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» Running Shoes (Go to post)30-08-2013 @ 00:06 
go for something like this

it's a cheaper version of these

it's best to run landing on the front of your foot rather than the heel, like when you sprint. the big cushioned heel you see on "running trainers" was created as a marketing ploy, but the low front/high heel shape of these trainers forced people to run landing on your heel, thus re-inforcing the myth that you need a cushioned heel, not true. you provide your own cushioning by landning on the front of your foot and taking up the slack thru your calf, rather than slamming your heel into the ground

as said by someone else previous, the pros wear flat soled (albeit spikes) shoes.
» whats your running times like? (Go to post)14-07-2013 @ 22:01 
capbadge, probably Grin
» whats your running times like? (Go to post)13-07-2013 @ 20:45 
due to a job change, i have to get back into running, schnellmachen. i'm doing 2-4 mile distances at 7m45 to 8m mile pace. did 6.7 miles yesterday in 59m46 and was ill until i went to bed Happy
» sub 10% bf (Go to post)06-07-2013 @ 01:01 
as above. done carb-free for 4-7 weeks in the past, lot a lot of weight, but also strength. i now do carb-free during the week and eat what i want/eat normally from saturday lunch after training thru to last meal sunday. been steady at losing 1kg per week. cutting fat and setting pb's Happy
» Sciency questions about training (Go to post)05-07-2013 @ 23:13 
(why doesn't the original post appear when you write a reply)

i would say that to recover quicker from lifting, lift.
» Sciency questions about training (Go to post)05-07-2013 @ 23:11 
i would do well to recruit 100% of your fibres for a heavy lift, i believe (from what i've read) that this takes plenty of training. As you fatigue, more fibres come into play, but the body is inherently lazy, choosing to only recruit the minimum to perform the lift.

With CV and recovery...think about when your first lifted, say 5x5 60kg bench, it was nails and you were blowing, not now though hey? same goes for performing sprints, at one time something would have been nails that is now easy. There's a mix of your strength increasing and CV improving, making the old stuff easy for both those examples. The thing is, you (should) always push your max doesn't get easier, you just get better.
» Coconut Oil (Go to post)13-06-2013 @ 22:50 
Blue Dragon Coconut Cream - 1 Tablespoon in coffee with a teaspoon of creatine. pre and post training. i don't like coconut, don't even taste this in coffee
» Smolov squat routine and deadlifts (Go to post)06-06-2013 @ 23:13 
ran it last year at 95kg BW. clean and raw.

only did squat for the majority of the programme.

went from a non-griz starting max of 135kg to 160kg after the first test at 4 weeks,
during the 2 week speed part i added some bench to keep it ticking over,
then back onto the final 4-week stretch, ended with a 180kg.

found that this was a spike max, reverting back to 160 after a week or so.

same thing happened when i did the 3-week Smolov Jr for bench, hit a max i've never got close to again.

my other lifts didnt suffer, despite not training them specifically for weeks

best to time it right and use it to peak for a comp.
» Armed Forces Qualifier for Britain's Natural Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)05-06-2013 @ 21:28 
» Armed Forces Qualifier for Britain's Natural Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)23-05-2013 @ 22:18 
» Armed Forces Qualifier for Britain's Natural Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)16-05-2013 @ 23:24 
Bump Happy
» Time to waste? (Go to post)16-05-2013 @ 23:20 
31793 - BOOM !!
» Armed Forces Qualifier for Britain's Natural Strongest Man 2013 (Go to post)14-05-2013 @ 21:04 
The Armed Forces have been granted qualifying spots for u90, u105 and opens for Britain's Natural Strongest Man 2013.

Goto Facebook page "British Army Strongman" for more details.
» Clean to Front Squat ratio (Go to post)03-05-2013 @ 23:33 
haha, just to be different, i suppose

100 clean, 70fs - 143% !!

not that i bother with fs, (or worry about my cleans that much coz my press is so shi-ite) just do the odd fs while doing push press
» Is it time to stop categorising comps. (Go to post)24-04-2013 @ 11:12 
just my 2-pence-worth,

but surely to grow the sport (which we all want, right?) is to have some commonality between all comps, to set some standards.

Maybe use a divisional system - Div 1 being UK qualifiers for the Euro/World/Champion League, with weights set accordingly - all open, no u105 or u90. Div 2 being the eng/sco/wal/ire feeder into the Div 1, etc, etc..... all the way down to something teens and juniors can get into.

the main point being the weight of the kit for each Div should rarely change (only to reflect when the standard at the top changes) and do away with weight categories. If you're a 85kg Div 2 lifter - great, if you're a 120kg Div 5 lifter - also great, the cream will always rise. If there happens to be the occasional UK-level 90/105 comps - great, let them run, but only at UK level.

Each comp can have the different weight kit in each event, so people still compete together (and there isn't a million comps), just at different levels, people choose which Div kit they want to use at the start of the comp.

I realise that this may seem a bit of a fantasy at the moment and is probably restricted because of cost to organisers and the amount of kit available, but if we (and WE are best placed to get this going) don't have some agreement like this, it will never start to happen and the sport won't grow


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