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» Tom's training log... (Go to post)18-12-2012 @ 15:54 
350 Deadlift is insane at that bodyweight. Especially raw!
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)18-12-2012 @ 15:25 
Tom_Martin said:
Make british qualifying total in May of 240.
Maybe finish the year with 120/160 ? at 94kg
Enter a few more races.
Perhaps total 800 raw in a powerlifting comp at 93kg

some great goals. 800 raw is an amazing weight for heavyweights,never mind 93kg. Would that be close to any raw records??
» Your 2012 in Review (Go to post)17-12-2012 @ 12:02 
terryhollands said:Very mixed bag for me. Struggled with injuries all year. Didn't perform as well as I should have based on what shape I was in at the Arnold's, europes and wsm. Positive side I know I am still up there with the very best in the world when fit and healthy, I felt in my mind at wsm if things had been different (food poisoning and bicep tear) I could possibly have won. Mentally have done a lot of soul searching this year and feel in a good place to push forwards next year.

Goals for 2013, continue in my process of being more healthy (eating better, carrying on not smoking and doing more conditioning), get myself in the best shape ever for europes and wsm, keep positive people in my life and take no notice of the negative ones, get on the powerlifting platform at some point and finally try to give a bit more back to the sport in some ways.

Injury free and add a few kgs to the overhead, you could win Wsm 2013 judging by this years performance.
» A tribute to the daddy Glenn Ross (Go to post)17-12-2012 @ 11:31 
ursus said:Truly brilliant vid of a legend , such a raw powerhouse and arguably one of the top 5 strongest strongmen of all time . He is one of the reasons i adore strength

His pressing is quality. Pure brute ignorance and little technique lol
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)17-12-2012 @ 09:10 
I said:I read through the earlier threads and he showed no respect. Strong or not, he behaved just like a spoilt child. On the other hand he is a physical specimen. No matter how big of a dick he is, you cant deny he is as strong as f**k.

This was meant for the babyslayer thread, how f**k it ended up in Toms journal I have no idea. I sent Tom a message saying sorry for the confusion.
» Amir Khan VS Carlos Molina (Go to post)17-12-2012 @ 09:01 
Kahn was unbeliavably quick and a bit more controlled than usual, however he was still getting caught with the odd big punch. Molina is 4 inches shorter and usually fights in the division below and does not carry great power. However Khan could only beat what was put in front of him and he won every round.
» Smith Press (Go to post)14-12-2012 @ 11:20 
milsy said:
Didn't realise that's untested record there's a guy started training with one of my training partners who benched an easy 250 4weeks out from a bodybuilding comp I don't know his name but there's a vid of it il try get it on here it'd mental he said he's going to have a go at powerlifting in 2013 the guys a monster

Thats huge weight lad. imagine what f**king 250 would feel like on your hands Eek
» Giants live tonight (Go to post)14-12-2012 @ 10:47 
terryhollands said:
I'd get blasted on the squat and be average on the bench but Deadlift I could hit a decent number

you probably train high volume for strongman. I bet if you gave your self a soild 6 month plan to improve your bench, your numbers would be huge. Bit more recovery time and no event training, your squat and deadlift would also increase.
» Giants live tonight (Go to post)14-12-2012 @ 10:24 
Post Edited: 14.12.2012 @ 10:29 AM by AdamT
terryhollands said:
That's my best ever. I have done 432 in comp twice. I really hope to hit 450 next year I'm also tempted by the push/pull at bodypower to see what I can get powerlifting rules. Now my bicep is detached a mixed grip is actually easier, lol

I have seen your 432 lift in comp. Unreal strength. I can barley do half of that. 450 not far off the 1000lbs. That would be some going!
» Giants live tonight (Go to post)14-12-2012 @ 10:11 
terryhollands said:
I felt good for a big weight. I actually hurt my calf on the log and it felt like terrible cramp, next day I had a huge bruise on my calf and had a tear in the muscle.

Whats your max deadlift in the gym Terry? I have seen your video of 440kg. Was very impressive and no hitch.
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)13-12-2012 @ 12:44 
Post Edited: 13.12.2012 @ 12:45 PM by AdamT
I read through the earlier threads and he showed no respect. Strong or not, he behaved just like a spoilt child. On the other hand he is a physical specimen. No matter how big of a dick he is, you cant deny he is as strong as f**k.
» survey (Go to post)13-12-2012 @ 11:21 
25 a month fee

10min walk from home

train 3-4 days a week

normally train between 6 and 7

1.Heavy dumbells

2.a few benches

3. power rack

4.pull up bar

5. dips bar

6.leg press machine

7. barbells

8.punching bag

3 things for wish list


2. jacuzzi

3. steam room

I like paying a monthly fee, i just pay at the begining of the month cash. Handy enough
» Ed Hall's 340kgx2 squat video (Go to post)12-12-2012 @ 13:29 
Daws87 said:
Basically just saying they were half squats but Ed didn't take too kindly to the comments Tongue

I imagine not lol
» Manny Pacquiao Knocked Out (Go to post)12-12-2012 @ 13:26 
kirkynick said:
LOL! Probably both, as I think he lives full-time in the UK (hell I got out of that one good lol).

Lucky escape there Nick Wink
» Ed Hall's 340kgx2 squat video (Go to post)12-12-2012 @ 13:09 
Daws87 said:
His response to the half squat made me literally laugh out loud!
I'm not getting into the depth debate but he's one strong dude!

What sort of comments were they saying. I have seen Terry Hollands lifting 400kg+ deadlifts on youtube and ones were commenting about his technique. His technique was fine, but wtf if it was not perfect, It was well over 400kg.

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