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» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)01-11-2018 @ 20:10 
dannyboy73 said:Im going to guess 1978 for the golden year.

and in other news I will have a punt at

420/250/440 totallin 1110.

I think he will squat over 440. I agree with the other lifts.

Imagine he breaks the World record his first meet?

Would be the greatest year ever for a Strength Athlete
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)01-11-2018 @ 15:55 
Funky_monkey said:420/240/420 - 1080kg?

Maybe a tad more, but DEFINITELY not 450kg deadlift without straps. I think it unlikely he would hit a 450kg squat.

From watching his squatting 450 wouldn't surprise me. I do think 450 without straps is probably a bit much at the minute.

I do think he will total over 1100.
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)01-11-2018 @ 14:46 
The_Lone_Wolf said:The minimum I'd expect is 400/200/400 from Thor.

They would probably be less than his openers.

I think 450/250/430 = 1130

If he had more time and only focused on the big 3 he hits more.
» WUS - Dubai (Go to post)29-10-2018 @ 21:11 
I seen it on youtube.

Thor is the best of Z and Shaw combined.

The ultimate strongman.
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 23:16 
Post Edited: 28.10.2018 @ 23:18 PM by AdamT
JohnGym said:Steroid users who die young always seem to be significantly overweight. Lean or not, usually heavy as f**k.
They walk around many many stones over a 'healthy' weight and, shock horror, die of heart problems.

Not the gear that kills them, it's being a proper mush on gear that kills them.

Dr. John

Do you use? I have no clue if gear is dangerous. I think like anything if abused, the bother may come. Though everyone reacts differently.
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 21:38 
danbaseley said:The General informed me KK died after being stabbed in a street fight.

f**k that is sad
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 20:37 
Robbo said:
It's scary to see how it's playing out, really scary
I think it's only going to get more prevalent in the years to come, NHS dealing with a lot more gear related problems/deaths etc.
Also scares me how many people take it and don't understand what the risks are.

Can it be done on 'safe' dosages?
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 20:19 
Robbo said:
Yeah increased red blood count makes it much thicker, solution is a phlebotomy or giving blood, any sort of blood letting really.
Leads to heart attacks/strokes etc, and exogenous testosterone WILL increase this in most people, especially at their doses. Hormone replacement doctors monitor all patients and they're only taking a tiny dose to keep their test levels in the normal range! Imagine what's going on in the bodies of these athletes who've been on 10 times that dose for multiple years!
3 people I know personally this year, 2 heart attacks (mild and survived, under 40 years old both of them) one stoke and dead. All juicers. Getting silly now

I know two who had heart attacks and survived. Both mid 20's.

One who wem into coma which I think was insulin.

Also another who died with heart attack. 40 plus
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 20:17 
Rip. He was a hell of a deadlifter. His back was so strong.

So gear does cause problems if abused? I have always been laid to believe two things,

1. It hardly does anything
2. As safe as jelly babies
» WUS - Dubai (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 09:59 
drex50 said:Impressive run from Thor and Mateusz this year.
Shaw started to slow down much younger than Z did. At 36 Z was still making improvements.
Even at his best event high deadlift he gets beaten by margin.
But its normal, the evolution of sport suggests newer guys to surpass the previous champions.

Yep! Shaw can't beat Thor now and others will catch him
» WUS - Dubai (Go to post)27-10-2018 @ 19:32 
samue1son said:
True but I'm expecting Larry Wheels to start pressing on the heels of some of the Strongmen records, just on his YouTube channel.

Maybe deadlifting with them soon too. He's scary strong at the minute.
» WUS - Dubai (Go to post)27-10-2018 @ 15:07 
93hopkinsonr said:
Really? He’s only 15kg away and when he did 213kg there was certainly more in the tank when he did it. I wouldn’t call it surprising if he can put that onto his log press in the next 2-3 years


Thor can break any record he sets his mind on. Strongest man ever.

Not the most accomplished, but who could beat him head to head?
» WUS - Dubai (Go to post)26-10-2018 @ 23:02 
Thor currently on another level.
» WUS - Dubai (Go to post)26-10-2018 @ 19:03 
Shaws days are numbered.
» WUS - Dubai (Go to post)26-10-2018 @ 15:29 
Well done Terry.

Terry is in great shape. He might suffer some top end strength but he looks very athletic.

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