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» Homemade protein bars? (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 20:14 
2 scoops whey
100g ground oat like from myprotein or the like.
natty honey
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp peanut butter.

Mix the lot (coconut oil zap in microwave until liquid) then place in a tupperware with some tinfoil on bottom, level out, then pop in fridge for a few hours.
» Scott's powerlifting journal (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 14:27 
excellent mate 2 good days lifting and a piss up aswell lol
» Brand New Zuluglove PL Belt for sale (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 13:44 
Link to exact belt
» Brand New Zuluglove PL Belt for sale (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 13:42 
In midnight blue, only used once as gone back to my trusted lever belt.

would like 45 for it.

It is a nice belt the mechanism does work really well and its basically a pronbg belt but with the quick release of a lever.
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 12:19 
Nice top workset bud, showboating wi no spotter too! lol
» Scott's powerlifting journal (Go to post)11-01-2014 @ 13:59 
SBradwell83 said:
Cheers Jim any ideas on how to get it off private I'm s**t with techno stuff. a guess just needs viewing permissions changing bud, when uploading can sometimes change it by accident, if you go to the vid and under it should say "video manager" if click on that dude it brings you to a list of your vids....find vid u want to sort then click on "edit" and you can see viewing permissions on right hand side....

jesus takes some doing lol
» Scott's powerlifting journal (Go to post)11-01-2014 @ 12:38 
Scott its saying the 180 x 7 is private mate, good speed on the 140, I fancy having a go at sumo but too technical for likes of me lol
» JimmyF's Pursuit of Power (Go to post)10-01-2014 @ 20:38 

fukin s**t week, still no sign of any work coming in yet and training been crap but il put that down to xmas break etc....hope its that anyway!

warm up; band pull aparts, shoulder dislocations etc
bar x 10 x 2
60 x 10 x 2
80 x 3
100 x 3
110 x 1


120 x 3
120 x 3
120 x 3
120 x 3
120 x 3

Titan Ram

130 x 3
140 x 3

DB flyes

30kg x 15
30kg x 15
30kg x 15

Weight on work sets moved very slowly today, I just cannot it seems stick to a technique and stay with it, using wide grip but 120 upwards feels heavy lately ffs.

Will do more assistance stuff tomorrow and some front squats *if* no doms in hams and glutes as still aching from weds!
» JimmyF's Pursuit of Power (Go to post)10-01-2014 @ 20:33 
JB said:
not too bad pal, just getting back in routine etc
you knocking about next wednesday late afternoon i maybe be passing

I should well be mate yes!

you got mi number havent u?
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)10-01-2014 @ 10:42 
Great effort mate considering you were training straight off the bat from getting home, the new footwear is working! My hams are still sore as hell even today.

Hopefully next time Sob sorry to hear about your loss mate.
» 2014 - Training Log (Go to post)09-01-2014 @ 19:59 
these compound volumes are inspiring me to get my arse in gear lol
» Submaximal method to ultra elite swollness 2.0 (Go to post)09-01-2014 @ 19:49 
milsy said:
Would find it easier talking are lass into me competing more if she new a trip to Florida was in the cards

Missus started training again after having young un 6 months ago mate and she aint bad tbh, keep trying to talk her into it a reckon she's wilting lol,bloody better squat form then me thats for sure lol
» Scott's powerlifting journal (Go to post)09-01-2014 @ 16:28 
SBradwell83 said:
Cheers Jim. I agree with u about the double at 200. But gonna keep running wendlers off 90% and eventually it will get to a double at 200 even after all the work prior. See u have some big goals this year mate be ace getting to Florida.

The weights are looking bigger though already mate so its working, good how wendlers sneaks lifts up, you look back after a few months and it ends up looking impressive the progress lol.

Yeh think il need my total nearer to 680 if im honest Scott, a few have gone GPC so not sure how many will come out of the woodwork for the BPU qualifier come september time, prob be at 100kg too as can't see me cutting to 90 unless im around 93kg or so, i get irritable dieting lol
» JimmyF's Pursuit of Power (Go to post)09-01-2014 @ 16:21 
JB said:hows it going mate?

thought myself about banging this years journey on here

Ayup bud, aye not bad, bit of time off other one and knuckle down and get some work done, hows tha goin?
» JimmyF's Pursuit of Power (Go to post)09-01-2014 @ 16:20 
SBradwell83 said:Squat form looks like perfection!!!

ta Scott, was weak yesterday though ffs.

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