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» GBPF / BDFPA Question (Go to post)02-01-2013 @ 14:22 
milsy said:
I hope to bump that record up before I leave the jnr's this year

Haha it's ok I've got time on my side :P
» What I want to see!! (Go to post)02-01-2013 @ 00:08 
brownbear said:
Terry I think said his aim is 360 this year

That would give a beast of a total
» What I want to see!! (Go to post)01-01-2013 @ 23:55 
granty said:Think I've seen a raw 435+ pull from bolton which looked easy, ed hall hitchs the f**k out of his pulls going from his 400 vid and no idea what terry does without a suit and hitch probably 415 plus. Didn't Loz do a powerlifting meet a few years ago and only did 190 on bench?? Probably never even trains it. I wonder if such a comPetition could ever happen ..if kaz was in our day and age he would be a contender ?!

Kaz was the world record holder in powerlifting so he'd fare quite well, 300kg raw bencher I think, hollands put a vid of a 430kg no straps deadlift which added to a 230 bench would be 660, don't know what he can squat though.
» Int with Kok (Go to post)01-01-2013 @ 23:09 
Good interview, he knows what he's talking about!
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)01-01-2013 @ 21:25 
drew said:
Unless its squat
And how is his axle?

He strict pressed the 155 axle easy enough at europe's, do you know how much he squats, I've seen a video of 250 for 5 but that was from 2010
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)01-01-2013 @ 20:56 
Well done to Z but lalas and Thor are gonna be amazing next year
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)01-01-2013 @ 20:38 
Savickas deadlift was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen
» GBPF / BDFPA Question (Go to post)01-01-2013 @ 15:54 
Terminator said:Wow. Strong stats for an 18 year old dude

Cheers mate, looks like I've got a 710 U23 total to aim for
» GBPF / BDFPA Question (Go to post)01-01-2013 @ 15:47 
Ahhh s**t just checked under 18 records, i should have done a pl comp in 2012
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)31-12-2012 @ 21:39 
Tom_Martin said:Hmm well elbow thingy flared up as bad as ever now.... Great. ... seems pretty chronic, obviously not just going to go away. ... can't bare the thought of a long amount of time off. .... will probably ignore it, train through it and eventually become a burden to the NHS and end up in surgery. ....I don't see what choice I have! There's always some s**t, there always has been since my very earliest days of physical activity and there always will be!

Could catching the clean and jerk with normal plates on the way down instead of dropping it have anything to do with your elbow pain flaring up?
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)31-12-2012 @ 20:29 
mikex101 said:The good truck pullers are basically proving the rope is useless past the initial pull. it looked too light for even the smallest guys IMO for that level.

Ok, theres variables, the first 10m is uphill, apparently (maybe Terry can confirm?) but even so, ive done heavier pulls that finished uphill and im a rank f**king amature!

30 strongest men in the world remember.

And yes, i do have f**k all else to do on NYE! lol

What's wrong with having a fast pull, the best pullers like Terry and Thor are still winning
» The Junction Gym Winter Warmer 27th January 2013 (Go to post)31-12-2012 @ 17:28 
Ben_F said:Neil, on the deadlift medley is it any order? And can you strap to the first implement before the time starts or will it be starting behind a line/mark? Cheers!

You can do it without straps!
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)30-12-2012 @ 21:29 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:The last stone should be the pivotal stone, not the first one!

Nail on the head!
» WSM starts tonight! (Go to post)30-12-2012 @ 20:40 
f**king hell, lalas is unreal
» Top 5 feats of strength (Go to post)30-12-2012 @ 19:44 
brownbear said:
im joking, it was beyond incredible

I was joking too, I saw an interview with coan and his old coach saying that he'd doubled 900 pounds in the gym!

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