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» Most impressive lift seen in the flesh? (Go to post)25-08-2007 @ 12:47 
Clean and jerking 150 as an 18YO 75K lifter in the 1988 junior worlds only to see all 3 eventual medalists open with it... In the snatchEek
» working in the us (Go to post)25-08-2007 @ 12:36 
Just done a search on the worlds most prolific ever serial killer. Eek Very close to home boys, especially for Rick. May I suggest that we get back on thread before inadvertantly upsetting a victims relativeUnhappy
» working in the us (Go to post)25-08-2007 @ 10:51 
Thats cool mate, but do you have a trade? Dont think you can come over here and just bum off the state while you're bumping folk off. In this country our serial killers are blue collar and pay there way. It's what makes this country greatRoll-Eyes
» Sex in gyms (Go to post)25-08-2007 @ 10:30 
Originally posted by Olly...
I once got a post workout hump in the jacuzzi, does that count?

As long as you wernt alone and not just listening to the eye of the tiger that counts.
Thank f**k for OJCool
» working in the us (Go to post)25-08-2007 @ 10:27 
It's been a while since they had a serial killer over there. My guess is with looks like yours they'll love ya.Grin
» Beautiful snatch (Go to post)25-08-2007 @ 10:25 
Just done a search to find you boys what I and many others to be the best 'ever' snatch, and it isnt on youtubeConfused in fact the lifter isnt on full stopEek

To put it into perspective
Marcin Dolega @ 105K - 199 snatch 2006
Blagoi Blagoev @ 90K - 195.5 snatch circa 1978/9 and he doesnt jump back.
One of Abajeevs first, and finestWink
» Sex in gyms (Go to post)24-08-2007 @ 19:35 
Originally posted by mishima...
Only men at my gym, so i cant help you there mate.
You're on your own dude, sorryGrin

Dont be sorry at all Mish. It's the new millenium. Attitudes have changed, and we're all friends here. Besides, you're pure born Lemon fresh so it dont count really.Grin
» Sex in gyms (Go to post)24-08-2007 @ 19:23 
Whether or not the Rocky soundtrack was playing, have you ever humped in the gym. My only exploit was many years ago and it didnt feel like a proper gym because it was on an incline bench. I still felt very uncomfortable though as I kept getting the glimmer of an Eleiko bar in my peripheral vision. It was like cheating really. Anyway...
Anyone else? or just me? Again...Unhappy
» How fast are you? (Go to post)24-08-2007 @ 19:16 
Originally posted by sivvy1...
i could outrun a fat lady

LOL you betterWink
» Satanta - advice please (Go to post)24-08-2007 @ 19:13 
Originally posted by Titch...
Little A is tanking them out over my future wife.

If it makes you feel any better Titch mate you aint alone, and in my mind she's happy. Maybe not as happy as Jodie Foster was, but rest assured that when she's walking down your aisle she'll be looking forward to the restWink

It's great being meGrin
» Satanta - advice please (Go to post)24-08-2007 @ 11:43 
Thanks Rob. It always helps when you can put a name to the face when you're errrm listening to Eye of the TigerEek
» Satanta - advice please (Go to post)24-08-2007 @ 10:15 
Anyone know who the girlie is warming up the pasties in the burger van next to Des Lynam? Any links to more pictures?
» How fast are you? (Go to post)23-08-2007 @ 17:00 
Originally posted by WILLSAN...
I definately could not outrun an olympic lifter. Especially over 35m. As they are the fastest creature known to man over that distance. Apparently.

Forum whoreRoll-Eyes
» How fast are you? (Go to post)23-08-2007 @ 16:23 
Originally posted by Fazc...
I could out run Steven Seagal.

But would you look as gay?
» How fast are you? (Go to post)23-08-2007 @ 14:57 
Just read that David Beckham could outrun a Tyranosaurus Rex. Now I'm no footballer, but even I can see a joke about being 65 million years too late (if you agree with Spielberg).
Anyway. The serious bit. Which animal, past or present do you think you could outrun?

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