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» frifeldt 160kg log (Go to post)18-04-2009 @ 09:07 
Thanks to all of U for commenting on my video..
The clean was so awful that it was painful to watch!! Tongue

I think that if I can get the log up to the chest with less energy..I think that 165-170 isn't a problem!! And that's what intend to do at Finland's strongest man comp.!!! Angry
» Arnold classic Strongman '09 (Go to post)09-03-2009 @ 16:26 
Not too soon.. Last year it took atleast good 4 months..may had been more.. Embarassed
» Arnold classic Strongman '09 (Go to post)08-03-2009 @ 10:09 
Yes they we're on this weekend and we have a new winner (since Zydrunas didn't come this year) Derek Poundstone of the United States!!

Here's some results..

Frame carry (875 lbs):

1st. Katona. 7.81 sec.
2. Ortmayer. 7.85 sec.
3. Murumets. 7.94 sec.
4. Pfister. 12.49 sec.
5. Koklyaev. 12.50 sec.
6. Poundstone. 14.34 sec.
7. Belekaitis. 25 feet
8. Ostlund. 15 ft 3 in
9. Siders. 6.3 ft
10. Pekanov. 3ft

Axle (366 lbs - 2 min):

Siders. 8
Koklyaev. 7
Poundstone 6
Pfister. 5
Murumets. 5
Belekaitis. 4
Katona. 3
Ortmayer 3
Ostlund 2
Pekanov. 1

Hummer tire deadlift:

1st. Misha. 1016 lbs
2nd. Vidas. 994 lbs
3rd. Siders. 977 lbs
4th. Poundstone. 961. Pr by 49.5 lbs!!!
5th. Pekanov. 950 lbs
6th. Katona. 939 lbs
7th. Ortmayer. 922 lbs
8th. Ostlund. 906 lbs
9th. Murumets. 878 lbs
10th. Pfister. 873 lbs

Overall after day 1

Misha 25 pts
Poundstone. 20 pts
Siders 20 pts
Vidas. 18 pts
Katona 18 pts
Ortmayer. 17 pts
Murumets. 17 pts
Pfister. 14 pts
Pekanov. 8 pts
Ostlund 8 pts


529 lbs

Derek 1
Fister 1
Travis 1

460 lbs
Misha 2 (easy)
Blekatis 1
Katona 1
David 0
Siders 0
Muruments 0

Yoke (1116 lbs):

1st. Blekaitis. 8.47 sec
2nd. Poundstone. 8.84 sec
3rd. Siders. 9.88 sec
4th. Misha. 11.49 sec
5th. Murumets. 11.85 sec
6th. Pfister. 13.19 sec
7th. Ortmayer. 13.52 sec
8th. Katona. 15.12 sec
9th. Pekanov. 28.91 sec
10th. Dave. 32.4 sec

Circus dumbell press (202 lbs - 90 sec):

1st. Poundstone 15 WR!! :sick
2nd. Ortmayer 9
3rd. Koklyaev 8
(I couldn't find more..)

Final results:

1st. - Derek Poundstone
2nd. - Mikhail Koklyaev
3rd. - Travis Ortmayer
4th. - Vidas Blakaitis
5th. - Phil Pfister
6th. - Brian Siders - Andrus Murumets
8th. - Ervin Katona
9th. - Alexander Pekanov
10th. - Dave Ostlund
» Inspirational Videos (Go to post)02-03-2009 @ 19:35 
Derek Poundstone and 250 kg stone over 117 cm!!!

» Inspirational Videos (Go to post)28-02-2009 @ 09:55 
This inspires me a LOT!!
The video I mean is third from the top. Derek Poundstone doing natural stones in Fortissimus '08

It's the best part when Savickas thinks that he has beaten Poundstone. He stands beside the clock man and cheers a bit beacause he had faster time in first two stones than Poundstone..but think again..Poundstone took the third and final also witch was the weight of ~230 KG !!!!
» Yoke and axle vid. (Go to post)25-02-2009 @ 18:11 
Thanks guys!! Grin
It's Finnish metal band: Brother Firetribe - I am rock.
The quitarist in the band plays also in Nightwish. More music from this band you can hear from youtube..
» Yoke and axle vid. (Go to post)25-02-2009 @ 15:34 
This was taken last sunday when I was training with my friend. Yoke was awful but axle was alright.. Wink

» Wrist rehab training (pt.II) from Finland (Go to post)12-02-2009 @ 19:55 
Fresh out of practise..nice!!

» Wrist rehab training (pt.II) from Finland (Go to post)07-02-2009 @ 08:15 
Thanks to all of you for the support!! Happy

Joni: Planning to go for both this year..opens are in late May and u105 is at late june..there will be some weight cutting but I'm counting on that thre won't be so much that I couldn't do it!! My main goal for this year is to get 165-170k with 10" log..
It would be nice to compete in Britain also this year..But that's in future..nothing is impossible..
» Wrist rehab training (pt.II) from Finland (Go to post)06-02-2009 @ 10:33 
They really are worth the try!! First time I did them my shoulders we're sore almost a week!! It really brings raw pressing power!!
» Wrist rehab training (pt.II) from Finland (Go to post)06-02-2009 @ 08:07 
1,5 months from surgery. Getting better day after day.. Cool

» Log lift....this isn't bad! (Go to post)03-02-2009 @ 08:30 
Cheers, mate!! Grin
Keeps my English from getting rusty!! Cool
» Log lift....this isn't bad! (Go to post)02-02-2009 @ 07:27 
I suppose he is.. Atleast he has some snatch videos and I think he's technique is so good that he could be..
» Log lift....this isn't bad! (Go to post)01-02-2009 @ 21:58 
who is he ,can say ive ever heard of him?

I belive he was supposed to lift at log lift world championships but he never came..

This is what he is all about..194,4 kg log..

I think that he was america's strongest man 2008..
Sorry if I've spelled something wrong.. Tongue

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