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» Rise of the Clam (Go to post)02-10-2007 @ 11:18 
Originally posted by Joni...
great work yesterday man! Didnt realise how much volume you managed to bang up from just nailing singles.

It's an optical illusion dude. It was actually a super set of 18Wink ...done slow.
» Fat Pete gone mad? (Go to post)02-10-2007 @ 10:15
» Fat Pete gone mad? (Go to post)02-10-2007 @ 10:00 
The sympathetic support Pete got (so far) off WIGAN and myself - Best if you read from the bottom upWink


Or a great big Bald Baba Papa if you will!!!!

Or maybe paint you blue and have our very own 21st Smurf!!!

Yeah man. Shave the lot off. You'll look like the new smoo, and his family.

He shaved his holy conkers too!!!!

All the gals at Shals place are already demanding photos. It can only snowball from here. Man you're going to be bigger than Jesus.

The new routine

Shaven squat / bald bench / depilated deadlift

Go the whole hog Bert and get the lot off, head to toe. You'll look like
an over inflated Duncan Goodhew


"The incredible invisible 21 stone man. All that was left was his pillar
box red conkers"

Do your shoulders too. You'll look like the man with 3 heads.

Do your conkers too and you'll look like a hydra.

Steph loves plucked chicken!!!!

Do the conkers Bert, she will be so taken aback at their bald beauty
that she won't notice the rest of you!!!


WTF are you going to do on Friday. You know it's no fun humping a
laughing crack. Coughing is bad enough, but laughing?


I stand by it being a good thing!!! You are now a more streamlined,
aero-dyanmic, bench-shirtastic, more sexually desirable manimal than
before. Almost fit to lift on the Eleiko..... almost!!


No, no, no. It's horrible. The intention was to trim back where Joe
the bench shirt down on a Wednesday as a few chest hairs always go with
Once having gone too far with that, the area had to be cleared, it
at the upper thighs. The look I can live with, it's the itching, at
Joe only took a few seconds, this could go on for weeks. BAD thing.


I have now picked myself up off the floor, dabbed the small wet patch of
wee from the front of my troosers and am ready to respond to your

Splendid news my man, welcome to the world of the well groomed man. Were
the conkers party to the plucking????

Also I must disagree, photographic evidence of this monumental event is
a must!!!!

You did a GOOD thing!!!!!!
» Fat Pete gone mad? (Go to post)02-10-2007 @ 09:04 
Just received the following mail off BERT. Told him I'd keep it quiet, so please dont tell anyone. You guys think we need pics or what?
I did a bad thing. It started out innocently enough, but it got out of hand, then more out of hand, then the Rubicon was crossed and there was no going back, we had to press on. It started with a pair of wahl hair clippers, the ones I have used on my beard for so many years, it ended with me throwing a bag of hair into the bin. That hair was formerly on the front half of the upper half of my body.
I look like a plucked chicken
Helen Keller could have done a better job I itch bigtime It prickles like a prickly thing But at least someone with get a laugh out of it.
Andy - before you ask - no photos
I did a bad thing :-(

» One for the Girlies (Go to post)02-10-2007 @ 09:02 
Thats a wind up. Your husband doesnt know where the washer is.

& no, that isnt a joke. It's in the kitchen somewhere, but after that...
» Rise of the Clam (Go to post)02-10-2007 @ 08:16
» One for the Girlies (Go to post)02-10-2007 @ 08:01 
Originally posted by Fatpete...
What does he know, man's a complete to**er, oh, hang on a minute

You're just jealous BERT. Just think of all the money I saveWink
» Rise of the Clam (Go to post)02-10-2007 @ 07:58 

singles all the way
Fronties 3's


If Carlsberg wrote up workouts...
» Hi everyone!! (Go to post)01-10-2007 @ 15:10 
223 Newfoundland road, st Agnes or St Annes. Not been there since 86 but I do remember things.Wink
» Rise of the Clam (Go to post)01-10-2007 @ 14:41 
Originally posted by littlersboss...
Looking forward to the oppotunity to meet 'Big Phil Parker' to see if this can be copied with his frame!

Why? do you not like your car anymore?
» Rise of the Clam (Go to post)01-10-2007 @ 11:28 
Originally posted by littlersboss...
The supra is a 3.0 litre n/a Jap import which when I've had a bad day I take andy out in it and scare the s**t out of him, Cheers my day up!

That cheers you up? You know what cheers me up? Listening to company policy on carbon footprints and how much we can do to help the environment, then going round all the toilets and leaving the lights on. YEAH! THAT's RIGHT. IT'S METongue
» Rise of the Clam (Go to post)01-10-2007 @ 10:57 
Originally posted by badboy007...
Aghh, thought it was a random!

Having ur boss on here is pretty cool!

In fairness he's not a bad gaffer. He signs my OT and expenses off, some of which I've actually done. Also helps me load my car up with dodgy work gear too.

Can Suprasteve have his own log? Maybe detailing the inevitable racing and drifting that comes with owning a Supra?

He dont need a log mate. He doesnt sweat. He goes to yoga on Wednesdays. Him, his brother in law and 30 women all farting and falling asleep together. Not sure if it would make a readable log, but I'll ask him.

What model is it? I believe there is a 3 litre normally aspirated one and a turbo'd one
Not got a clue. It goes from 0-60 across the car park... every f**king timeEmbarassed
» Rise of the Clam (Go to post)01-10-2007 @ 08:27 

Cln pull
50 for 3 sets of 3
70 for 2 sets of 3
90 for 3
110 for 2
130 for 2
150 for 2
170 for 2
185 for 10 sets of 2
60 for 2 sets of 3
100 for 3
140 for 3
180 for 3

No gay stuff. Just business
» Turner says... (Go to post)01-10-2007 @ 07:58 
He was T. It was my home connection that was at fault. Anyway, I walked into the changing room circa 16:00 and true to form the Turnermator walks in and puts a small DVD sized package in my bag. I have a quick look at one of the titles. "Old birds and young nymphos". 'I'm not sure about this Steve. Is it alright?'. With an enthusiastic raise of his thumb Turner says... "It's a f**kin good un that mon"

It wasnt till Saturday afternoon that I had a sly peep and realised that not everything Ste says is entirley accurate. Dont get me wrong it wasnt as bad as 's**tlovers 7', but a turn on? No, no, no!
» Clean Pulls (Go to post)01-10-2007 @ 07:53 
Originally posted by tokar...
I'm sure Andy can put you right on these at Adlington.

If he ever trained at a deent timeCool

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