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» Tom hardy vs David haye (Go to post)04-01-2013 @ 10:59 
brocerslrd said:
Got to agree with you there.
I have done a bit of army boxing in the past and wouldn't be planning on fighting Haye at any time.

I live near paul mccloskey. A mate of mine who is a decent amateur has sparred with him and hes two weight classes above paul. He told me he could not lay a glove on him. Pauls not even a world champion, imagine what it would be like trying to fight Haye.
» Tom hardy vs David haye (Go to post)04-01-2013 @ 10:44 
spam_up said:
exactly! Put it this way, i used to box amateur and was ok at it. i didnt use to be a smack head, im younger and guessing stronger than Mr Hardy. Would you put your money on me to beat Haye?

Id put my money on you slapping Hardys head in lol
» Tom hardy vs David haye (Go to post)04-01-2013 @ 10:31 
Ben_F said:
I don't know about the cock sucking but he was a right cock on the Jonathan Ross show... his head appears to be so far up his own arse it wouldn't surprise me if he did actually think he could beat Haye.Roll-Eyes

I seen that. I have to admit i like him as an actor, but hes a c**t as a real person.
» Tom hardy vs David haye (Go to post)04-01-2013 @ 10:21 
spam_up said:Surely a joke?

It has to be, a Novice heavyweight would destroy Hardy, never mind an ex heavyweight champion.
» Tom hardy vs David haye (Go to post)04-01-2013 @ 10:14 
martinb said:Forgive me, but are people actually talking about a fight between the former heavyweight champion of the world and an actor who used to suck cock for money?

Its like f...g putting me in a strongman show vs Big Z lol
» "im the one to watch because im the smallest here" (Go to post)04-01-2013 @ 10:07 
Great write up and a great year. This year was just the beginning of bigger and better things. Keep doing what you are doing and blast it next year.
» Tom hardy vs David haye (Go to post)04-01-2013 @ 10:03 
Big_Vess said:My money's on Tom. Hopefully mma rules.

MMA rules David would still destroy him, hes too fast and a great athelete. Also Haye has trained in BJJ as a pastime, so would be well enough rounded for a lower level mma fight.
» Who made you do this ? (Go to post)04-01-2013 @ 09:26 
Grew up in the 80s and 90s, loved watching rocky films and watching arnie. Use to be a big wrestling fan. Also watched worlds strongest man every year. Once I got my eye fractured doing boxing, i joined a gym and never looked back. I'm not the strongest guy, but i really love training and trying to better myself every time.
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)03-01-2013 @ 10:22 
martinb said:
90s strongman was NEVER about finding the strongest man, thats for sure
I enjoyed this WSM more than I have any in the last ten years

It was more of a tv show in 90s, as was said in earlier posts. Strongman is a fast growing sport with a lot more atheletes participating now from the grass roots. Probably why the talent pool is a lot larger. Something similar to darts in that respect.
» Time for new knee wraps (Go to post)02-01-2013 @ 15:12 
Darrenmac1988 said:
I'd be interested to hear peoples answers on this. I personally get around 5kg if that from the wraps i'm currently using. There very soft and just provide support for my knees if anything.
I have heard of people getting a lot more from stiffer wraps......if you can take the pain Happy

Probably do add a bit, its probably a mental thing too. I have a set now, so mite give them a blast on my next Squat workout
» Time for new knee wraps (Go to post)02-01-2013 @ 15:03 
Do knee wraps add much? Ive only used them a couple times, i find it a bit harder to reach depth. probably just need to practice wearing them.
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)02-01-2013 @ 13:34 
Rodger said:
Shame for Jack as he had injury to his hamstring(s)

It was a shame but he is still very young. Strongmans future in Uk looks bright
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)02-01-2013 @ 13:28 
RDubz said:Best final ever, well happy for Z, bit gutted for Lalas tho, xtra gutted for Tel, was defo on for podium, hope you recover quick big fella. All the Brits did themselves proud! Hix winnin 1st event!! Edds viking!! But for me Tels bus pull was somthin else!! also Z log, lbs dumbell etc to many to note!!! What a year 2012 has been for strongman, heres to an even better 2013!!!

Agree! fantastic final and great heats too. Hixxy was awesome considering he was competing at 105 not long ago. Eds a static beast and will only get better. Jack and Chris will only get better too.
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)02-01-2013 @ 13:26 
terryhollands said:
We'll see, I'm still not decided what to do yet

I hope you decide to give it another crack. You know your own body best but it looked like you had lot left in tank judging by your fitness
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)02-01-2013 @ 10:30 
terryhollands said:
We'll never know Happy easy to say what if but injuries happen and I came 7th. Apart from having to see myself on tv I thought it was a great final.

If you could improve the log abit and make sure you win the yoke, you would be very hard to beat. Anyway train hard and see what happens

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