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» Religion... (Go to post)07-09-2007 @ 08:33 
Post Edited: 07.09.2007 @ 08:45 AM
Originally posted by brynevans...
I think we should all wear these shirts to the gym then!

Thats one hell of a ploy Bryn. I reckon you're on your way to making $2000 this month with no selling. I'm tempted to get a base ball cap thoughGrin

Martin - was it an old oak tree?
» I'm now Lemon fresh too (Go to post)07-09-2007 @ 08:28 
You're Lemon & Teatree therefore not pure, and never will be until you lift a bar overhead nakid
» Religion... (Go to post)06-09-2007 @ 16:54 
Maybe we all are, and thats why we all think each other is wrong.

"Sugden barbell - you gotta be a god to join"Grin
» The Sopranos (Go to post)06-09-2007 @ 16:49 
Originally posted by Olly...
Sorry to pull you up on your knowledge of all things Holby , but 2 of those weren't in it. I may have said it was s**t, I didnt say I didnt use to watch itGrin

Casualty was/ is set in Holby General, which I beleive is in Holby city

Dude, please dont tell Callard we ever had this conversationUnhappy For your sake and mine
» The Sopranos (Go to post)06-09-2007 @ 15:58 
Originally posted by Titch...
Oh, and Holby City is utter s**te.Happy

» Religion... (Go to post)06-09-2007 @ 14:01 
Originally posted by Titch...
I'd convert from Aetheism if Thalia from the Setanta ads asked me to.Happy

For some reason she thinks I am god. Well, thats what she kept calling me last night. Even dropped her pasties...
» Religion... (Go to post)06-09-2007 @ 13:12 
God wouldnt bother with squats and stuff. He'd already hold all the records without doing a lift, and as he made us in his image we shouldnt do them either.
Dont understand that bit though. There's a really wrinkly, craggy arsed old bird who sits in our office who stinks of cat piss. I on the other hand am reasonably good looking and completely Lemon Fresh. Which one of us is made in Gods image? See, it's all stupid, and so is religion.

Thank god I'm an aetheistWink
» tug of war (Go to post)06-09-2007 @ 10:38 
Originally posted by Fatpete...
Surely it would play havoc with the ankles and therefore should be given a wide berth

Unless of course you are Mighty Joe YoungWink
» Concentrated Lemon Freshness... Enjoy (Go to post)06-09-2007 @ 08:13 
Originally posted by mishima...
Andy, would you mind telling us how tall/heavy these guys are?

Jeff Williams is 6'0" and 110K
Kev Stuart is about 5'4" and 62K
Everyone else is about 5'7-10" and between 85-95K

Nakedness goes hand in hand with Lemon freshness as it is humanity in it's purest most concentrated formGrin
» Concentrated Lemon Freshness... Enjoy (Go to post)04-09-2007 @ 19:26 
Far too Lemon fresh to upload in one go.

» Beaten by little boys... & girls (Go to post)04-09-2007 @ 13:04 
Post Edited: 13.09.2007 @ 12:39 PM
They start them young in that neck of the woods
» Beaten by little boys... & girls (Go to post)03-09-2007 @ 12:11 
Waiting for Rob to pop up on MSN so I can get him to upload the rest of the results, but I can report on the biggest lifts of the biggest boys. Sit down... and grab hold of something.17 years old... 104.3KG bwt 160K snatch 214K C&J... for 2nd place. The winner, also 17 YO weighed 127.6K and did 170 216. For those that need a perspective on how awesome that is, this kid has outlifted people like Delroy McQueen, Gary Taylor, in fact there is only one British person ever lifted more officially, and again this kid is 17.
Enjoy your dinerUnhappy
» Crap Total at Straweight (Go to post)03-09-2007 @ 12:01 
Whats your VD PB then Andy?Confused

Olly, did you get your PM?

Be nice to see you again BB. You talk too fast for me to understand, but be nice to see you all the sameGrin
» Tens machine (Go to post)03-09-2007 @ 08:22 
Originally posted by purplepaul...
i think you sould use it on your prostate for max effectGrin

Wife kept complaining that her thumb was receiving intermittent shocksConfused
» Beaten by little boys... & girls (Go to post)31-08-2007 @ 09:57 
Just received some results through from the 5th European 'BOYS' WL champs in Italy. More to come as I get them.

Kind of puts it into perspective really doesnt it? These guys are training for 2012 so get ready for another Eastern block invasion

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