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» The IPF and Judging (Go to post)18-10-2015 @ 17:30 
Back in the 90's the US lifters were known for getting away with squatting high at their nationals. They would then turn up at internationals and squat s**te or bomb. Eastern block took over powerlifting in the 00's, US were nowhere. NOW US are back in the game and are playing to ipf rules by the look of it. If you are going to take on the Russians you know you have to be on the top of your game and if that means having to squat to strict standards then so be it. Apparently this lad took it in good grace and only his opinion counts, he's obviously a winner and made of the right stuff and I dare bet he's thankful for being prepped for what he is going to encounter on the world stage.
» Snoring/Sleep Apnoea (Go to post)24-02-2015 @ 20:44 
Post Edited: 24.02.2015 @ 20:48 PM by Gotty
Just over a year ago I started to wake up during the night the odd time feeling like I was choking! Found myself running downstairs trying to get the missus to do the haemlich manoeuvre, f**king seriously scary s**t. Turns out my airways had been completely collapsing and was taking perhaps 30 plus seconds after waking for my airways to open and start functioning again! Thought I was dying, was scared to go to sleep some nights.
Tests done and found that I was waking up up to 60 times per hour, sleep was effectively pointless, felt like s**t permanently. Anyway got a CPAP through NHS, they acted pretty swiftly cos it is a major big deal.
For months I could only manage to wear the mask for 2 to 3 hours a night but still felt better for it. Took about 9 months to really get to grips with it and now I'm getting 6 to 8 hours a night with it and the difference is massive. Never had any choking episodes since, thank god, hope you never have to experience that.
All Docs reckon it is neck size which drives the risk. Anything over 17 inches and the risk is significantly increased. Amount of soft tissue whether it be muscle or fat, doesn't matter, it's the weight of the TISSUE which narrows the airway. Even pro rugby players get it so there ought to be no stigma (even though I have a fat neck).
Met a guy from the U.S. at world masters bench press who uses CPAP I think it is really a lot more common than people might imagine.
Oh and apparently when I'm wearing it I don't snore either, it's a f**king miracle machine, mouth gets bone dry but there is a gentle whirring from the pump which is quite soporific.
» Therapeutic use exemption forms (Go to post)16-01-2015 @ 12:16 
Need advice regarding TUE forms and the like.
I'm looking to get a cortisone injection for long term shoulder bursitis condition, I'm a GBPF lifter and I believe I need to log a TUE form with the GBPF or WADA or whoever.
Does anyone have experience with this process? What do I need to do and to whom? And with what? And is it necessary for cortisone injection?
» 2015 powerlifting (Go to post)12-01-2015 @ 20:41 
Think the katana will suit you, as you've got good arch and short ROM. 50 sounds about right too cow you have bigger arms and chest, all mine are 48's, 2 SK's and 1 low cut SK but I could be in the market for a 50 to train in if it doesn't work out for you as mine are all super comp tight fit.
Stay with it though I think you will love it.
» 2015 powerlifting (Go to post)11-01-2015 @ 20:28 
What size shirt you using and what are you thinking of getting?
Bet you get a real buzz out of handling those kind of weights, yeah?
» 2015 powerlifting (Go to post)29-12-2014 @ 20:55 
Milsy I've got the YNE seniors down as 14 th feb, but if you want to turn up on the 2nd that's ok with me.
» 2014 powerlifting (Go to post)02-12-2014 @ 20:28 
Totally get you with the confidence thing. Kit allows us to overload, the downside is that stability and control are compromised and there is a feeling that something catastrophic can happen easily if you lose focus for a split second.
I'll try and post a video of the jerk boxes I built for around 100 quid, out of 6 x 2, once I approach something like the 330 you're doing. Turns out they're the strongest pair of spotters you could wish for. I've dumped 360 onto them from height no problem.
» 2014 powerlifting (Go to post)02-12-2014 @ 18:52 
Post Edited: 02.12.2014 @ 18:54 PM by Gotty
"Very few people venture into this journal these days equipped lifts don't go down well on here"quote]

Yeah there's quite a bit of lifting snobbery out there, but there are also a lot of people who do appreciate a good lifter regardless.
GBPF website recently produced a list of classic rankings and 7 out of the top 20 were very accomplished equipped lifters !
This goes to show that a great lifter is a great lifter, regardless of what he or she opts to wear.
Keep swimming against the tide and persevere with the kit milsy, it is hard, but very rewarding.
» Advice on the best slingshot to buy (Go to post)24-11-2014 @ 21:38 
Benvie said:If going for a single ply one I like the wild boar (yellow one) slightly better that the original. It has tapered arms and is slightly more springy. Not too much in it though and both are good.

Tapered arms, I guess that helps stop the arms from slipping down is that right?
I've seen this happen with the ram and thought that would make it less effective, is this a problem?
» Advice on the best slingshot to buy (Go to post)23-11-2014 @ 20:30 
Cheers fellas, so far the slingshot has it.
Shane you make a good point, it's hard to fight the urge to push for more and I really must put the rehab at the front of my mind, so go for the original. If all goes well I can always get the maddog.
» Advice on the best slingshot to buy (Go to post)23-11-2014 @ 10:05 
Alright lads and lasses, I'm after some advice as to which is the best high performance slingshot to buy for me.
I am an experienced equipped lifter, 118kg bwt with a 240 equipped and 180 raw high arched bench and I'm trying to re-habilitate and protect an injured shoulder.
Which would suit best, mad dog slingshot, Titan super ram or Thor ballista?
» 490kg ipf world record squat (Go to post)16-11-2014 @ 19:23 
Fatpete said:
I would imagine so. Equipped lifting was never hugely popular but since classic came into it's own, that is hugely so. Of course they will see it as someone who doesn't need a suit or a shirt. So now it is named belts, next it will be t-shirts - only acceptable names allowed and no plain ones will be accepted. Then socks - again no plain. Welcome to corporate greed. But the beast feeds on money and if it starves we all suffer.

Yeah, I guess equipped lifting presents a diminishing opportunity for sales. With the increase in popularity of unequipped lifting there is no real increase in the market for sponsored apparel unless they include belts and singlets on the approved list.

Unfortunately the pursuit of IOC recognition always meant that this was going to happen if we were to create corporate partners and the like, that's just part of the evolution process. The only way to avoid it would be to develop "ultra-raw" lifting and lift butt naked! Chances are we'd still end up having to pay for Titan to be tattooed on one arse cheek and SBD on the other.

I personally quite like the fact that powerlifting is a little bit underground, not mainstream and as regards IOC recognition I can take it or leave, couldn't give a s**t.
» Strongest man ever (Go to post)25-08-2014 @ 22:00 
Kaz. 300 raw bench, 402 deadlift all before the age of 30. 205 x 2 seated front press (no leg drive). Arguably wasted his best years doing pro football and wrestling also a relative lightweight by today's standards. My favourite anyway.
» Strongest man ever (Go to post)25-08-2014 @ 22:00 
Kaz. 300 raw bench, 402 deadlift all before the age of 30. 205 x 2 seated front press (no leg drive). Arguably wasted his best years doing pro football and wrestling also a relative lightweight by today's standards. My favourite anyway.
» Eric 447 squat (Go to post)24-06-2014 @ 20:45 
Would need a refs eye view to say with any certainty whether depth or not, from what I could see I'd say no, just!
Either way if I was there he' d get a pat on the back, awesome show of strength.


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