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» whats it like if you stop lifting? (Go to post)04-08-2014 @ 15:19 
I kinda become all chicken like, scrawny with very little shape. I also feel when I lift, when you hear like "only 10% of people survive this disease" well I absolutely would survive because I lift, right?
» Weightlifting n that. (Go to post)04-08-2014 @ 15:16 
Made up you've had such a positive experience mate! Can't wait to hear what their philosophies are, really interested in a write up if that's what you were planning on doing.

Train well and have a decent flight home!
» Youngy's Training Journal (Go to post)04-08-2014 @ 15:07 
Bloody strong work that Youngy!
» Olympic Weighlifting (Go to post)04-08-2014 @ 14:32 
» Olympic Weighlifting (Go to post)04-08-2014 @ 13:59 
CJR said:100 snatch! BIG milestone mate, can't wait to get there myself. Congrats. Good job on C&J PB as well.

They seem pretty close together in terms of weight, do you struggle with C&Js?

Cheers matey it's a huge barrier I've past now!!

Yes, struggle with jerks more than anything my PB clean is 122. I don't attack my weakness anywhere near as much as I should so until I do I expect them to stay pretty close together. My front squat is also far behind my back squat in terms of strength also.
» Olympic Weighlifting (Go to post)04-08-2014 @ 13:01 

Paused Front Squats

Up to 100
100 x 3
100 x 3
100 x 3 nothing too taxing

Hang Snatch

Up to 70
70 x 3
75 x 3 I got them, but had to chase them all so would have been silly to continue
70 x 3
70 x 3

Snatch Pulls

Up to 110
110 x 3
110 x 3
110 x 3

Pull Ups

3 x 8 @ BW


» Sugden Weekly Snatch Thread ! (Go to post)03-08-2014 @ 20:24 
Post Edited: 03.08.2014 @ 20:24 PM by adillon10
» Know your Training Percentages. (Go to post)03-08-2014 @ 18:22 
Nice one mate good resource to have
» CGGS Weightlifting Club (Go to post)03-08-2014 @ 17:06 
AndyCoupe said:Great idea and solid lifting!

I might start an Adlington version...

Do it mate, get as much lifting on here as possible it's quality to see!!
» Olympic Weighlifting (Go to post)03-08-2014 @ 16:52 
AndyCoupe said:Awesome!!!

Thanking you Grin
» CGGS Weightlifting Club (Go to post)03-08-2014 @ 16:20 
ChrisMcCarthy said:That's some pretty sweet lifting, what are the member's PB's?

Look forward to watching this as it progresses.

Thanks mate!

So numbers are...

Jalaal (105+) - 111kg/136kg
Liam (85s) - 67.5kg/85kg (has been lifting about 6 months)
Gingy (94w) - 113kg/140kg
Me (77s/85s) - 100kg/116kg
» CGGS Weightlifting Club (Go to post)03-08-2014 @ 15:47 
Gingys club at the school he taught at (and I used to go to) but I am now taking over as he's pissing off to the big smoke Happy
» CGGS Weightlifting Club (Go to post)03-08-2014 @ 15:39 
Thought I'd start a thread with videos from our Weightlifting club, would like to get a video up at least once a week as we now have some resident lifters worth keeping an eye on Cool

» Lever Buckle Replacement? Want one (Go to post)03-08-2014 @ 15:08 
Gingy might... not 100% sure if his is lever buckle though! PM him Cool
» Olympic Weighlifting (Go to post)03-08-2014 @ 14:21 
Using my new bas***d Bar... oh my god I love it!


Fair few up to 80
80 x 1
90 x 1
95 x 1
100 x f f**k sake
100 x 1 PB BOOM!!


60 x 2
80 x 1
90 x 1
100 x 1
110 x 1
116 x 1 PB thank you sir

Back Squat

Up to 130 x 3

Done. Very good!

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