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» Whats your favourite drink on a night out?? (Go to post)31-10-2012 @ 10:17 
I love a good pint of Guinness. Brandy would be my choice for a short Grin
» Tricking someone into a PB ? (Go to post)31-10-2012 @ 10:16 
Yeah i was went for a 110 bench for set of 6, i only got four, thought that was heavy, i loaded 120 by mistake. prob would of only got a couple if knew what the weight was.
» what do you do? (Go to post)30-10-2012 @ 12:26 
I work for the bbc Tongue
» Judo (or any other martial art) (Go to post)29-10-2012 @ 12:55 
I train MMA Tues and Sat, BJJ on Monday, Wrestling on Thursdays and Kickboxing Fridays. Due to this, I only lift two days a week. I do 5/3/1.

Day 1 I do Squats and Bench

Day 2 I do Press with deadlift.

I dont do a lot of accessory work due to overtraining.
» The bear is back (Go to post)25-10-2012 @ 13:24 
ursus said:oh yes bud ,i made the most of the grub!!
never did a squat untill 2007 but the legs were pretty good from the leg press and stuff but were nowhere near depth !!!

would be great to have another session and a catch up with you pal,your more than welcome whenever ......ill bring the doughnuts

340kg squat is impressive mate. I couldnt imagine what that would feel like.
» "im the one to watch because im the smallest here" (Go to post)25-10-2012 @ 12:04 
DomRedshaw said:
World Record Log Press been 1 of them Happy

Podium finish at WSM Happy
» The bear is back (Go to post)25-10-2012 @ 10:34 
ursus said:ADAM-cheers mate ,yeah back and front squats dont ever agrevate the siatica for some reason . Could probably hit 50+now i did mid forties after a big pressing session a while back,but my repping is building now.

WALKER- bench only comp on 11th of Novemer mate

Dom -cheers pal

HIX- Cheers Tank,deffo want a bit of that action,just waiting on the date !!!

50 is unreal, f**k just watching you bench would inspire many to go hit a personal best, you seem a nice guy, hope you smash more records big guy!
» The bear is back (Go to post)25-10-2012 @ 09:14 
How many reps could you get with 100Kg on bench?? Be well over 40 I imagine
» The bear is back (Go to post)25-10-2012 @ 09:00 
Post Edited: 25.10.2012 @ 09:00 AM by AdamT
ursus said:
yeah i train back hard on a thursday or friday John , i just dont deadlift anymore as i cant deal with the siatica that it hammers me with , i can pull from a height ok , but off the floor ruins me
SAM- cheers big boy

With the weights you squat, your lower back will get a nice workout, not to forget your monster pressing Eek
» James Ward - 162.5kg log / 270kg squat @ 90kg (Go to post)25-10-2012 @ 08:58 
Now thats a f**king serious press, great squat as well, awesome stuff,well done lad.
» 260 & 270kg squat, raw. 92kg (Go to post)25-10-2012 @ 08:55 
3 Times bodyweight raw, f**king awesome stuff
» 260 & 270kg squat, raw. 92kg (Go to post)25-10-2012 @ 08:55 
3 Times bodyweight raw, f**king awesome stuff
» Is it necessary to cheat to get to the top in life? (Go to post)24-10-2012 @ 15:42 
1369phil said:
My understanding was that the weigh in rules were changed because of the stupid things boxers were doing to loose weight and the scary health issues that followed a massive water weight loss / then massive physical exertion/exhaustion then being hit in the head about a hundred times - the brain isn't a massive fan of this combo and I think the weight loss contributed to some brain injuries (or certainly didn't help)

This is correct. Some boxers were killing themselves to make the weight and they were not getting the time to fully hydrate, therefore more risk of brain injury and exhaustian.
» Is it necessary to cheat to get to the top in life? (Go to post)24-10-2012 @ 15:24 
bean said:
How much do you think this changes the fight? Say the average fighter puts on about 10 lbs back, sometimes 15 (in my experience).

It depends. It would help the more physical fighter that was better at cutting weight. Apparently mayweather walked around at roughly 152 pounds when he was fighting at welterweight. Thats just 5 pounds over the weight. I think hatton used to enter the ring even heavier for Jr welterweight, which is a 140 pounds weigh in.
» Great King Spotto vid (Go to post)24-10-2012 @ 15:14 
730 pounds would be awesome. f**k me how often to you see a clean 700 deadlift in gyms never mind bench.

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