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» Frifeldt - training to be faster and stronger for next season.. (Go to post)01-01-2011 @ 08:42 
» Frifeldt - training to be faster and stronger for next season.. (Go to post)31-12-2010 @ 15:13 
31.12.10 Presses.

Log lift 10":

5 x 60kg,
3 x 100kg,
1 x 130kg,
1 x 150kg,
1 x 165kg PR


8 x 70kg,
5 x 70kg,
5 x 110kg,
5 x 140kg,
3 x 170kg,
2 x 185kg

Fine way to end up a great year on my behalf!!
Deadlift record on wednesday and log lift today!!
It came up much more smoother than the 162,5 that I took earlier this year. Now it's time to party!! Happy I'll put the vid up as soon as my mate uploads it to youtube.
Happy new year to EVERYBODY!!
» Frifeldt - training to be faster and stronger for next season.. (Go to post)31-12-2010 @ 10:49 
Thanks Joni and Cleggy!!

Joni: Hopefully I'll get it as a birthday present before I turn 29 on April.. Wink

To new Finnish dude on the site: Thanks for the cheers!! Who are you and where are you from..?
» The Return of The Bull (Go to post)31-12-2010 @ 08:07 
Post Edited: 31.12.2010 @ 08:08 AM by Frifeldt
Great effort there Joni!!'

Starting to wonder what do you guys do at the gym when the only Finnish guy is happy about squatting without ass pain.. Grin Wink

Keep on keeping on!!

P.s. thanks to the man who edited my avatar signature.. Cool
» Frifeldt - training to be faster and stronger for next season.. (Go to post)30-12-2010 @ 08:43 
Last week it was all about christmas and recovery..
I had a massage and a little exercise which included this and that..

29.12.10 Deadlift.


2 x 8 x 70kg,
5 x 120kg,
3 x 170kg,
1 x 220kg,
1 x 260kg,
1 x 290kg PR

Before 2010 turns into 2011 I thought about making two PR's in trainings and his was the first one of them!!
I knew from my last heavy deadlift that I had the strength to get this one. It was too heavy though that I would even think about loading the bar to 300 k.
On new year's eve I am supposed to max my log a litle bit better than it is now..hopefuly that's what I'll do!! Happy

» Frifeldt - training to be faster and stronger for next season.. (Go to post)22-12-2010 @ 22:08 
Post Edited: 22.12.2010 @ 22:32 PM by Frifeldt
Story on Ironmind..

» Life is like a box of Chocolates (Go to post)22-12-2010 @ 17:23 
Cleans weren't that bad man!! Seen much much worse ones..
Congrats for a record!!
» Frifeldt - training to be faster and stronger for next season.. (Go to post)22-12-2010 @ 15:01 
JC: Didn't feel like celebrating after midnight because after we came from the competition and had been to shower and ate it was too much to start getting heavy drunk..
We are having a medal celebration on christmas day with my mates here in Finalnd!! Happy
Joni: I'm gathering a vid from fotos and from couple of vids which we have from the competition..
» Worlds Strongest Man u105kg 2010 (Go to post)22-12-2010 @ 03:03 
terryhollands said:
you were awesome mate and 3rd in the world is amazing!

Thanks BIG MAN!! Happy
Means a LOT to me!!
And nice meeting/chatting with you also!! Happy
» Frifeldt - training to be faster and stronger for next season.. (Go to post)21-12-2010 @ 21:42 
19.12.10 World's Strongest Man -105kg competition. Kiev, Ukraine.

As Harrivaara told you guys the weight wasn't an issue for me. 104,2 kilos and off I went eating and stuffing myself with all the s**t I could get. It was time to start the battle!!

Arm over arm 18m: Sledge with a 440 kilo tyre on it.

I expected a little more out of this. The rope itself proved out to be thicker than the one's I had gotten used to which made me to concentrate on my grip instead of my already f**ked up tech.
I pulled a 10,31m distance ending up on 9th place. Unhappy

Log lift (12") for reps. Weight:130kg. Time limit:60s.

I was going for atleast five reps which I got already in training before the competition. The cleans didn't weigh s**t but I was panicking with the presses too much ending up almost not using my legs at all.
Maybe could have nailed one or two reps more if I would have taken a good leg drive with the presses.
Ukrainian boy was from another planet!! 8 reps vipered and one with a push press! New world record!
So my result was 5 reps in 60 secs.

Pole push. 60 second time limit.

Didn't have a clue how this was going to go since I had no experience on it.
First round losers dropped of immediately. I won my first battle so I was atleast 5th on this event.
Then it was battles against everyone who won their first one's.
I ended up losing to Harri (f**k), Gerasimov, and Mancerov ending in 4th place overall.

Circus dumbell for reps. Weight:80kg. Time limit:75s.

Warm up's didn't boost my self confidence up because it was zero reps for me!
In the competition I decided to concentrate on the quality instead of speed.
Pressed out 3 reps with the right one pretty easy and the 4th wasn't that far either. Got one rep with the left one as well after a static press.
Ended up doing a PR with 4 reps and ending up on 3rd place.

After these only eight competitors continued

Manhood stones over a 125cm bar. Options:170/200kg. Time limit:60s.

I didn't even consider about trying the 200k'r so they rolled the 170 infront of me. Nailed two reps with a nice pace. On the third rep the steam went off during the load from my lap.
2 reps with 170k stone was a PR for me and that got me to equal 4th place (I think).

Squat for reps. Car with plates on the trunk. Weight:310kg. Time limit:60s.

This event was going to determine many positions!!
Gears on and got the one rep I went to get! When Mr.South Africa (who was leading me by a point) didn't nail a rep things got intresting. I was probably equal 5th on his event..

After the calculation of points Ilkka came to me and said with a smile on his face: You got the bronze! At first I couldn't believe what I just heard! Soon enough I was standing with a medal on my neck with my fellow competitors. It was real!! Grin

BEST POSSIBLE WAY to finnish a not too good season!!
I got a huge ammount of motivation to keep up practicing harder for next year!!
After all..I am the 3rd Strongest Man In The World in -105kg class 2010!!! Cool
» Worlds Strongest Man u105kg 2010 (Go to post)21-12-2010 @ 21:02 
» Worlds Strongest Man u105kg 2010 (Go to post)17-12-2010 @ 07:37 
It would be nice to see the competition set on US or somewhere else also..
Correct me if I'm wrong but I've heard that when competitions are held on US soil the competitors have to pay for their trips etc. from their own wallets..
Atleast that's what a fellow competitor told me when he was competing in Arnold's amateur series this year..
» Frifeldt - training to be faster and stronger for next season.. (Go to post)14-12-2010 @ 07:41 
Thanks mate!!
Doing my best..
» Season 2 ! (Go to post)13-12-2010 @ 10:45 
MarkClegg said:
You better "NAIL IT" in these Worlds Topi .. I want Vids/Photos and a big write-up of you mate .
You are carrying the Sugden 105kg Flag ..

You have my word that vids, photos and a BIG ASS write up is coming as soon as I have my hands on a computer after the competition!!

Some pressure on my big ass you put up..hopefully I'll be able to answer to it atleast at some level.. Wink
» Frifeldt - training to be faster and stronger for next season.. (Go to post)13-12-2010 @ 10:42 
Thanks thingy!!
I'll try to keep you guys updated on the results..

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