover quickly from (Kev and Stewart are anomolies, I cant cope with there approach).
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)29-06-2013 @ 09:04 
Think I'm going to do the session at the farm next week as follows, Ian what do you think?

1) Warm up as normal with Overhead squats and foam rolling

2) Squats
W/U to 130 ish
Then pyramid (and hopefully just build it up to the AE) i.e. reps as follows 5/3/2/1, probably 140, 155, 160, 165 (give or take 5kg will think about that)(hopefully most of them deep, Pete and you on hand to check I imagine) then 1 or 2 back off sets.

3) Deadlift
W/U to about 190 - 200
then as normal 3 x 3 @ hopefully 215kg although that may need building to, maybe 3 x 2 and then 3 x 3 the following week (3 x 3 @ 215 was a target Kev set me a while ago)

4) Bench Press
W/U to about 80
then 5 singles between 90 - 105 (Then add 2.5 pw if possible)

Do you think that would be good build up to the AE as 2 of the exercises will include big singles.
» Training Log - 3. (Go to post)29-06-2013 @ 08:57 
Would it have killed you to deadlift as well lol....

Despite the vertigo though, the squats weren't looking to bad, like you say over than going a bit ass over tit on the first attempt at 185kg was all good.

What's the plan for the AE
Squat - 190
Bench - 120
Deadlift - 225
Total - 525

Or is that a bit conservative?
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)28-06-2013 @ 23:13 
Be fair it was you and James etc. on about the MILF's last week not me lol.
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)28-06-2013 @ 23:08 
Lol little stalkerish Ian, be fair a large part of that talking was listening to you.

In all seriousness though that 25mins foam rolling and overhead squats is going no where, that's keeping things mobile, and believe it or slowly helping my squats.

Ideally I want to spend an hour doing squats and warm up, then 45 mins deadlifting, thinking about it though I could bench after deadlifts then its not serious if I don't get what I had planned done.
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)28-06-2013 @ 22:26 
Well, reasonable session at the farm today, squats improving again, still need that last half inch or so just to make sure there deep enough, but the main thing is the knee is slowly improving still. I also decided to bench tonight, wont do this again though as it didn't leave me enough time for the planned deadlift work.

Anyway session as follows:

1) Overhead Squat 70kg 3 x 3

2) Squats
W/U to 130kg
4 x 3 @ 155kg they weren't very comfortable, I had intended on 3 x 5 but had to re-evaluate. Weight wasn't to difficult, but need a little more depth.

3) Bench Press
W/U to 80kg
Paused reps - 90, 95, 100, 105 x 1 (all pretty solid, 105 was a little hard but others pretty rapid)

4) Deadlifts, had 20 mins to get some deadlifts done so I went with 3 x 8 as the 3 x 3 planned would have needed a lot of rest.
W/U to 150kg
Work sets 180kg 3 x 8 (these are pretty easy to be honest, leant to rep deadlifts from the deadlift specialist Kevin Jane)

Overall reasonable session, prefer just doing deadlifts and squats, mainly because I love deadlifting and want to really work hard on it. Will bench sparingly at the farm sessions nearer the comp just to perfect the pauses.
» Mark Whiteman Training Journal (Go to post)26-06-2013 @ 22:58 
Pretty much what I had in mind, except T & G to about 80 ish, then, 90/95/100 then if they are going ok then 105. Not sure on the 110kg that's a maybe if its going well, but the 85kg for reps will be ok, aim for about 10 and see what happens.

As you can probably guess I can be a bit hit and miss on the heavy singles on benching, need to get some consistency ingrained, so I have to admit benching on one extra day will only help this, I wont do it long term, only in the run up to comps to make sure everything is going well, then fix weaknesses outside comp prep.

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