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» "im the one to watch because im the smallest here" (Go to post)14-11-2012 @ 08:59 
hixxy1985 said:13th November

70kg x 5
120kg x 3
160kg x 5
180kg x 5
185kg x 3 up 5kg on last
190kg x 2 -

220kg x 1
240 x 1
250kg x 5
255kg x 3. Up 10kg on last time
260kg x 2

Pull-ups body weight x 8, x 8, x 8

Smith machine bent overs 125kg x 5 x 5 x 5

Reverse curls 50kg x 8 x 8 x 8
Normal 50kg x 8 x 8 x 8

Somw nice volume lad!looking strong
» UFC news (Go to post)13-11-2012 @ 12:12 
kirkynick said:Kung must be well fat then. Kirky is a tubber... and i'll say it to his face!!

Rousey against Carano and then once Rousey wins her against Cyborg.

Didn't know that Silva was going to call GSP out. Hope that makes GSP go for a decisive win and not just for a decision win. If that's the case, then GSP should/could win. But I would still love to see a changing of the guard. Nothing against GSP though, as he's a great fighter.

Just read today that Anderson is not calling him out and hes hoping for a break in 2013. Hope thats a bluff!
» "im the one to watch because im the smallest here" (Go to post)13-11-2012 @ 10:18 
hixxy1985 said:
lol thanks
be sure to keep popping in things will be a lot stronger in new year

IM looking forward to seeing the progress you make next year, you have had some amazing gains. Pure animal strength lad!
» UFC news (Go to post)12-11-2012 @ 15:17 
kirkynick said:Georges St-Pierre vs Carlos Condit next weekend.


I'm going for Condit. Simply as I want to see a change at the top, and he's got a really good chance.

St-pierre has had a long lay off and this for sure will be a tough match up, tho i cant see condit winning. I use to have St-pierre on my top 2 p4p, now he doesnt make my top 3. I think if he ever steps up a Weight and fights silva, he will get soundly beating imo.
» The bear is back (Go to post)12-11-2012 @ 12:01 
you will beat the record next time. Your a f**king tank and will bounce back badder than ever!
» THE 2012 MET-Rx WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN FINALS (Go to post)09-11-2012 @ 15:09 
Watched europes strongest man on eurosport last night. f**king cant wait to WSM now!Happy
» URSA MAJOR (Go to post)09-11-2012 @ 15:06 
Never met the guy but judging by the way he is on this site, i can tell hes a really good bloke. I really hope he smashes his own record
» Lance Karabel/Ursus squats . (Go to post)09-11-2012 @ 08:57 
Great squatting big guy. Now thats a training partner to push you to your limit. Two monsters lol
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)08-11-2012 @ 15:53 
Tom do you do much speed pulls for your deadlift?? what sort of rep range do you normally work with??
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)08-11-2012 @ 15:45 
Post Edited: 08.11.2012 @ 15:45 PM by AdamT
Wtf with all the mma talk on Toms log lol! lets get back to figuring out how to lift up heavy s**t
» Duncan Nowicki WPF Worlds 2012 (Go to post)08-11-2012 @ 15:43 
Very nice numbers there. Very well done
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)08-11-2012 @ 15:39 
drew said:
Is he not a black belt and karate and horrible enough to be an enforcer for the mob. Skills and practice

your right he has a solid karate and boxing background. Hes not great but he is improving fast
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)08-11-2012 @ 15:34 
JC said:
Pudz has better genmetics than Tom I'd imagine, and he's s**te at MMA

To be fair to pudz if he was younger and started at a lower level to gain confidence, he would maybe fair a bit better.
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)08-11-2012 @ 15:07 
I Train mma, technique is the most important, but someone with serious strength and speed has the potential to make a great fighter. Guy at my mma gym holds a world record on deadlift. 318kg deadlifted at 18yrs old. hes been only doing mma since may and hes an irish mma amatuer champion.
» 2012 - Greating the end of the world with a huge bench log. (Go to post)08-11-2012 @ 15:00 
Simeon said:just noticed you've got the british unequipped bench record in two weight classes. Very impressive!

Strong all over but serious pressing power!

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