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» WUS World Records (Go to post)03-05-2020 @ 13:35 
LessThanLuke said:If they actually do fight I'd pick Hall to absolutely batter Thor every day of the week.

Based on what?

Not saying you're wrong, but is it because Ed acts hard?

Boxing is a sport that I used to train in, but fought mostly in kicboxing

Size and reach are massively important and also weight

Street fighting doesn't always come into it

I don't know what both guys creditionals are

If you read Eds biography you will be led to believe that he would crush Mike Tyson, never mind Thor

For now until I see proper training videos, I am picking the guy that looks the better of the two and it isn't Eddie
» WUS World Records (Go to post)03-05-2020 @ 00:03 
The_Lone_Wolf said:
I donít think itís the most impressive, heaviest yes, but it doesnít have the shock value of Edís 500. However, itís still incredible.
Put all the BS aside, Edís 500 was deemed impossible and the gap between the then current WR and 500 was huge. Not many thought it was possible, but it happened.
Iím kind of upset Thor didnít lift more though.
As for the fight. Absolute horse s**t.

I find it a cleaner lift and he didn't near die from it

Might not have the shock value, but the best deadlift ever

He's a monster

When he pulls heavier in a comp, he will continue you the rest of the comp as normal

So impressed with Thor

True Beast
» WUS World Records (Go to post)02-05-2020 @ 22:11 
The_Lone_Wolf said:Well done Thor.

Iíd say he didnít have much more in the tank though, but theyíd irrelevant. He pulled 501.

Iím quite indifferent about though due to all the hype and BS thatís come with it.

What happened with all the other records? Any more WRís set?

I have seen thor grind out some awesome deadlifts

Once in Europe's he fought so hard to finish 450

Also few years ago he done something similar with heavy weight

I think if he had of went for 510 he would of hitched it

Anyway, by far the most Impressive deadlift ever imo, as he walked off strong after
» WUS World Records (Go to post)02-05-2020 @ 21:08 
mikecm said:
Yes, likewise!
Just look at Pudz.. he trained for a lot longer than these guys and had some experience in martial arts before transitioning to MMA.. and yet when faced with any real pro fighters he looked ridiculous.

Too muscle bound

Too much muscle is ridiculous for boxing
» WUS World Records (Go to post)02-05-2020 @ 20:14 
mikecm said:This is going to look terrible.. as it always is when top competitors from other sports move over to fighting. Look at any MMA or boxing example, always turns into what looks like a slap fest. On top of that neither of them will have any cardio or much technique... it is a shame as it is going to look stupid, despite them being top strongman competitors.


Fair play to them, they will get paid, but unless it's on the cobbles? I have no interest watching

I will wait for Fury v Aj
» WUS World Records (Go to post)02-05-2020 @ 17:50 
Far stronger than Ed

Didn't die on the floor did he
» WUS World Records (Go to post)02-05-2020 @ 14:59 
Post Edited: 02.05.2020 @ 14:59 PM by AdamT
Thor is just a much stronger man than Eddie

The only real thing he had, That Thor hasn't is the 500

Well thor will have that too

He has won so many more titles than Ed

Also what over WSM final had both squat and deadlift in it?

They even changed the moving event for Ed

He was without doubt the strongest statically at that moment, but he would never have beaten Brian or Thor with any other set of events used in previous years
» WUS World Records (Go to post)02-05-2020 @ 12:43 
Post Edited: 02.05.2020 @ 12:45 PM by AdamT
» coronavirus (Go to post)01-05-2020 @ 21:59 
Bill Gates will have the magic vaccine rolled out to the herd in no time

Was 18 months, now perhaps 9

I swear Im not usually a conspiracy theorist and laugh at s**t I read

However, I don't trust that man one bit
» coronavirus (Go to post)29-04-2020 @ 13:36 

Is that Donald Trump?

Or perhaps Boris?

That's how I see these guys
» coronavirus (Go to post)28-04-2020 @ 22:17 
Post Edited: 28.04.2020 @ 22:17 PM by AdamT
BigMacca said:
I'm not sure why you're picking over 70 as the cut off.
Looking at the latest stats, death rates are up slightly for the 40-45 age bracket and then jump up significantly for each 5 year bracket from there (increasing percentage wise as you get older).
The idea that this just effects coffin dodgers is just incorrect

I know it's dangerous for all

But statistics show pensioners and anyone with underlying issues are most at risk

These are the people advised to isolate

The government does not give a s**t who lives or dies, as long as they have beds available and the NHS does not crack

These were the guys that up until a few weeks ago were planning for herd immunity

No doubt the elite will hide in their mansions/holiday homes whilst us common people get sick and some will die
» coronavirus (Go to post)28-04-2020 @ 20:15 
billynomates said:
Yes, and what will happen if one doesnt come. Are we expected to stay 2 metres away from our parents/grandparents forever?

The over 70s will have to make a choice

Live their life and take a chance?

Or just merely exist and be fearful

I don't think we should be hoping for bill gates f**king vaccines

Hopefully some anti viral treatments will help in time and the virus will in time mutate into something weaker
» coronavirus (Go to post)28-04-2020 @ 17:34 
Vaccine is not guaranteed
» coronavirus (Go to post)28-04-2020 @ 16:08 
dannyboy73 said:Its the Sweden model. and the way other nations such as the far east have undereacted but still dont have the massive death rates. as i say, never seen the daily global death rate above 7k and i find that a bit suspect.
What has happened is that we have gone with 1 model and stuck with it like a holly grail. I was expecting a wave of death to justify global house arrest...
Dont get me wrong, it good that covid 19 has not been the grim reaper. However, since the only way forward is herd immunity and physical (not social) distancing lets not utterly destroy the economic future.
I still think the likes of hairdressers (personal care) should remain shut and those at risk should stay home not the rest of us. Its all backward.
My annoyance is the high amounts of elderly people out and about while kids are locked up. When we go out the old people queing for 1 sausage look at the youngsters as if to say what if are you lot doing out?. its bloody outrageous and backward. Lets move quickly to a Swedish model already and ask the high risk group to stay at home.
and my granddad is dying today so im in a very bad mood Unhappy

Sorry to hear about your grandad man
» coronavirus (Go to post)28-04-2020 @ 10:31 
dannyboy73 said:I used to work in behaviour psychology with ASD, No, it must be incredibly difficult I could imagine how hard it is for your little one as well...
Hopefully you can get out but stay away from others as much as possible. Having said that, the worry is if you change the daily routine to a lockdown routine that will be extremley hard to break that new pattern. Its hard enough with 3 small kids. Cant imagine how difficult it is for your family. Not a sob strory but you have my sympathy mate.
i set timetables including exersise from day1. has kept us somewhere near usual.

Thanks Danny

Was really, really tough at the beginning

He is getting used to it a bit more

Misses his wee school and grand parents badly

It's tough for all of us in different ways

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