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» coronavirus (Go to post)07-07-2020 @ 19:44 
Bubonic plague can easily be manipulated in a wuhan lab
» Big Loz Official (Go to post)07-07-2020 @ 11:34 
Post Edited: 07.07.2020 @ 11:35 AM by AdamT
It's cool to see ortmayer turn his life around

Hopefully he keeps on a good path, as he seems a good man

Would be nice for him to reconcile with his son soon too

Loz is doing a fantastic job with these interviews

He said he will have powerlifters and other athletes as well as strongman too, so I'm sure there will be plenty of more quality content on the way


I know his English wouldn't be 100%, but an interview with mariusz would be awesome
» Maddox, 800lb benchpress. (Go to post)25-06-2020 @ 18:59 
unit94 said:I remember being at the world team comp and loading the 2 man deadlift record, I think it was 850 ish kg and it soon became obvious that it was me that would have to do the maths and no one else was going to be able to get there head around it enough to check. It was tricky loading 15 plus 25kg plates a side but there we no mistakes there. How the f**k they didn't triple check the weight was right for a world bench record is beyond me

This 100%

One thing is misloading 3 or 4 hundred pounds

But f**king 800 on a bench!!!

Check it 10 times if needs be

I have misloaded a bar once in training and never since

Even if I can clearly see 3 plates a side, I still would check the weight again

Human error is real, but someone going for a land mark lift like that, should be safe in the knowledge that the bar is loaded correctly

Imagine the fuss if Eddie's 500kg deadlift was loaded incorrectly?

But with such a professional set up, you know the guys would have checked, checked and checked again
» 400kg Deadlift For Reps - Pritchett vs Heinla (Go to post)22-06-2020 @ 20:54 
PeteHodgson said:Wasn't Luke's 410x3 on an axle too?

No mate a bar

He did do a pretty easy 400x3 on an axle not too long ago

He will break the deadlift world record in time and win wsm

Unless another freak appears from nowhere lol
» 400kg Deadlift For Reps - Pritchett vs Heinla (Go to post)22-06-2020 @ 20:53 
jt said:
I have not seen the 410x3 but assuming it was a max I doubt it would be worth more than 4/5 reps at 400.
I sure would like to see Bish vs Luke.
I am still amazed by even top level strongmen doing a very hard rep then going again straight away
Maximise your chance of success wait until the last 10 seconds

It was not a max lol
» 400kg Deadlift For Reps - Pritchett vs Heinla (Go to post)20-06-2020 @ 17:54 
Luke Richardson would have beat both guys

Pulled an easy 410 for 3 the other day
» Are you addicted to exercise? (Go to post)18-06-2020 @ 22:15 
Yes I run pretty much every day

Walk loads

Went back to my bread and butter of kick boxing and do plenty of bag work, press ups and other circuits

Don't miss weights that much

I'm fit again, my resting heart rate is so low at the minute

Dropped lots of fat

I was a mediocre lifter at best and gained size easier than strength

I doubt I will ever lift heavy again

If I do? It will be for body composition and I won't be natty
» Big Loz Official (Go to post)18-06-2020 @ 22:11 
WILLSAN said:great one with gary taylor.

kinda want loz to slow down. hes gonna run out of guests at this rate!

That was awesome

One of my favourites for sure

Gary was obviously a gifted strength athlete

Only competed in weightlifting for a few years and achieved so much

Very competitive in bodybuilding

Did he not say he placed 2nd at bsm and it was hist first strongman contest?

Obviously the standard is higher now, but that is f**king ridiculous lol
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)01-06-2020 @ 12:47 
Nimble said:In some ways itís an easier final to design this year as Thorís out.

I think they could make the stone run even heavier this year. Licis killed the stones last year and obviously Tom would put on a show.

Will be interesting in what they decide re: deadlift. Itís kind of Kielsí turn but they also need a proper deadlift event after it not featuring last year. A not too heavy reps event might work for him as he can grind

Havenít had max log or maxle for a while though there was a max overhead in 2018. With Kiels there they might fancy a new DB wr.

Shaw would also like heavy stones and DB.


Yoke 450 into farmers 180
Deadlift reps 360
Truck pull
Max DB
Stones up to 230

Nice events, but I think maybe have deadlift a little heavier

Maybe 370-380 range
» coronavirus (Go to post)25-05-2020 @ 13:13 
WILLSAN said:hope for the best. prepare for the worst.

even if the virus is best case scenario everyone should be prepping for the economic effects down the road.

True man

2020 just seems such a write off in so many ways

It would be nice for a happy ending to the year
» coronavirus (Go to post)25-05-2020 @ 12:04 
I am an optimist by nature and I believe things will eventually get better

However, I would be cautious to think a huge second wave will not arrive in the winter

Most scientists believe we will most certainly have this coronavirus with us for some time. It will likely be a seasonal virus, similar to other coronavirus and flu

I just hope like many other virus's, it will mutate into a weaker strain in time

I certainly wouldn't rely on any vaccine

Perhaps some helpful therapeutics will be with us in due course
» coronavirus (Go to post)23-05-2020 @ 16:53 
They can f**k off

Their vaccine won't likely work, so why should we take a shot with a disease that likely has below 1% mortality?

Especially for anyone under 50
» AMH_Power. Thank you. (Go to post)19-05-2020 @ 23:22 
Aaron is a great guy

He shares lots of knowledge for f**k all and genuinely tries to help everyone

He has a great mind for strength training and a great athlete himself

Until this wretched disease, I was following his advice and hit major pbs on bench and deadlift

Now my knee is healed, I expect to comeback better than ever

He's a good man
» coronavirus (Go to post)19-05-2020 @ 17:03 
slow_lift_joe said:Willsan you make some good points about vitamins and especially the Vitamin D deficiency in the population as a whole.
There is some data showing that a lot of people who died did have vitamin D deficiency but more data is required, so this not completely confirmed but a lot of leading medical professionals are stating the importance of vitamin D with COVID 19.

I have never understood why a good dose for common sense is not dealt out :-

1. If you are obese you need to lose weight and you are at risk.
2. Stop smoking and drinking heavy, get healthy and give up the Domino's
(I have seen too many Domino's van during this crisis)
3. We are not hunter gathers anymore, and we spend too much time indoors hence the vitamin D deficiency get out and walk or move a yoke or ride a bike.
4. Get strong, strong people are more resilient.

I am not saying vitamin D and a barbell is going to fully protect you from COVID 19 but if you are stronger and your nutrients with minerals and vitamins are in solid order you are in a better place.

Also another factor which is being looked into is the subject of a ventilator referrals, again no solid data yet but there is talk a lot of doctors in USA placing patients onto a ventilator too early or when the body could have possibly worked harder to recover without a ventilator, the ventilator could do more damage than good, again more data required, nothing proven yet.

Final point on a vaccine you might be right Adam but a solution must be found otherwise the World economy falls and never recovers, unless Gates is waiting in the wings with Jeff Bezos to deliver the miracle via a Elon Musk car and we all applaud and upload the COVID 19 tracker and let the government take more authoritarian action.
Either way we need economic prosperity and social stability or it all goes down hill.
We still need education, jobs, income, healthcare, a dwelling to live, food and fun...otherwise you will get social unrest.....obedience to a system is fine but unless there is a reward or a life worth living what is the point.

Keep safe and healthy.

I wouldn't trust Gates or his witch wife

Keep safe too man
» coronavirus (Go to post)19-05-2020 @ 15:03 
JohnGym said:Boris Johnson is a c**t and so are his supporters.

I have nothing more to add.

I can't understand why anyone votes for them

All politicians are pretty much liars, but they are c**ts

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