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» Bodypower - Powerlifting (Go to post)30-04-2013 @ 20:10 
Im doing the friday, if vanessa B gets the form out!
» 2 x 4 x 172.5kg cg bench (Go to post)30-04-2013 @ 19:15 
BigMacca said:
105kg class Jim

Thats impressive! Big Baz meks 250kg look easy but he's like 120kg or so at a guess!
» 2 x 4 x 172.5kg cg bench (Go to post)30-04-2013 @ 16:28 
BigMacca said:
That's the one mate
363kg dead
237.5kg bench (raw)
337.5kg squat (equipped)

kin ell thats some raw bench, how much does he weigh Macca?
» Big Bad Baz Barraclough is at it again - 260kg Bench - Raw! (Go to post)30-04-2013 @ 15:21 
Funky_monkey said:
IIRC, his squat isn't too bad either...

think about 310 and similar deadlift so not a shabby total thats for sure but there gym lifts and he made those look about 80%
» 2 x 4 x 172.5kg cg bench (Go to post)30-04-2013 @ 12:07 
I think slightly wider like his normal grip and work on involving legs, if Sob can press what he does with little leg drive then he can add a fair bit more.
» 2 x 4 x 172.5kg cg bench (Go to post)30-04-2013 @ 11:46 
LeedsMiniPower said:
What date in July and is it a 24hr weigh in?
Ive put my name down for bodypower but in the 125's which im not to happy about.

id be on the friday in bodypower upto 100kg and tbh that's giving a lot away to the bigger lads.

Yeh heard 15th July bud and would be 24 hr weigh'll be nailed on an invite/qualified

WPC int open is equipped saturday, raw sunday and 24 hr weigh in
» Walker Powerlifting 2013 (Go to post)30-04-2013 @ 08:43 
hows the diet feeling now, Mark?
» 2 x 4 x 172.5kg cg bench (Go to post)30-04-2013 @ 08:40 
Nice benching Sob, looking strong that way too, and would all pass, very solid on bench, no arse rising like your mate lol

Are u doing the BPC brits in July?

Ive just sent application off for WPC international grand prix in sept and hoping they let me do July one too now.

They saidi could do Bodypower on the friday but im f**ked atm lol
» Opinion Piece Equipped Powerlifting and What is 'Real' Strength (Go to post)29-04-2013 @ 13:52 
HUGE_GUY said:I was going to say something similar to Tom. Im trying to figure out what comp I should do as my first, but looking through all these rules and different feds is putting me off. I dont think peoples individual preferences is good for any sport, because every tit has their own opinions. Im also a tit so here is my opinion.... Having one raw, tested federation with real world records so your typical gym guy can relate might actually convince more people to do the sport. Then you never know, could turn into an olympic sport with real personalities, sponsorships etc. High squats, bounced benches and hitched deadlifts appeal to the general gym rats. Loads of people train these movements but never compete.... These are the guys who should be targeted.

BRB, finding a fed so I can be a world record holder.

Just do any bud, get one under your belt, bpc are doing a raw league for novices this year which is ideal....
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)29-04-2013 @ 13:49 
Post Edited: 29.04.2013 @ 13:50 PM by jimmyf
Funky_monkey said:
Yes. Did I spot/load for you?

yes mate on my 3rd bench attempt bud u handed off, which i failed lol

I looked twice when i saw the t-shirt bud lol

» Baz barraclough 250kg comp bench (Go to post)29-04-2013 @ 08:22 
LeedsMiniPower said:Super strong, any ideas what he weigh's?

he's usually around 120kg mate.
» Opinion Piece Equipped Powerlifting and What is 'Real' Strength (Go to post)29-04-2013 @ 08:14 
IainKendrick said:
Thats nice but when feds claim to be powerlifting feds but cannot actually ref to the rules of powerlifting it by its very nature will piss of those that are pationate about the sport.
Sometimes it seems to be a problem when people care and are dedicated about their own sport? Thus we should just not give a f**k when people bring it into disrepute.
Now in reality I simply pity and have a laugh at those whom think such lax judging is fine. However id rather it didnt happen.

I will say Iain some feds yes are a joke....but end of day, I think most know if they have cheated themselves, If i squatted high and it got passed I would leave that comp unhappy in all honesty, there are guys that will be oblivious to this and argue it wasn't etc....but then they are only cheating themselves, same with pause on bench, id rather have a long one and know Ive earnt that lift.....I think the people who genuinly care about the sport would think like this too, I saw the SPF misloaded dave Hoffs bar a year or 2 ago and he didn't want the record, but they insisted it had been passed in comp so it was set in stone......ridiculous imo.

I guess if u want to lift under strictest conditions, lift GBPF and IPF I suppose, thats common consensus....but after what I saw saturday at a BPC comp im happy with my lifts and what i did, and they seem to be clamping down on high squats and touch n go bench.
» Funky Monkey's big smelly log..... (Go to post)28-04-2013 @ 14:03 
Funky were u spotting at Genesis y'day mate?
» Why So Many Feds ? (Go to post)28-04-2013 @ 14:02 
MarkClegg said:You must be taking the Piss ! If you think I'm going urinate in that beaker and let you take it !

» Opinion Piece Equipped Powerlifting and What is 'Real' Strength (Go to post)28-04-2013 @ 13:09 
too many varied opinions when in fact who is anyone to say what is best?

For the record i intend to stay raw, yet I can appreciate how much work it can take to lift equipped and the numbers put up.

From what i see its the raw guys who seem to get agitated over equipped lifters, then fed bashing, if ur happy with your squat depth, if your happy lifting raw, then why give a flying f**k about what anyone else is doing?

if u wanna sum up whats more impressive...yes seeing a massive weight done raw is a great spectacle, but so is some equipped weight too, I don't see many equipped lifters bashing raw because they've mainly come from that background so appreciate both aspects, whereas many raw lifters cannot see from another perspective in all honesty.

We all love lifting, get on with it, who cares about depth, knee wraps, this and that, most strongmen probably laugh their tits off at one dimensional powerlifters tbh, most rep what some do for a 1rm, have good conditioning etc

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