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» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)10-05-2014 @ 14:20 
Good stuff mate!
» AMH's training log. Goal, 800+ Raw @100kg. (Go to post)06-05-2014 @ 15:55 
Great log mate, always like watching the vids, form always bang on and good weight!
» JimmyF's Pursuit of Power (Go to post)03-05-2014 @ 13:09 
Post Edited: 03.05.2014 @ 13:10 PM by jimmyf
Never seem to post much thesedays but thought id add a few vids of recent lifts, just on a chest/pressing/tri/bi split with squats and deads the other session, working away atm yet again so train friday and sunday normally and rest all week then....seems to be working.

» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)25-04-2014 @ 22:42 
George_Winston said:You have accomplished f**k all outside of grip, which is just gay as f**k tbh, only 10 people compete in it in the whole world. Gay

Basically, you're s**t paul.

» 200 bench perhaps? (Go to post)20-04-2014 @ 16:52 

But good work big lad!
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)20-04-2014 @ 16:51 
Appetite said:Nice squatting Macca, just how high are you hoping to set that british record in October?

Its top secret Eek
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)19-04-2014 @ 14:48 
Squats are just looking easy atm mate, 210 for reps like nothing.
» 200&210kg Front squats. Belt and knee sleeves only (Go to post)18-04-2014 @ 10:56 
Good lifting mate, great raw strength at 17, if you have the right people around you or can travel about a bit and train with other good lifters you'll make some cracking progress, maybe they weren't ass to grass but still a great effort from such a young lad. Strong mate.
» Most delusional lifter ever? (Go to post)13-04-2014 @ 09:51 
if you think this dude's special youtube "jason genova" lol
» 'YouTube Warrior' (Go to post)10-04-2014 @ 11:33 
some great training sessions and vids lately mate, fantastic lifting, go fukin show some of the so called top powerlifters in this country how its done!
» Paul Savage training 2014 (Go to post)30-03-2014 @ 12:59 
PaulSavage said:
I don't care if you think i can or not. They don't have the same goals and not everybody is the same is lots of ways to do things. Jay cutlers fav exercise for chest is smith flat bench with narrow grip, doesnt touch his chest, doesnt lockout, he's 4 time mr olympia. Eric spotto does load of high rep not touching chest short rom no lockout benching, he's comp benched 722lbs.

do you honestly think jay trained this way from the start mate? dont be silly, he put years of donkey work in on compound and heavy exercises before using these to bring stuff upto par...the point is your nowhere near his level of muscularture, I guarantee Spot does lots of full range of motion work aswell as the non touching cannot compare yourself to 2 greats in 2 seperate sports and justify what your doing...jmo though.
» Paul Savage training 2014 (Go to post)30-03-2014 @ 12:56 
walker said:
But you can't can you...
Nevermind. I'm just going to look in Tom Martin and Hixxy's journals to make sure they're training like you..

lol....was looking through this journal thinking where are the heavy dead and squat vids...but all I see are partial rep movements on smith machines for tris!
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)27-03-2014 @ 19:49 
BigMacca said:
I squatted an horrendous amount of weight for a horrendous amount of reps last night without even a hint of discomfort - So I'm competing for sure Grin
I'll know more after seeing my physio tonight.
I still don't understand how I can get a hernia without actually noticing.....

From the man who was squatting a week after a knee op I don't a little thing like a hernia will trouble you too much mate lol.

Time you training tomorrow mate? I was back yesterday so nice and fresh...ish lol.

Gimme a text when you have an idea on time mate...
» Macca's Log of Power! (Go to post)27-03-2014 @ 11:39 
a lump sore to touch and coming through the ab area....can't see it being anything else surely? Youve caught it early maybe, least comp is next week and seem to be ok to train etc??
» Scott's powerlifting journal (Go to post)21-03-2014 @ 14:57 
SBradwell83 said:
Cheers Jim be good to see you mate grab a beer after. You still working away or are u back training with the mac man now. An yeah I know mate good advice cheers this is my last heavy week.

You look to have peaked just right mate.
Nah mate still away in London for a good few months more, no excuses really after working and driving around London all day im f**ked lol but got to start sorting my s**t out, only training 2 days a week atm fri and sat or sundays normally but strength creeping back up slowly...:-(

Looking forward to seeing you lift bud, bags of potential!

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