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» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)24-06-2011 @ 08:05 
Joni: Yep that was the plan.. It's kinda s**tty because there's this cup competition in Karvia which is much more closer to where I live. So I wouldn't want to compete just for one of those two competitions..

Ursus: I'll try to be quick in uploading.. Grin

Thing: Not immediately but I can tell you that they are on fire STILL!! Tongue
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)23-06-2011 @ 07:52 


300kg - fail

Bench press:

10 x 160kg PR

Deads felt pretty good so went for max. Got the 300 kilos to my time all the way up!!

Wasn't even supposed to bench today but as the shoulder felt so good I decided to try it bit. This was a rep record with this weight.
I'll put in a video..
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)21-06-2011 @ 19:50 
14.06.2011 Massage for back and shoulders..



25m x 200kg,
25m x 280kg,
25m x 320kg (time ~18 s.) Unhappy


100kg, 120kg, 140kg, 150kg 160kg-fail

Yoke went fine to 280 kilos..
Beginner like rushing in 320 kilos and time wasn't nearly where it should have been.

In the stones I tested the spider tacky for the first time.
Maybe I trusted on the gluely like stuff a bit too much and made me rush a little bit too much. Couple more trys with it and maybe I'll learn to put it the right ammount..
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)14-06-2011 @ 18:52 
Post Edited: 14.06.2011 @ 18:53 PM by Frifeldt
I think Laurence did the best time and it was about 1min and 6-8 secs.
These are just pretty stupid events on my behalf and I think on behalf of many big guys too from what I heard..not just because they are hard to judge but because of the agonizing pain that they give you..
It's not about force's about who can take the pain longer..
» The Return of The Bull (Go to post)14-06-2011 @ 13:42 
Starting to look like an animal has moved to this training journal!! Eek

Great lifting you beast!!
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)14-06-2011 @ 13:36 
Joni: The first try was harder than the second. I felt a little pain on my back thigh and the clean was too heavy also.
I don't know how near was ended in midway point maybe..didn't nail it so that's that.

Thing: No it wasn't the same where Jack was at. This was Strongman Champions League competition with competitors like: Laurence Shahlei, Rob Frampton, Ervin Katona, Vytautas Lalas, Christian Savoie, Agris Kazelniks, Warrick Brant etc.
So there were pretty "easy" opponents.. Grin
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)14-06-2011 @ 12:02 
Post Edited: 14.06.2011 @ 12:03 PM by Frifeldt
Cheers Ursus!! Happy

10-11.6 2011 SCL Ideapark.

Truck pull: 8,5t - 25m. Time: ~28s.

Went as well as it can go with this body mass! Got it moving nicely and dind't make any mistakes on the way. The end was partially in small incline. Really pleased!

Tyre flip: 8 x 350kg. Time: 34 and some parts on top.

This one went smooth also. On first two flips I was a bit careful and did the turns with leg but then it started to feel light so I decided to clean them straight to the chest and this style continued all the way to the end. This was executed in pairs and was able to beat my pair Kazelniks and atleast one or two guys more. Happy

Front hold: 25kg. Time: ~56s.

Didn't know what to expect out of this one since I hadn't done it before but it proved out to go nicely. Shoulders felt like they weren't there anymore after this one!!

12" Log for maximum. 155kg ok, 165kg 2 x fail. Unhappy

Was a bit dissapointed with this one but considering the pain I've had on my back shoulders I guess it was ok..

Loading race: Sofa chair, 100kg box and 2 x 110kg sack. Time ~36s.

This was a bit of disaster because of the sponsored sofa chair which broke already when the first guy did this by himself (this one executed in pairs also..). Ofcourse I got the lane which had the broken chair on it.. Well..I think I got some sort of compensation on seconds atleast.
Execpt for the chair I was pleased with my speed.

In overall result I was 11th and the last. Happy
Pleased with my on performances though. Deadlift was the last event on which I didn't even want to try..not just because of my poor deadlift but because I wouldn't have gained anymore points on trying the pull or didn't have gone at all.
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)06-06-2011 @ 07:30 

Axle press (each rep off the floor):

3 x 105kg,
2 x 115kg,
2 x 130kg

Farmers walk:

60m x 100kg

Tyre flip:

3 x 380kg


140kg (big f**ker),

Little bit lighter sesh today..except for the stones. Happy
Some new faces were around also which is always nice!
SCL Ideapark competition is on next friday/saturday so nothing too heavy before that.
Shoulder felt pretty ok so I didn't want to put anymore pressure on it because there's going to be max log in the competition..
» Season 3 ! (Go to post)02-06-2011 @ 09:13 
Hoping a fast recovery for you mate!!

Clegg expo.. Mmmhmmhmhmhm..loving it.. Happy
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)31-05-2011 @ 10:43 

Pull ups.


Front squat:

5 x 150kg,
3 x 175kg,
1 x 195kg

Calf rise:

3 x 15

Ab's on a machine:

2 x 20

Lying leg curls:

3 x 15

Some gym exercises in between. Shoulders are still pretty messed up after the Masku/Börs competitions. Started to eat some medicines for it just a few days ago and I think they're a getting a bit better now..
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)27-05-2011 @ 17:37 


3 x 150kg,
3 x 190kg,


2 x 5 x 100kg,
5 x 150kg,

Ab's on a incline:

2 x 10 x 10kg

Had a massage on tuesday for my back and arms.
Heavier squats went ok considering I haven't been heavy on them for a while.
My lower back didn't feel that good so I left the deads there.
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)25-05-2011 @ 18:52 
Post Edited: 25.05.2011 @ 18:53 PM by Frifeldt
21.05.2011 Masku cup - Masku competition.

Truck pull 8tn - 20m. 20,35s. 2nd. place

Well it was totally different ground than in Pori..bit too fast actually. Happy
This was all about who's feet were fastest.

Farmer's walk 125kg/40m. Distance ? but no where near finnish. 5th. place.

Farmer's were from hell!! They were as thick as a gas bottle which was the main reason that I didn't get myself to a good speed. The handle was also way too thick for my little hands to stick with them.

Sack load (5x~90kg) ->140cm. ~39s. Unhappy 4th. place

My time got 7 secs over my time in Pori!! Although the fact that there were two running events already behind didn't feel nice in my legs at all..

12" Log lift for reps (each rep off the ground) - 125kg/60s. 5 reps 2nd. place

Same ammount of reps which I did in Pori was enough.

Deadift with SCL machine 300kg for reps. 2 reps. 4th. place

One rep down from Pori..pleased with this though because there was more back events in this competition.

Overall 4th.

21.5.2011 Log lift competition in nightclub Börs, Turku.

1. Lift: 150kg - ok
2. Lift: 157,5kg - fail
3. Lift: 160kg - fail

Overall 4th.

After the days strongman competition I went to a log lift contest which was held in Turku. Competition went well considering there was a strongman competition earlier the same day. Both failed lifts were pretty darn close of success..160 maybe even closer. Happy
Feel good because I know that within right circumstances I know that I have a condition of +165kg.
Winner Baboumian took 190 kilos, second was Brusokas with a 180 kilo lift and third was Vilmantas Bliujus with a 160 kilo log lift so third place wasn't that far away.. Happy
» Season 3 ! (Go to post)20-05-2011 @ 19:36 
Been away for a while from your journal from everybody elses that I love to follow..sorry..

f**k man!! What happened to your back..? Looked at some pages back and saw that something has it bad or just too much of training/competing..? Unhappy
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)20-05-2011 @ 19:27 
Cheers Ursus!!
Well the truck was awful!! Happy Maybe the fact that I didn't do any truck pull sessions earlier this year had something to do with my poor start afterall.. Confused
» Journal 2 - 3rd season in Sudgen for Frifeldt. (Go to post)20-05-2011 @ 11:42 

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