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» Really interesting interview with Colin Bryce (Go to post)10-07-2015 @ 20:54 
Really well good piece and confirms a lot I suspected about the difficulties making strongman pay. Do think clever use of YouTube and enthusiasts with editing skills and a few gopros could solve a lot of Colin's issues though.
» Europes strongest man (Go to post)10-07-2015 @ 20:32 
Just seen this - I've got two spare you can have for £20 (for both) if you're happy to meet outside the stadium tomorrow?

Friends had to cancel last minute, it's a bit late for ebay and I don't want to be hanging around outside trying to flog them.
» Europe's strongest on Saturday (Go to post)10-07-2015 @ 20:28 
Benni tweeted that he's going along to spectate...good luck with that!

I have ended up with two spare tickets. Will let them both go for £20 if anyone's not got any yet and wants to meet us outside.
» Europe's strongest on Saturday (Go to post)08-07-2015 @ 22:07 
So he is! Much as it'll add a lot to have him there after his break he's not likely to be a top contender in the DL is he?
» Europe's strongest on Saturday (Go to post)07-07-2015 @ 23:02 
Many thanks fellas - really helpful. Child illness issue has cropped up meaning the people coming with us might not be able to make it, prob no point trying to sell the tickets just yet if that's the case.
Really looking forward to it - vids from last year looked awesome. New dl record maybe?!
» Europe's strongest on Saturday (Go to post)07-07-2015 @ 21:48 
Two questions - anyone know how long it goes on till? And anyone know if it's sold out?
May end up with one or two spare tickets...
» Wales strongest man TV Coverage (in welsh with subtitles) (Go to post)11-06-2014 @ 20:12 
Thanks mate. Unfortunately she seems to be quite a modest girl so will have to revert to the old-fashioned method of hiding in the bushes with a zoom lens to fulfil your request.
Absolutely stunning - hope she makes it to mainstream tv and loses her morals in the process.
» Wales strongest man TV Coverage (in welsh with subtitles) (Go to post)10-06-2014 @ 19:15 
Who is that young female presenter?

Sorry to resurrect the thread but googled it to no avail.
» Poss hacking of Graham Hicks' twitter account (Go to post)28-03-2014 @ 18:58 
This might be old news but Graham's twitter has been hacked - got a dodgy email and he's posted something on his account saying as much.
» Shaw a bit squashed (Go to post)01-03-2014 @ 17:37 
Airline pilots give each male passenger about 12 stone allowance in pre-flight planning. I'd be a bit nervous on a flight full of wsm contestants...
» Upper body training (Go to post)12-02-2014 @ 15:56 
Thanks for that. I probably need to do some homework on strength training then as I always train to failure, whether it's for three reps or 12.

Have made some good general gains (PBs don't reflect that as haven't gone for 1RMs for ages) but not training to failure would suit me as I generally bench alone, in a shed, with no-one to hear me scream. :-)
» Half- Rep Harry's Grunting like hell (Go to post)12-02-2014 @ 15:51 
The only people who spoil the gym experience for me are the chavvy feckers being deliberately anti-social/intimidating - staring people out, hogging equipment for hours on end while they swap tales of GBH, spitting on the floor etc.

The skinny footballer-type kids provide some great entertainment. Once saw a lad fail to bench 50kg for 1RM.

His mates spotting him started laughing and left him stuck under with bar, but there were no collars on so as he was squirming both 15kg plates got loose and fell off onto their toes, one after another.
» Upper body training (Go to post)12-02-2014 @ 11:15 
dr_hazbun said:Bench press 4 times a week. Twice high volume and twice low volume. It will soar.

I'll have DOMS for at least 48 hours after a good bench session, so would be training with soreness some days, which in my non-medical brain means the muscles haven't fully repaired yet.

Would you recommend doing this anyway?
» Dynamo bench presses 150kg (Go to post)30-01-2014 @ 20:45 
I thought that about the spotter but he's not even touching on the way down, where a lot of bigger blokes would get into trouble.

Could be something as simple as plastic plates or wires with everyone there in on it, but that's not his style usually.

Could it be a cutting-edge lifting t-shirt?!
» Dynamo bench presses 150kg (Go to post)30-01-2014 @ 20:29 
Can't post the link as I'm on a kindle but search YouTube for “dynamo bench press“ - anyone got any theories as to how he did it?

For anyone who's not heard of him - Dynamo is a stick-armed magician from Bradford who would probably struggle to bench 60kg without his superpowers.


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