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» What's been the happiest moment of your life so far? (Go to post)12-11-2018 @ 19:38 
KevC86 said:
If i was down with the kids and used emojis id put a big heart here.

It's all good man. I'm lucky to have him.
» What's been the happiest moment of your life so far? (Go to post)12-11-2018 @ 12:41 
KevC86 said:I'll go with getting a hug off my son. Them being born and smiling is all well and good, but the first time they make a conscious effort to give you a hug or kiss is heart melting.

I get a kiss off my son, but he has never hugged me and can't speak. He also doesn't wave when he watches me go. However, when he sees me he does a a little dance and his smile is so bright.

the little things are important and nothing beats parent hood imo.
» What's been the happiest moment of your life so far? (Go to post)12-11-2018 @ 09:13 
fatter_tomorrow said:
Wow a very similar thing happened to my boy. He's got Periventricular leukomalacia. I've PM'd you if you don't mind.
By far the happiest moment is holding my boy for the first time.

Replied mate.
» What's been the happiest moment of your life so far? (Go to post)11-11-2018 @ 16:49 
Birth of my son. Scariest day of my life too, because he almost died.

Starved with oxygen and had seziures.

He has Autism amongst other things, but him surviving was easily the best/happiest day of my life.
» Arnold Strongman Classic Final 2019 in Ohio (Go to post)09-11-2018 @ 10:23 
Thor wins if he is injury free. He's on another level from any previous strongman.

He's the strongest man ever.
» 265kg deadlift PB (Go to post)06-11-2018 @ 10:38 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Well done on the lift!

I would have gone for option 1.

I will be looking at number 3 in a few years, only be more than TRT
» 265kg deadlift PB (Go to post)06-11-2018 @ 10:10 
Post Edited: 06.11.2018 @ 10:12 AM by AdamT
jedi said:Once again, not a huge number in the scheme of things on here but very satisfying for someone rapidly heading towards his 51st birthday.

If anyone remembers from around May this year, I was battling the feeling that I had probably reached the limit of my natural potential and was faced with the three choices:

1. continue training but lower my expectations
2. put some weight on
3. look into taking TRT

You can probably guess which option I opted for.
So far so good and I'm very happy with the decision.
There's some other 'gym-lift' type PBs on the channel, which bode well for comps next year.

Next goals will be 272.5/600lb deadlift, a 170 bench of any description and going 230+ in sleeves on the squat which should put me on target for 250ish in wraps.
Really enjoying training again at the moment..

Fair play for staying natural all them years. Also if you are using trt at your age, it's most likely a good thing.

Also be interesting to see if you get more than 10% difference in your lifts considering you are only bringing your levels back to normal/high.

I remember guys saying they only got 10% off gear when they used. Personally I always thought that sounded a bit low, especially when they where most likely using a little more than TRT.

P.s Very strong lift!
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)02-11-2018 @ 08:47 
Mikeneto said:On his comments he put he has just done 970lbs in maybe have that as a minimum guess on squat.

450/260/440 WR lol
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)01-11-2018 @ 20:10 
dannyboy73 said:Im going to guess 1978 for the golden year.

and in other news I will have a punt at

420/250/440 totallin 1110.

I think he will squat over 440. I agree with the other lifts.

Imagine he breaks the World record his first meet?

Would be the greatest year ever for a Strength Athlete
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)01-11-2018 @ 15:55 
Funky_monkey said:420/240/420 - 1080kg?

Maybe a tad more, but DEFINITELY not 450kg deadlift without straps. I think it unlikely he would hit a 450kg squat.

From watching his squatting 450 wouldn't surprise me. I do think 450 without straps is probably a bit much at the minute.

I do think he will total over 1100.
» Thor doing a full powerlifting meet (Go to post)01-11-2018 @ 14:46 
The_Lone_Wolf said:The minimum I'd expect is 400/200/400 from Thor.

They would probably be less than his openers.

I think 450/250/430 = 1130

If he had more time and only focused on the big 3 he hits more.
» WUS - Dubai (Go to post)29-10-2018 @ 21:11 
I seen it on youtube.

Thor is the best of Z and Shaw combined.

The ultimate strongman.
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 23:16 
Post Edited: 28.10.2018 @ 23:18 PM by AdamT
JohnGym said:Steroid users who die young always seem to be significantly overweight. Lean or not, usually heavy as f**k.
They walk around many many stones over a 'healthy' weight and, shock horror, die of heart problems.

Not the gear that kills them, it's being a proper mush on gear that kills them.

Dr. John

Do you use? I have no clue if gear is dangerous. I think like anything if abused, the bother may come. Though everyone reacts differently.
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 21:38 
danbaseley said:The General informed me KK died after being stabbed in a street fight.

f**k that is sad
» Konstantin Konstantinovs dead. (Go to post)28-10-2018 @ 20:37 
Robbo said:
It's scary to see how it's playing out, really scary
I think it's only going to get more prevalent in the years to come, NHS dealing with a lot more gear related problems/deaths etc.
Also scares me how many people take it and don't understand what the risks are.

Can it be done on 'safe' dosages?

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