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» "The perfect poop" (Go to post)21-08-2007 @ 15:15 
Originally posted by Neil...
But 8 times a day!?!?! Jesus.

Damn good arguement for anal bleaching IMO. eeerrm whatever that is.
» "The perfect poop" (Go to post)21-08-2007 @ 13:17 
It's not a bad write up, but disturbes me that he's never heard of an angel.

Had a similar mail volley going last week with WIGAN and Fat Pete as to whether Fat men have the flexability to wipe properly as normal or is a special technique required. Bit like strong man with the stones.
» Knee wraps - would you allow them in RAW powerlifting? (Go to post)21-08-2007 @ 13:13 
Originally posted by Joni...
if knee sleeves would be allowed, how quickly would Titan, Inzer and Metal come up with a really f**king strong sleeve which takes 3 people to pull on Grin

Or 1 Joe BullockGrin
» What are currently your favourite exercises? (Go to post)21-08-2007 @ 13:09 
Any form of cardio for me. Honest.
» Knee wraps - would you allow them in RAW powerlifting? (Go to post)21-08-2007 @ 12:18 
Raw lifting is a myth. The only way to squat raw is to squat naked, and which idiots do you see doing that?
How many high jumpers do you hear about complaining that pole vaulting doesnt count because it's not raw, and they have a big stick. They dont. They're two different disciplines, and should be respected as such IMO.
Horses for courses and all that
» FAO Rob or Boar (Go to post)18-08-2007 @ 15:27 
Originally posted by Boar...
big tonys heating solutions

"where only the engineer is (1)blue. No fee too big"
» The Assassin (Go to post)18-08-2007 @ 13:22 
Originally posted by Rick...
Everything easy apart from the 475, which was not hard. I believe Little A has some video evidence.

» FAO Rob or Boar (Go to post)18-08-2007 @ 13:10 
Originally posted by Tony...
Cheers Rob, haven't settled on a company name yet.

What about "Tony's " ???

Just a thoughtConfused
» BPC British 2007 Report (Go to post)15-08-2007 @ 14:54 
Was this the comp in Brighton? Just curious if I was right about the girlies on the beach?
Sounds like a good do
» New here (Go to post)15-08-2007 @ 08:11 
Originally posted by tbowman...
Thought I would check out this forum to see how many lies are told Grin Grin

Not that easy to work out TB. We all lie so much better on hereWink
» Tokar's Training Log (Go to post)13-08-2007 @ 07:56 
Originally posted by tokar...
Andy, I don't know what you're talking about! Cardio?? I didn't mention it at all.

Thought you did a lot of concept rowing? Maybe I'm behind the times a little, or a lotConfused Fully agree with the variations on pulls, but all that talk of thingy cycles hurts my headUnhappy
» Tokar's Training Log (Go to post)10-08-2007 @ 08:26 
Originally posted by tokar...
a progression from snatch pulls through clean pulls and clean deadlifts to power-style deadlifts over 4 mesocycles of 9 weeks each

JT, WTF does all that mean?

Heavy singles for weight / cardio for distance??? 2 opposite ends of the spectrum. They dont mix mate as much as you like doing them. I'm guessing you're around your late 20's or early 30's now. Take it from one who's been there, you need a rethink. Dont try and fight it dude. You'll lose. We all doUnhappy
» Raw is War (Go to post)09-08-2007 @ 11:16 
Originally posted by aaron_lohan...
Quite a bit of oly lifting going on at adlington tonight, pete looked disgusted when i started doing the power cleans but its all for the good of my deadlift

f**k him mate. He doesnt like you anyway. He told meWink

You must of noticed a few more glances than normal coming your way from the fairer sex?? Thats the lemon freshness in your clothes. Your skin will improve. Your muscle tone will become harder. You may even gain a couple of inches in height and length.

The futures bright. The futures Lemon.
» G.F.H. - Vegan Style (Go to post)09-08-2007 @ 09:21 
For what you're training for mate you're form isnt far off. Dont be too hard on yourself. No matter how good our technique is ultimately we miss a lemon fresh lift because it's too heavy. You just need plenty more of the same.
» Big Silly Training Journal (Go to post)08-08-2007 @ 13:49 
Originally posted by Tony...
I believe 100kg is the limit any lower and your just an arseGrin

& to think that VIPER tried to out argue you. LOL.

1000lb?? Elephants arse??? Poor f**kers probably not come out of his bedroom sinceUnhappy

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