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» Aprils fool (Go to post)01-04-2021 @ 15:59 
I struggle to get past the 1st April without thinking about Ed 'overboard' Clark

Oh what fun...
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)25-03-2021 @ 14:19 
Fatpete said:Eyetest this morning which I always quite enjoy.

I had mine the other day. 2 hours I was in there. Got my intermediates with a voucher from work and picked a pair of untrendy frames. Sorted.
My distance and reading has taken a change so I opted for one of each on a 2 for 1. Paid for the lot. Done. Bullet.
The only thing that I didn't get is a pair of prescription sun giggs to help out with light blindness, then Mrs Specsaver (don't think that was her name) played her ace. Gave me a gold ticket to redeem any time to get 50% off another pair. "Can I use it now?" I enquired. "Yes"
Prescription sunglasses added to the order.

Also, opposite said spec shop is a Greggs, and I have a 5 on my Greggs account. At this point you think things can't improve. Well, they don't. Greggs was shut. My app stays loaded for another time.
» coronavirus (Go to post)25-03-2021 @ 12:15 
No MILFs, No Squirting, No Gang Bangs: How the Porn Industry Is Changing During COVID-19
» The Final Countdown (Go to post)22-03-2021 @ 18:13 
That bike is made for GDF. Just saying...
» coronavirus (Go to post)22-03-2021 @ 18:10 
Rick said:
I've told you this before. I _will_ enforce it if you make it necessary.

The Jackie Weaver of Sugden. You DO have the authority here. Happy
» coronavirus (Go to post)22-03-2021 @ 18:07 
Boar said:boy: but ...but're my mom ...???

MILF: ...... Stepmom.......

"Ahhh go on then"
» coronavirus (Go to post)22-03-2021 @ 17:35 
Me mate Paul told me that there's a new search group on x-videos for 'quarantine' with 2172 results, 'taboo quarantine' with 32576, and 'mom quarantine' with 46473. I don't know how true this is, or what conclusions to draw from it.

I would have thought a lockdown trend away from pool cleaners and towards pizza delivery drivers makes sense. Plumbers will always do well.
» Concept 2 rowing times 2020 onwards (Go to post)12-03-2021 @ 19:30 
Well done Jon. Don't know what all that means, but looks fast.

40 seconds off. 1:43:39.6 I'll sleep well tonight.
» Concept 2 rowing times 2020 onwards (Go to post)11-03-2021 @ 21:05 
Cheers JT. Chips, peas and fish fingers straight after. Jack Reacher on audiobook and a bit of rowing too. It's what Fridays are made for.
» coronavirus (Go to post)09-03-2021 @ 16:56 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Covid/lockdown has really ground me down Unhappy

It's important to recognise that Wayne. Things are moving albeit slowly. Step1.1 yesterday...
Hang in there.Happy
» US Presidency (Go to post)28-02-2021 @ 12:30 
luki said:
Do not google FFM on a work device during your coffee break.

Ha ha. Sorry man. Probably best not to Google any acronyms that I use on a work device, unless you want to risk joining the professional equivalent of the BBC UTAC. Maybe you'll just get the sack. Happy
» US Presidency (Go to post)26-02-2021 @ 16:35 
Anyone else think Melania would be the submissive one in a FFM 3 way?
» Concept 2 rowing times 2020 onwards (Go to post)26-02-2021 @ 16:31 
Sparrow said:
Seven o' clock on a Friday night?? Make it 17:00 and I'm in.

May be 18:00 but I'll try.

Are Friday nights still what they used to be for you Jon? Not for me ha ha. I'd die now.
» Concept 2 rowing times 2020 onwards (Go to post)26-02-2021 @ 06:04 
12th March @ 1900?
» Concept 2 rowing times 2020 onwards (Go to post)25-02-2021 @ 21:31 
Thanks Mills lad. There will be more of them.

Was that video sped up Colossal? Please tell me it was sped up. Impressive stuff.

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