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» Some decent military presses (Go to post)19-07-2007 @ 09:50 
From my memory of early teachings, a true military press is done against a plumbline, which if moved results in a failed lift. I personally have never seen such a thing, & dont really care if I never do TBH. It's just a term that has stuck IMO. I think standing press would be a better name. Even Olympic press would be more accurate, but who would want to be associated with an exercise abolished for being unreferee-able in 1972?

Fully agree with JM about the vid. They are good presses with that weight. Only thing I would say is that size isnt the reason he cant lower the weight to his chest, it's just a lack of flexability. A lot of bigger guys can hold a bar accross the clavs, just as a lot of smaller guys cant
» food on day of competition (Go to post)19-07-2007 @ 08:49 
0 carbs = death mate. Lose the weight with fluid reduction rather than cutting food.
If I were losing weight I'd aim to be 2-3 K over the night before anyway. The last time I did anything so drastic was to come down to 85K from nearly 100. It's not for meUnhappy
» Tokar's Training Log (Go to post)17-07-2007 @ 20:57 
Check out jet set TOKARWink

Is all going to plan for the Brit build up JT?
» Whose PB do you want to beat the most? (Go to post)17-07-2007 @ 20:51 
Originally posted by Fatpete...
LittleA's "lemon freshness" went out of the window on that glorious day when he first wrapped his knees. Admitedly he does the odd, rare, ass to grass raw lift - but only with weights that can correctly be addressed by girl's names. When the pressure is on - he reaches for the equipment, just like the rest of us.

Remotely playing the "raw" card however is exactly the knid of neferious activity he revels in

Stop stalking me you perv.
The pressure is never on me. I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and staggered out pissed the other side. I am a child of light, with no earthly restraints. Like you were before you really began to stink. I much prefered you when you thought a cod wasn't a fish and you used to fall up stairs. You know I speak the truth. You know it man. Honk once if you agree and honk twice if you dont.

Anyway, I still agree with TonyGrin
» New Harry Potter Movie (Go to post)17-07-2007 @ 20:42 
Post Edited: 17.07.2007 @ 21:04 PM
(or CL's for the female poster)Wink
» New Harry Potter Movie (Go to post)17-07-2007 @ 18:14 
Just so I can draw an opinion from your reviews... How do you guys feel about receiving oral sex?
» BWLA Manchester and Districts, July 22nd (Go to post)17-07-2007 @ 09:30 
Originally posted by Fatpete...
Any idea how many are in it yet ?

What? The belt?Roll-Eyes
» Whose PB do you want to beat the most? (Go to post)16-07-2007 @ 11:15 
Originally posted by Rick...
While I agree with you and Tony entirely, I have to point out that you're pretty much the least likely person to play the raw (or indeed juice) card of anybody I know. Adlington spirit and all that Happy.

CORRRRRECT! but I may instigate others to play my cards remotely, whilst maintaining my personal air of 'Lemon freshness'Wink
» BPC British Sunday Live Results (Go to post)16-07-2007 @ 11:09 
Originally posted by RobThomas...

'Kin ell. They let anyone in here nowadaysWink
» Losing a KG or so (Go to post)16-07-2007 @ 09:32 
Shave your head
» Your current routine (Go to post)16-07-2007 @ 09:29 
Dont have one. Never have and never will. Routines are evil and have no place in my Lemon fresh life. %'s are just a figment of peoples imagination, probably thought them up whilst stoned.
The sign says "Do not pick the flowers", but the wind cannot read, and blows them away.
» Whose PB do you want to beat the most? (Go to post)16-07-2007 @ 08:25 
Originally posted by Tony...
In regard to the competition lifts thing I disagree. Sugden Barbell imo is about lifters who know each other and want to have a bit of a crack. Some people on here will never compete, does that mean their lifts are invalid?
I don't think we should take it so seriously, the league is a bit of fun to guage your lifts and track your progress.
The forum has a good informal atmosphere and I would hate to see it get all serious.

This fed, that fed, single ply this, double ply that.. The weights all become relative to personal performances only and with so many variables coming from such a cross section one persons lift cant be compared to anothers. The equipment is great until some to**er plays the 'raw' card, usually a bitter and twisted lemon fresh Olympic lifter.
I agree with Tony, not just cos he's ard, but because I think he's right. We shouldnt mock the afflictedWink
» Whose PB do you want to beat the most? (Go to post)13-07-2007 @ 13:11 
Originally posted by Boar...
my briefs would be perfect andy !!

your bigger of leg but we proabably both have big ol asses - i find squatting them much nicer than a suit.

That would be a start JW. Just checked the year planner and declared that Little A's squat assault starts on the 1st October and climaxes with much agusto on the 24th Dec. So it is written, so it shal be done.
» Whose PB do you want to beat the most? (Go to post)13-07-2007 @ 11:18 
Originally posted by Rob...
Until he puts on a squat suit perhaps!? Eek

Curiously enough, since I mentioned I would give it a go in the cooler, non lemon fresh months of winter, the stinkin powerlifters of Adlington cant find one to fit my awesome frame (or get past my fat arse)Wink
» Whose PB do you want to beat the most? (Go to post)13-07-2007 @ 08:04 
Addlingtons (35 YO) club records of 175 C&J and almost godlike 227 front sqt. By the time I've gracked those I'll need to drop back on serious back sqts to reclaim my (soon to be taken) place above BOAR on the Adders sqt tree. Also, getting my 5 rep PB back above Fat Petes. The miserable bas***d.Grin

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